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  1. I literally have chills going through my spine! I am super freakin' excited for this!
  2. I now have this smug grin on my face, trying so hard not to laugh because the TPR-censorship put NOODLES into the copy n pasted Yahoo article. 20% Cooler!
  3. All of the brakes on the ride itself as small considering they are magnetic for the most part. So the Tiny trims may actually just be VERY strong magnets.
  4. Best is hard for me to choose really so let me just add to the joking context for the worst. "GradNite NO INVERSION!" need I say more?
  5. I just made a trip to IOA/Uni today to get my Annual preferred 2 park pass and the staff seemed to just generally not give a flippin crap about anyone today. I am NOT going to go into details what so ever about the three major things that made my day complete and utter CRAP. Suffice to day the ONLY redeeming factors of the day were my nearly 30 rides on Rockit, and walking around IOA with re-rides on Harry potter (because they kept sending my ride vehicle into the handicapped bay). About the Que-bots. For all the nay sayer's and people against them. You pay extra for them. You DO wait in a "virtual que" Its a time given. So yes you DO wait in a "line" like other people. So next time you see the guy as you may feel is "skipping " the line. He's not he waited and he paid more than you to do so. He has the privilege of doing it.
  6. For those wondering why the ride itself has MANY more supports than a "mere" concept art. That's JUST what it is a concept art. I figure it more to be due to California construction and "earthquake" code?
  7. Oh it won't ruin the ride experience, Its just interesting to make a concept and not stick with it. I mean the yellow would have brightened up the area a bit more.
  8. Wait did the concept art have "yellow rails" cause I'm not seeing that here.
  9. Restore Revolution Now AHAHA! sorry,anyway back on topic! SkyRush is looking beautiful. The squirrel pic though.It reminds me of Invader Zim when Girr goes "I saw a squirrel it was doing like this! *chuffs*.
  10. http://gerstlauer-rides.de/references/reference-list/north-america/sooperdooperlooper/ Hey guys looky what I found! (the pic on the page says it all!)
  11. I will post more photo's later in the report for Griff since I hung out with him during his stay. He's pretty cool to boot and sleeps JUST like an Asian on a bullet-train. Proof this kid was freakin' tired.
  12. What is with the blackened track at the loop base? Maybe theming area or a tunnel?
  13. Nice one Steve. I am really excited for this ride. I don't think I have words besides an honorary "Twissttyyy!"
  14. Yes I am wearing a tail. I do it for fun! Recent trip to Busch Gardens Tampa. "Stay away from my truck or I keel chu!"
  15. The trims are MAGNETIC, you are not gonna hear any "air actuators" go off.
  16. Awesome looking but does anyone notice something wrong here..a wheel cover was put on BACKWARDS.
  17. Okay don't get me wrong. I love slides like this, but why have they stopped putting the single large drop on them like the one at Aquatica in Orlando? That thing you can get some BEASTLY air time on if you know how to ride it right. The newer ones all seem to have a soft smooth double down, or a less steep drop. Kudoes goes to CP for adding this though!. Call it the Cheese grater.
  18. I'd call this, as much as I can a "Lightning ride" which in term roughly means one thing. Its fast paced, enough for you to really enjoy it, Its over quick enough bit gives a dang good ride, AND it makes you want to get right back in line.
  19. I totally must agree here. I absolutely adore the "roar" this thing is giving off too, cause you can hear the metallic sound waves traveling through the hollow box beam.
  20. Considering I am a Cast member for the All Star-Music. Thats pretty dang cool!
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