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Here are some of my photos.


And here's the top of Supereme Scream heavily zoomed in.


Some windmills in Palm Springs


Disneyland's Main Street USA.


The carousel at the Valencia Mall


Riddlers Revenge

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I love photography! This is a cute picture of my cat and four other pictures that I got printed and matted.


My aunt's puppy Boo. She died, though.


Not my horse, he's part Arabian and his name's Phoenix.


My kitty Ziggy, sleeping.


My dog Rosie.


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Here's a few that I took recently while on vacation.


I didn't take this picture, but I like it, so I thought I should include it. It's me water skiing


Lake Michigan as seen from Sleeping Bear Dunes.


Stormy Sunset over Glen Lake.

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A few teaser shots from my full photo update that will be posted at SM2 Wednesday morning. It's been forever ago since I've been to a theme park this season, and it was nice to get out shoot some photos again.


Full update coming tomorrow morning folks!


Harley Newman was back for Discovery Kingdom's 2008 Fright Fest event. If you get to SFDK this October, make sure you don't miss his Scandalous Side Show over in the Bird Theater. The guy is a real class act.

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Here's a few pictures from my photography class that I mentioned. Keep in mind that this is a film-photography class, so I had to scan my actual prints to get them Internet-worthy. Forgive me if they look a little washed out. I ran them through Photoshop only to try to darken the images a little and make them a little more clear, so hopefully that helped.


Title: Lonely


Title: Fire!


Yeah, I'm a pyro.


Title: Dumpster Down


Title: Double Me


I didn't take this, but a friend did. I liked how it came out.

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I recently took this at a local woodland, of the huggge beech tree, because it looks best at this time of year.

An average person's head would come up to about halfway up the trunk before the first big branch on the left.


Beautiful Beech Tree :]

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