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^I love picture!! It might be pretty cool if you cropped all the out of focus areas (They don't seem like they work to me), but that's just my opinion. What was your set-up?..If you don't mind me asking



Thanks for the comment.


My settings were:


3 AM in the morning, and raining.


I used a tripod. My camera was a Canon S3IS on manual mode.


I used a ten second shutter delay. A ISO of 80, a shutter speed of 15 seconds.


I hope I answered your question.

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Here are a couple of photos I took while I was away in England over Halloween. I was in the Lake District and if you ever get a chance to go, GO!! It is so beautiful.


I was thinking of doing a PTR but I didn't have enough good photos to make it worth while.


Anyways, Enjoy!!


Moi again!


Love the rapids thing going on in this.




Sun hitting the mountains.


Love this photo, with the Leaves and Bridge etc.


Me and Mum again!


Me, Mum and our car.


Really nice restaurant up in the mountains.

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OK, I'll give it a go.


I shoot with a Canon EOS 10D, Sigma EX DG 28-70MM f/2.8, Quantaray 70-300MM f/4.5, Canon 50MM f/1.8 and now a Sigma EX DG IF HSM 17-35MM f/2.8 lenses.


Just messin' around.


Friend's baby Jacob last October


My Baxter :-D


Outside of my old place of employment


Kennywood Thunderbolt


Snoopy's Summer Vacation (shot with Canon 50mm Prime and Diffuser filter)


Obviously Raptor (shot with Sigma 28-70mm)

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Hi I got some nice pics of Colombia.



San Andres a Colombian Island. Take by me from de plane



Again San Andres. Take by me from a car.



The sea of San Andres is called the see of the 7 colors. Take by me from the same car.




Cali the capital of the state where I leved call Valle del Cauca(Valley of Cauca) 1 hour away from my home

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First off, someone please tell me if these pics are too big. If they are, I will immediately resize them once I check again in this forum, which probably won't be that often today because I'm getting Mass Effect for my Xbox 360 in a few hours.





Here we have Predator.



And here, Mind Eraser.



Once again, a video screenshot, but of Viper.



This is actually a screenshot from my DL 2007 video, but this is Mind Eraser.



This is a shot of Great Bear and Sooperdooperlooper at Hersheypark, taken while on the Kissing Tower.



Sweet shot of Storm Runner. (Hey, a semi alliteration!)



Another sweet shot of Storm Runner.



Lake Compounce's Boulder Dash. This ride kicks butt.



One of Boulder Dash's bunny hops.



Lake Compounce's Enterprise at Sunset.



Top Spin at the New York State Fair. It would be fun if this baby could do 108 flips.



Also from the New York State Fair, the KMG Fireball from on ride (taken with permission) from the smaller Ferris Wheel.



This is the lift of Bear Trax and Jack Rabbit from Seabreeze.



Screamin' Eagle.






Here is S:ROS at SFNE.



Still SFNE, Flashback and Cyclone.



Here is a pic of Batman: The Ride - which is in fact very underrated, IMO. Oh well, more rides for me.



A picture of Sylvan Beach's SDC Galaxi, which actually pulls soome nice airtime and G's in the back seat.



This is Thunder Island - and FEC in Fulton, NY about 20 minutes away from my home. I took this pic last January, and believe it or not, that Ferris Wheel is THE Ferris Wheel from Tom Hanks' movie "Big."



Here is the first drop of Dania Beach Hurricane at Boomers. The ride op who is one of the managers said I could bring my cameras on ride, and I didn't even ask.



But this time, it's all SheiKra.



Here is another onride of DBH, mid course.




A Sihlouette shot of Montu @ BGA.



Again at BGA, this time we have a little SheiKra and Scorpion.

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We sure have some wonderful photographers on this message board! Here are a few pictures that I've taken this year and during the summer... tell me what you think


This ride was at the Oktoberfest this year... it is so scary but fun!


a castle near Freundestadt


The library ceiling at my university.







At the concentration camp Dachau in Munich


This is a street on the little island near Venice called Burano.


A piece of paper that was handed out during CSD (the gay parade held in Munich). It translates to "Love is everything."



Sunset near Rust (where Europa Park is)


Olympia Loop at the Oktoberfest... a GREAT roller coaster!


My best friend MARkooooosh


One of my favorite roller coasters... Silver Star


Walking home after a long night ;)



Taking a road-trip to Amsterdam this summer.


My friend Lilly in Venice.

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In fountain square in the heart of Cincinnatti. Beautiful.


Haha. I was up visiting a college and saw this squirrel just chillin'. Never seen one do that.


Walkin' on the Purple People Bridge downtown to get New Port.


Couple boats speedin' by


I like those sunsets.


Blue harron. We be cool. I catch the fish and he eats it.


Boat speeding along next to us


Sunset in Hilton Head

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Thanks, he's a good cat.


Before I tell you his name, please keep in mind that we adopted him from an 88 year old woman who had a stroke and could not take care of him anymore. (he was still a kitten though).


She named him "Happy". It's a cute name, and it suits him pretty well, though he still has his claws so, sometimes the name "a-hole" fits, too.


He's very loyal and loves everyone, especially his buddy Baxter. They are like Milo and Otis. When Baxter had a broken leg, the cat would lay with him all day to keep him company - it was very cute.



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Here are some photos I took.


End my Pictures with this shot of the moon I took on Halloween


Solomon's Island. Very close to my house


Apollo's Chariott


Another shot


Nationals game


Cherokee and a small waterfall to a creek


In the woods of Cherokee


Cherokee NC


Wisconsin Dells


This was actully from June. Hades


Took it today on T-Giving

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