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  1. "This was the building between Mt. O and Riverview. I have no clue what was in it because the name of this palce was titled: "TOP SECRET"! Even the Dells tirp brochure doesn't say what's in it." I belive that the upside down house is called Wonder Works if I remember correctly, its really cool inside! Its about how the white house was flipped upside down by a huricane, and inside they have really fun things to do. Find out more at this site for the Wonder Works in Tennesee! http://www.wonderworkstn.com/
  2. ADMIN EDIT: You've been warned more than once about breaking the posting rules. Enjoy your ban. dt
  3. I too detest that Naked Brothers Band show, every time someone watches it, somebody dies. I agree with that Fried Dynamite crud too, its horrible! Why cant they just go back to Fridays! Now onto the park comments, the "coral" color to spongebob looks bad! And thats all I can really say at this point.
  4. I havent ever been on this thing but I was watching a video of it, and on the first drop people were saying "go,go,go!" And on the second drop everyone started yelling "Shiz!shiz!shiz!" I was laughing so hard! But seriously that ride looks like something Id build in RCT that no one would ride. And on another note, after the second lift hill, your moving forward and theres a chain there, that pulls you along, thats how slow your going! EDIT: Haha, you cant say the S word anymore or it turns out to be shit. shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit! EDIT AGAIN: Haha it works~!
  5. There is something wrong with school milks I swear! They need to investigate, we have 6 lunches in my school, mine (of course) is #6! The milk sits there in a steel box, waiting for kids to pick it up order and drink it...but it sits there all day! So we get there and the milk is always room temp! I cant stand the flavors of the milk either, but I have to drink something, and I cant afford 2$ water everyday, so Im forced to drink that crap! Id rather pay $1.75 at McDonalds eat a freaking McChicken sandwich, and 3/4 of a small fry! And it still is better for you!
  6. Did heard there still working on that earth ball thing in the beggining of coming down and I hear its supposed to look really awesome now! I mean why would they waste all that space, its just not like Disney to do.
  7. Oh wow so is mine! We cant eat beef for 2 weeks for something about how the cows are being treated. This kid (not me) found a roach in his BBQ sandwich! We've seen mice scurry across the floor ALL THE TIME! Burnt Tatertots to the point of you cant even crush it if your the strongest kid in school. Hair Rock solid cold pizza Not even melted fake cheese in the quesadilla Burnt quesadilla Undercooked french toast!
  8. Jacks BBQ Me and my mom sat down to dinner at a new place that we heard was AMAZING! So we order our dinners, Baby Back Ribs for the both of us (since everyone says its so great) and we ordered our drinks at the same time, we wait 30 minutes, and our drinks FINALLY come, we sip it down since we were thirsty, and 1 hour later, not even a refill, no food, and the worst part, there are flies ALL OVER! They kept landing on my face and in my ears, wow just wow! Finally our food comes out, the waiter gives us some silverware, and the stuff isnt even CLEAN! I decided to use my hands since they were ribs, touch one, FROZEN cold! I try to rip it off, and the sauce is all dry, its got flies on it, I go in for a fry, dip it in ketchup, put it in my mouth, the second it hit my tongue I SPIT IT OUT! Freezing cold, like a rock, my moms meal was the same, 15 minutes later the waiter comes back with a refill for our drinks, we ask to see the manager, he goes "Im sorry our manager is out at the moment, he'll be back in 15 minutes." WHAT THE HELL!! They didnt even have an ASST Manager, so we wait 15 minutes sucking down our drinks, we explain everything, and the man says "Im terribly sorry here is a coupon for another meal when you come back." WHAT THE HELL!!! If it was this bad this time, WHY WOULD WE COME BACK!!! So my mom was forced paying $30 and we left NO tip at all, and just left. Gave the coupon to our friend and said go back and check it out, she comes back to us the next day and basically goes "Thanks for the coupon the food was delicious!" What the hell kinda tastebuds do you have lady, what the hell.... You couldnt pay me a MILLION dollars to consume their food!
  9. No Snoop Dogg chills with Snoopy... Finish the sentence, If I could have one superpower it would be....
  10. Pay a man named Vinny in a suspicious trenchcoat, to "get even" with your predacesor, in which the person will somehow, unexplainably, get "food posioning" in which they will keel over, Vinny will then send a smaller Italian man to say the deed has been "taken care of" therefore leaving you a happy person. Why do my Chocolate Chip cookies come out flat?
  11. Cool, though are you going to put atleast a few drops in there to keep some energy going on that dark ride, and so people do ride it, you should make it half dark ride, and then the last half or quarter a rollercoaster!
  12. Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie! It may be a kids book, but is THE GREATEST BOOK EVER! I also like to read Catcher in the Rye, great book!
  13. Heres my (Dr. Suess) rap explaining how I feel.... Panda express is number one Ding the orange chicky is done McDonalds is always number two Even though there quality is just like poo Check-check-Checkers is number three While eating there food I like to yell wee! ---------------------------------------- Here is my second (Dr. Suess) rap explaining my HATE for some fast food KFC and Taco Bell You suck go burn in hell Wendys you suck too Id rather eat some poo Word to your mother G!
  14. My favorite water coaster, is Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls! I dont think any other water ride (based on water coasters) could ever live up to its name!
  15. If that picture is accurate thats one hell of a head chopper! Wish I could go....alas....
  16. I get EXTREMELY scared whenever I get on something new, that Im not very familiar with...though when I get onboard its mostly anxiety of OMG I cant believe Im doing this.
  17. I love using CAD, and Auto CAD (especially) in my Technology class! I find it a little complicated at first, but once you get into the swing of things, its actually pretty easy to use, sure it involves A LOT of work, but its all worth it in the end. Good job man, by far the BEST idea I have seen for a new coaster! I would TOTALLY ride it!
  18. Honestly, I think that anyone could play the role of Hannah Montana she is nothing special. Shes just Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter. I dont think she sings well either, she sounds like every other kid out there, just normal, and if you listen to her songs, she has SO much done to her voice! Its horrible, and honestly, I wouldnt know this for I havent met her, but she seems like a generous snob, like she has some good, "down home country hospitality" in her, but she seems like a snob. I think shes gonna be the worlds next Jamie Lynn Spears, "Leggo my Preggo!" Though I couldnt even IMAGINE how stressful that business must be! Though, as many people have said shes hot, I think she isnt, there are better looking girls in my school.
  19. Awesome its PEREGRIN! Thats an awesome looking new ride, I wish you would sow some more of it though, and it looks really nicely placed, and themed. Good job man 20 stars!
  20. Water World slides! http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZEB_vgOyNNM&feature=related
  21. The rings around the track make it look like something that came out of Dr. Suess land at Universal Studios Florida, it sort of reminds me of the High In The Sky Suess Trolley Train Ride. That coaster you have is pretty cool looking, and the trains remind me of the old animal crackers boxes, just with people instead of animals.
  22. I remember I once saw this water park with an AMAZING bunch of slides, Ill try and find a video of it again.
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