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  1. So, it's LONG time for an update. Here's a quick overview of my current park. I think I need to post an in-depth update soon, though. White = current work Pink = planned work Would LOVE some feedback!
  2. Attached are photos of my completed Google Sketchup model. The park is called Disney's Hollywood Studios Australia. Also shown is the backstage area, movie studio and hotel (Hollywood Suites). See if you can spot the speakers, lights etc. that I've tried to hide out of the public's view. I also tried to reframe from having the ride stages visible from Main Street and themed areas. If you want to see how this park looked when it first started, click here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=58109
  3. It's been ages since I have posted an update, so here it is. I have done A LOT of work since my last update.
  4. I have done A LOT of work to the park in the last few months. The entrance has been expanded, I have redesigned the Tower of Terror and am also working on a stunt show to replace one of the old sound stages. Thoughts? If you'd like to see detailed shots of any attractions, let me know. I have redesigned and added to a lot of the facades.
  5. Thanks! I've redesigned some of the themeing. Does this look better? If so, I'll continue with this design on the other sides and then add the windows (a big task!).
  6. Here are some updated photos of the project. I have finished the area near the ToT entrance, and am starting work on the actual tower. The lift doors will open to allow riders to see out.
  7. Drawing at angles like 70 degrees are a tad harder. It's do able, but on a ride like Tower of Terror, it'd become a lot more work. The reason I wanted to use Sketchup over RCT was that I could actually design facades and not have to 'place' items/objects to construct buildings and facades. Sketchup gives you 500% more freedom. I've been working on this park for a few months. I normally open it up and do a bit of work each day. Also, thank you all very much for the positive feedback!
  8. Here are a few more photos... Further up on the right-hand side End of Main Street (looking towards the right-hand side) Entrance to Monsters Inc. ride Entrance to Rock n Roll Coaster and outdoor stage End of Main Street (left-hand side; heading towards Tower of Terror)
  9. UPDATES: PAGE 2 / 3 NEW! ------------------------------------------------ Over the past few months I have been developing a version of 'Disney's Hollywood Studios' using Sketchup. Now, it's not based on a real park, but some of the facades, rides and attractions are based on actual creations in various Disney parks around the world. Thoughts? (BTW, the park is still 'under construction', so please keep that in mind when commenting on certain facades/areas) More photos will be uploaded soon... Map of the park Entrance Main Street (right-hand side after main arch) Further up on the right-hand side Main Street (left-hand side after main arch) End of Main Street (left-hand side; heading towards Tower of Terror)
  10. ^ It reminds me a lot of the first trailer one. I would like to see some more footage of later parts of the movie. Has the movie finished filming yet?
  11. Great pics! It's sad to hear that the effects on the Backlot coaster have deteriorated. I can't wait to ride it at Kings Dominion, but am worried that Cedar Fair have let their rides go... BTW, nice lens! Thinking of getting either a 55-200mm or 18-200mm lens in the next few months.
  12. Excellent photos! You're an awesome photographer! These pictures make me even more excited about August!
  13. Robb, you're going to have to start having more kids to help with the work!
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