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Your City's Skyline

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Since I live in a small town with the tallest building being about 30 feet, here's the city a few miles away: Worcester. 2nd biggest city in MA. It has 3 tall buildings, but I couldn't find a pic with all 3 in the same shot, but here's the tallest plus city hall.


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I live in Malden, but the skyline is boring. So I'll show you Boston's.


We get around the city by dumpsters on wheels.


Here's another view, featuring Boston's tallest building, the Plywood Palace.


The Longfellow Bridge and Back Bay neighborhood. Yeah, the subway travels with cars on that bridge.

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Manassas, VA really doesn't have much to look at in terms of a skyline. But, we've got a few close cities that do.


Wash, DC - Aside from the recent crime wave, a great city.

(Credit: Getty Images)


Alexandria, VA - This is where I go to work everyday.

(Credit: www.schuminweb.com)

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Hey guys & gals, I did a search to see if I could fine this topic, but didn't find anything...so hopefully this hasen't already been started.


I think skylines look cool, so post a picture of your city's skyline, here mine:



mines the same as yours but heres a different pic from a different angle

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