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  1. Woohoo. Steelers lost. And anyone get the drool falling out when they gave Rodgers that Camaro SS Convertible with 426 horses?
  2. Best Buy Ad......any ad with Ozzy rocks. Now if we can just rid the earth of the boy who shall not be named and anyone like him and get some more singers and bands like Ozzy, this world would be a better place.
  3. Can't wait for the big game, and I am not talking about the Superbowl either. I will probably watch more of the Puppy bowl on Animal Planet and DVR the SB for the commercials.' My prediction for hte games. PB, me watching and wanting a dog more and more (current living place has a no pet lease) SB, Packers by 7.
  4. I agree, the rides section did suck. I do wish I could have ridden Starliner once just to say I did ride it. I do want to go to Legoland just to explore the gardens more as the last time I went there, I only spent two hours in the park (which was enough for multiply re rides on all coasters) and some walking around the gardens (not all of them). This could be the best thing to happen to that park, because it won't look like Cypress Gardens. I wonder if they did preserve some of the original park (like the original CG sign).
  5. Serious question to Danny..... After being down in New Orleans area three times in the past two years I noticed a few things, do you think the area population can support a park (which I believe it can't) and if not, how do you plan on draw people in and support a park that failed once due to financials and once because of natural disasters and from where there doesn't have the need for a theme park already filled. Also, if you do somehow miraculously manage to get it up, how do you plan on protecting the park from future flooding?
  6. I personally have a cheapy Crown acoustic that I bought off my uncle for 30 dollars. I am going to get a new guitar this year, but I don't know if I will get an electric or electric acoustic. I am still learning and am getting a new guitar because my D string tuning peg is bent, plus I am actually going to stick it out on learning to play it.
  7. Don't know where my post went, but the Packers will be playing the Steelers in the Super Bowl. My prediction. Packers 28, Steelers 21.
  8. Big Mike, I would like to enter the contest because my favorite part of The Big Mike Road Show is finding the duckies no matter how they annoy me when you get tricky.
  9. I guess the purist in me thinks they should re track it only and not touch the trains other then maybe keeping the current rolling stock going. Four bench trains are not that used it seems anymore and (to me) new trains would kill part of the historicness to the coaster. I hope to get up to Coney Island within a couple years.
  10. My ballot Voyage is still tops......unless a miracle happens, I don't see this changing for a long time (the post rain storm ERT keeps it there). Diamond Back would be the steel (DB night rides were awesome). SoB deserves the last spot on my ballot with the KK coasters coming in not far behind. Beast moved up a bunch, I actually loved Beast this year.
  11. Great, I wish I hadn't clicked on this thread.....now I am going to have nightmares......
  12. Fixed one of Jeeps mistakes on making Cherokees that are supposed to be offroad ready. Took the donut tire off and put one of my full size spares in its place. Now all I need to get is tow hooks and I be wheeling (hopefully purchasing them this week if not, by next month in time for going to Badlands Offroad park in Attica, IN on March 5th). Might as well show off some pictures from my last two trips also. Front Jeep is stock minus some sway bar disconnects. First time this Jeep has been stuck since the guy bought it a year and half ago. And he doesn't go too crazy, but doesn't wimp out. These are from Jan. 5th Friends TJ Rubi that had a fresh lift and tires on it. We also played ice breaker in the creek Which resulted in this. Frozen lug nuts and valve stem caps Stuck TJ, 6.5" of lift and 35" tires While getting out of the way for someone to winch the red TJ out. He got stuck Just to show how big the red TJ is, the white TJ is lifted 2.5 inches and 33's
  13. I had to go read the episode review. The boat guy (Wood) had to get a taxi to the boat yard, then endure an hour plus boat ride through an idle zone The plane guy had to wait a while for a taxi, then a while at the plane yard The car guy had to find his car, and then he got pulled over. When they got to key west, the boat and plane guy had to still hoof it or taxi it to the meet up point while the car guy could just drive there. Through the magic of television though, at one point all three where right near each other in the same shot for a minute.
  14. Same. By the way, I missed the Key West episode where they supposedly put a plane, boat, and car up against each other (which sounds utterly stupid and pointless). Was it any good? I thought the Key West episode was descent....sorta funny that Rutlidge choose the boat, but got sea sick on the way there.....I wish TG US would put the episodes online, but they only have two and the two isn't this one. I honestly don't remember who actually won either.
  15. to B-Radg........If the Intrepid has the 2.7 v6, just say NO. Those motors are really bad. I have been told by my mechanic friend that if you don't get an oil change every 3k miles, the motor will die. In fact, he recommends doing it every 1500 miles to be safe. If I was you, I would keep the minivan, it may not be cool, but the motor is more reliable then a 2.7v6 Intrepid (if it has the 3.5, it is okay). Parktrips, this last Sunday's Alaska truck episode was really good to me since I like to wheel. Though it made me mad when the two hosts hit Rutlidges newer Truck (97 Ram) because it was too nice. Also, even though it wouldn't be good for tv, if they had driven off road correctly and used 4lo, all three trucks would have made it.
  16. All I have left to say is Go Pack Go....can't stand any of the other three teams other then them. Plus they get some bonus points for trading Favre after dealing with his BS after he saying would retire.... So without further due. AFC Championship game The Steelers will host the Jets The Bears will host the Packers.
  17. I hope it does.....but it is only because I have a few annoying Bears fan.......nothing against normal Bears fan. And for a laugh. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-England-Patriots-Art-/120671288959?pt=US_Football_Fan_Shop&hash=item1c1891be7f Story behind this auction......guy is a Bills fan. Guys wife had the painting done not realizing that it was not a Bills picture that was a good situation.
  18. Don't worry about the last sentence, with the Al "the crypt keeper" Davis Firing the best coach they had in years, them getting to a Super Bowl is very slim I bet. And the Cowboys, well, they are the Cowboys.....
  19. I am actually on quite a few football message boards (Pats, 49'ers, and Jets) and I was on the Colts forum until they moved it and I refuse to sign up for the new forum since I don't the new format of it. I joined the Patriots forum I am on (patriots planet) before a Colts/Pats game a few years ago. Same for the other two. I am one of at least 5 Colts fans on there (and there is also Chargers, Jets, and Dolphins fans on there also). The Patriots forum is the only one I post on daily. Besides of the off topic area there, there is civil discussions of football there.
  20. Well, I can't stand the Steelers, the Ravens, or Jest. Patriots (mainly due to the main message board I am on is a Patriots board) do not really annoy me. As for the NFC, as long as it isn't the Bears in after this week, I don't care.
  21. I agree with the above post......some were very tricky and required 3-10 times of looking at the pictures.
  22. I put up lights around the week before Thanksgiving (but couldn't power them until the week after Thanksgiving). They came down New Years Eve, it was warm that day and was the last day it would be warm since. Next year, lights go up first warm days before Thanksgiving, and get lit the week of Thanksgiving. I got some more lights this year again.
  23. When watching the Colts game, I knew it was going to come down on who sucked less. Peyton finally got something going, but not much. Special teams and defense just was horribly. I actually tried to go to bed (had been up since 6am that morning) around the beg. of the 4th quarter. Never did really get to sleep so I turned the game back on with around 2 minutes to go. I missed Steve Weatherford's Emmy award winning fall when a Colts player got close and actually tried to keep him from falling and Steve fell to get the penalty. Don't know if the penalty would have mattered anyway, Colts couldn't stop Sanchez. You live by the last second field goals, you die by them. Anyway, for me, I want the Patriots to win it all now. Okay, divisional weekend is next weekend. Raven's will play the Steelers (I want a black hole to open up and take the game out as I don't want either team to win) Jets will play the Patriots (Patriots should easily take them) Packers will travel to Atlanta (this game is a draw to me) Sea Hawks will travel to Chicago (Bears should win, but the Sea Chickens have surprised me already).
  24. I am going with 9 (nine) duckies....two of them were very tricky and might not be one though.
  25. I know how seeding works, I just flip flopped a few opponents....all corrected now.
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