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  1. As an old punk rocker who did this kind of thing many times back in the day I find the idea kind of cool. Not to mention the money saved would be great. That being said I'm not sure how balanced or fair it would be. Those having houses or apartments near major parks would see by far the most traffic, and even within the community I'm not sure how open I would be to having strangers from within such a diverse scene traffic through my house. Even if I'm not sure how well it would work, I still think it's a cool idea.
  2. Took my youngest son (10) to the Point on Thursday. I thought Mean Streak was running the best I've felt it run in years. I think this made it actually an okay-ish ride. Still not great, but better than many I've rode. Blue Streak seemed extra phenomenal this year. Magnum was stellar as usual. Didn't get to ride Millennium as my son passed twice on that one and I didn't push him. Anyways, report to come soon. Just figured I would share this picture I shot on my way out of the park.
  3. Thank you guys for the comments. Sorry I've been slow to reply and update this. Here is a last few shots from 2012. Voyage. Voyage. Legend. Lazy river. Last picture of Voyage.
  4. It was my son's first year this year. I refused to take him till I felt he was old enough to be trusted on his own. I warned him repeatedly that if he wanted to go with me and Voyage became too much for him that he was gonna have to sit and wait by himself. My middle son really wanted to go, but I knew if I took him I would of spent very little time on the coasters and he is not quite as trustworthy to be left on his own inside the park. I spoil my sons with amusement park trips, but they know Holiwood Nights is my personal time.
  5. As an added bonus (or a simple self indulgence) here is a couple from the trip report for last year that I never finished. Love the guy in the first row. Oddly enough I never took any pictures of this spot this year. Wish I had though. Another Raven shot. Awful similar to the one from this year, but probably better. Great structural shot of Legend. Last one from 2011.
  6. My wall is decorated with black and white coaster photos I have taken. I took a few more this year that I think I am gonna replace some of my older ones with. I love walking up to the front gate and seeing this beauty there to greet me. Legends first drop. Voyage from the walk back. More Legend.
  7. I haven't done a trip report in almost a year and a half, but I figured I would post a few pictures I took at Holiwood Nights 2012. As always it was an amazing event. Holiday World puts on a great event. Raven was running great, Legend feels like it might be slightly rougher than the year before but I still feel like it runs way better than people give it credit for, and Voyage was running absolutely AMAZING! The difference between Voyage last year and this year really needs to be felt to be believed. The first couple of valleys have zero hammering now, and the back turn around is glas
  8. I've been considering buying one of those Olympus point and shoots. While you were at Holiday World for this event last year I was at Wisconsin Dells losing my little waterproof Fujifilm in Poseidon's Rage.
  9. I like it. Posted a review of Holiday World to give it a try. Was excited to see that my trip report is listed. I will try to do more parks in the upcoming days.
  10. Great trip report. Reading this was a great way to kick off my morning.
  11. I'm interested but didn't vote because it's only about 50/50 that I will be able to make it.
  12. My oldest boy had already chosen Hershey Park for his trip with me this year. It looks like you now chose the date for this to happen. He is gonna be super excited to find out that it is gonna be a TPR event now too!
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