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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Lets see.. I was upset earlier in the week because I went to Target and all they had were 24 roll packs of Charmin.. I dont like to buy toilet paper in bulk, I'm moving in three weeks, and I only have like.. $20 a week to live off of so I needed to buy food instead of 24 rolls of Charmin.


However, I called into work today because lately I'm a Dragon's burn out and the place is run really crappily these days, plus I'm moving in a few weeks and have lots of attendence points to waste.. and I dont mind living off of $20 a week.


Why do you need a hot water heater to heat hot wateR?


That traffic site is a really cool idea! Four days in LA traffic was enough for me though!



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^ No, the most obnoxious commercial is the new Delta Simplifares commercial with that dreadful 1960's sounding song "Happiness goes in a circular motion". WTF??? Ok. I get the circular motion part because near as I can tell, to get a Simplifares flight out of their hub here at CVG you must travel in a circular motion around half the airports in the southern US for layovers/connections in order to get to Orlando


Shari "Bring back Florida Express Airlines" Shoufler

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My new >PcPlayer magazine just arrived... It got a huge color picture of the little bloodcovered girl from F.E.A.R on the frontpage... It scares me every time I look at it... I don't have time reading it now, and it's just out of reach for me to turn the front page down.


And now, update on poor Shadowforce's conflict: He finally got his lazy butt moving and got it out of sight, but not without taking a scan of it!



I'm scared of the mean lady!


Ohhh, and if you understand the text, you're propably from Skandi. Good day, fellas!

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(sings) im a cuecumber im a cuecumber im a cue cumber so pleas dont take me to the pickel farm (ends singing) (bows) now for my review of the OC relly bad there just bacicly saying its soooo hard being rich, manwhore manwhore and look at me im a slut my rateing 0.5/10


Zane " 1 in 2 New Zealanders have a cellphone and im pord to be one of them" Willimas

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