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I took these when I was at The Florida Sea Base in the Florida Keys with the Boy Scouts last week.


I hope the pics are the right size (800x600). Mods, please change if not right size!




Another pretty cool one.


Pretty, isn't it?


Sunset on the Marina at Sea Base.


I wish the powerlines weren't there. It's still a nice photo.

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I took these when I was at The Florida Sea Base in the Florida Keys with the Boy Scouts last week.


I hope the pics are the right size (800x600). Mods, please change if not right size!




I'm going to Philmont in August. Maybe I can bring back some good pictures as well.

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Here is a photo I made while I was walking in a park just behind my lycée. I was looking for a such weather since a few weeks to be able to see the Alpes. I modify a bit the photo to make it more "artistic" and to have a great screen saver/background (I don't know wich word is the good lol).


The original one


And the modified one^^

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Random pictures I havent really uploaded but in random spots.


And some RF2 Twisty Air.


RF2 Catchin the same air - just from the Ferris Wheel.


Ravine Flyer 2 catchin some air.


Mike Mangold at knife edge.


Mach 0.98 in a F/A 18. Red Bull Air Race in Detroit.


Reef Shark. Hi. I see one of your kids is acting up. Toss him in, Ill take him off your hands.


A clown fish. Not Nemo. Or Marlin. Both of which are fictional characters. This one is not.


I believe its a Dragon Moray Eel. Very cool for him to come out of his little cave and strike a pose for me.


Viper family. Doesnt he just look friendly eh?


One more desert variety flower.


More desert flower but this time in pink.


Desert flower. Very bright orange.


Macro of water droplets.


Forgot his name - I know its not a Vinca.


Ahh, orchids. Lovely color and shape. Aranda Hybrid


And the larger one that was his "guardian". Funny I almost stepped on these guys.


My little snake picture.


Honey Bee doin his thing for nature.


Bald Eagle from Dollywood.


Small Poisen Dart frog chillin with the Emerald Tree Boa.


Emerald Tree Boa - with a sprinkling of water

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Canon EOS 300D (The first gen Digital Rebel) 6.2mp

Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro

Canon 75-300 sucky zoom (trust me, grainy 90% of the time)

Canon 18-70 that came with Kit - decent lens


For editing I primarily use Adobe Lightroom since its far better suited for standard photography. However, when I go to do HDR stuff its back to CS2.

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