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  1. I like the photo of the waterpark with the UPS plane in the background.
  2. ^That's where I go to the beach at in North WildWood. My house is located 5 minutes outside of NW in Cape May Court House. It's nice and quiet where I am. I still venture into town to go to my fav restaurants and ice cream parlor when I''m down.
  3. Great TR. Just came home from a lovely weekend down there at my shore house. And how could you pick McDonald's over Mack's Pizza, simply the best pizza in the world and all that other great food on the boards? Just kidding! Glad you guys had a great time. I love it down there, especially in the winter.
  4. That's awesome that they had a little UPS truck in one of the displays. I know what you mean Big Mike,even when I'm on vacation I can't seem to get away from Big Brown HA!
  5. Wow it looks like you meet alot of great people and had a great time Big Mike. You really are a great guy. I can't wait to hang out with you again at Great Adventure when it opens up for the season.----Bobbi Jo
  6. ^Thanks for showing everybody. I know I'm crazy but not that crazy for people not to be able to see them.
  7. ^Little turtles at the bottom of the page.Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and they are located on the left hand side.
  8. ^I saw them too! made me nervous. Can someone explain their presence here on TPR?
  9. I bet alot of those girls lost some weaves and wigs in that ruckus!!!! HA-HA-HA!!!!! Maybe the producers should have organized it better and this sort of thing wouldn't have happened. I'm glad I work night work so I not subjected to that type of tv, if you can call it that.
  10. Jaguar is the only rollercoaster my sister Marie ever put her hands up while she was on it Big Mike. She is such a big sissy! When I went to Knott's back in 2000, I did that whole park in 2 hours by myself. No one wanted to go with me even though we had free tickets. Then as I was getting ready to leave, everybody who didn't join me earlier in the day decided to come to the park, so I rejoined them. We had a great time that day.
  11. ^^ All is cool amongst us coaster crazy people, FlyerACE1. Thanks for the link to your site. Your photos were great. Yeah, it was cold that day but I didn't mind it. I work outside in the cold weather so I guess my body is used to weather like that. Also, I had homemade turkey soup waiting for me back at my house to warm me up after the ceremony!
  12. To FlyerACE1, I am sorry that you took my comment the wrong way but the reason why I said that is because there was a large number of people who belong to ACE that attended the event. Second, while serving refreshments I knew that there would be talk and discussions about the future devolopment of the pier and the new coaster that they are building, something that most people in ACE are interested in learning about and there is nothing wrong with that,personally I'm not. Third, your speech was very moving and touching. That is the way I felt every time I rode the Golden Nugget. I believe you spoke for everyone at the ceremony that day about how they feel about that ride, myself included. In conclusion I AM NOT AN ACE HATER OR BASHER! I believe you took my comment out of text.I would like to thank Robb for quoting his disclaimer about his website that you must have a sense of humor to visit this website and I believe everyone who belongs to this site does indeed have one. You only need to look at TPR's trip reports and see how they make fun of each other and the pranks that they pull on one another. Thank you for your input Robb.
  13. I was looking for myself in all of the photos posted here but I'm not in any of them. I was standing near the props during the ceremony.
  14. ^Great pics! Thanks for letting us visit your other website to view your other photos. We didn't go and have refreshments and and to see what they are doing to the pier because we were really cold and I knew it would be mostly ACE'rs in there.
  15. ^^Yeah, I'm glad that they are finally doing something with that pier.I hate the go-karts that they have on that pier. The new coaster on that pier will definitely be better than what it looks like now. Maybe they will add some flat rides too. It can really be a nice pier again if they go ahead the plans they have for it. We'll just have to wait and see.
  16. I saw some people walking around with post spindles that use to be on the outside of the loading platform. They also gave away little plastic mining hats with the date on it. I also received a part of the lift chain in my gift bag. The Morey's organization didn't have to do what they did yesterday, but it was nice that they did it. They had some guest speakers there who talked about their relationship with the ride such as the granddaughter whose late grandfather was the original owner of Hunt's Pier and a gentleman whose late father worked on the construction of the ride. Some people have alot of attachment to that ride. I know I did. I grew up on that pier and on that ride so it is like losing a piece of my childhood. Just to be able to walk inside of the building yesterday and still see part of the lift hill and some of the props that used to be in the ride brought alot of great memories back. There is also some footage of the ride on you tube. That pier was like my Disneyland in my own backyard. That pier had some great one of a kind rides on it. It is hard to lose things that are connected to your childhood, but that is life and life goes on. Come the summer when I am on the boardwalk it is going to be strange not see the building gracing the WildWood skyline.
  17. I was there also, but I forgot my camera ! Stupid girl that I am. I am still going to a write a trip report though. It was a really nice little ceremony. My post will be up in about an hour. No photos, sorry, but a nice little report of what happened today.
  18. The owner of Knoebels said that when they are ready to rehab the ride, he would like it to be a new Golden Nugget mine ride with new tricks and to incorporate some the the old tricks into the ride. I'm curious to see how this plays out. I'll be at the ceremony this weekend and will have a trip report and photos to follow when I get back home.
  19. We baked you a birthday cake, if you get a tummy ache, and you moan and woan and groan, don't forget we told you so! Happy Birthday!---The Three Stooges I hope you have great day Big Mike!---Bobbi Jo
  20. Glad you guys had a great time. Your pics are great. Tortilla Jo's does have some good mexican food for a chain. We ate there almost every night when we were in Downtown Disney back in 2006. I would love to get back to Disneyland again. It seems like every time I go there, I don't get enough time to enjoy it and we have to run around to see the main attractions. It might be awhile before I head out west again, but I will make it back some day.
  21. We'll be watching in the old ball drop here in Philadelphia tonight. And then we have the Mummer's Day Parade on New Years Day. It is a cross between Mardi Gras and a mini broadway musical number. Something very unique to our town. I believe this is the 107th year of the parade marching. Big Mike it has been a pleasure following and being a part of the road show and I hope 2009 is a great year for you also. Happy 2009 Big Mike! And to all of my fellow TRP members, have a safe and Happy New Year 2009 !
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