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  1. Having characters around the pavilions is much different then having an entire ride. It just seems cheap to me, as does the abomination inside the Mexico pavilion, but then again, I really wish Disney would start coming up with original ideas for their rides again, not have them based on movies.
  2. Maybe the best option is to stop all further captivity of large creatures such as the whale? I like how the article put it, It's a big bathtub. It'd be like enclosing you inside a mansion all of your life. Sure, it's big, sure you can get your exercise and survive, but give it a while and you will go insane. That's just my humble opinion and I respect everyone's viewpoints on the subject,
  3. They definitely need to check the health and quality of all the trees. I'm sure there's some kind of expert who knows when they're gonna be close to falling over. Remove the old, unhealthy ones and replace with new trees.
  4. Could you imagine if this happened at Universal or Disney park? That image of happy, always wanting to help you Cast members would be shattered. The media would be all over it, branding the parks as dangerous places.
  5. If you hit a homerun and hit someone on a amusement ride your team should just automatically win the game.
  6. Nah, no relation to mcmagic. They're several WDW recreation servers, so far we're the only ones doing it exactly to scale though.
  7. Hey guys, Since I know a lot of you LOVE Disney, Universal, and theme parks and roller coasters in general I want to show you guys a bit of the work we've done. Many of the parks are a work in progress, but Magic Kingdom is done. But so far, we're the only 100% to scale server. If you want to ride some rides and check it out, the server IP is Mcparks.us. If you hop on and see "Kitton" or "KittonMittons", holler at me! If you want to help out apply at Mcparks.us Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom Beast's Castle and Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom Universal Studios Rip Ride Rockit Rip Ride Rockit Big Thunder at Magic Kingdom
  8. Honestly, Texas is lacking a well themed Dollywood style park. I have a feeling this park will do well. Closest big theme park is in San Antonio, so they don't have to worry about that too much.
  9. Looks like the Mcmagic Creative server. I don't think it'd be a good idea to lay down a big project there because it gets wiped a lot. Take it from a staff member, Creatives a mess and the server is garbage, don't bother, homebrew a server.
  10. Something has finally intrigued me to go back to SFoT for the first time since last year, Seems they have re-vamped Fright Fest a bit. A few new Mazes, and scare zones seem to be back. I for one am very excited. I remember Fright Fest being a pretty good time back in 2002-3. The scarezones are really a plus for me, I loved them and was very disappointed when they were gone.
  11. Is it sad that out of 200 some odd coasters I've rode, I can't really seem to think of a woodie that I was entirely comfortable on? Maybe I'm just getting old, and mind you I love wooden roller coasters, they're just isn't any true wood coaster that doesn't seem to beat you up a little bit.
  12. My best guess is the rider was too big. I've seen many people squeeze those restraints down, lock, and then some system in the restraint releases it because it isn't far enough down or something. Should be interesting to find out what exactly happened. SFOT is losing rides, quickly. With Giant down, that only leaves B:TR, Freeze, Judge, Titan, Runaway Mountain, and La Vibora. I can only imagine how packed the lines will be in the near future since Giant was such a people grabber.
  13. Harper, as much as I hate to say it, will end up a Yankee. Think A-Rod. That makes me sad. Trout, no clue. Seems like a Ranger to me. Time will tell.
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