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  1. 3DS Name -- DiSab712 Friend Code -- 2680-9615-2642 ACNL Name -- Derek Town Name -- Atillic Native Fruit -- Apples I'm generally on in the evenings, and this'll give me more reason to keep my gates open.
  2. I didn't realize they still had the SoB station still up. I wonder if they'll use that for anything in the future? Maybe part of Banshee's queue?
  3. Could be a batwing, could be an invert's version of a pretzel loop, could be something entirely new. As long as it uses the crazy terrain they have at their disposal out there, I'm happy.
  4. I'm sure I'm late to the party, but two-toned track is sexy beyond comparison.
  5. Maybe its just me, but I really hope that parks won't feel pressured to build inverting wooden coasters from now on just to get recognition. It started with one, and now its expanding rapidly to other parks - I really hope it doesn't become a "requirement" for new woodies.
  6. If that's the case, they'll probably simply grade it off to ground level and pave over the rest of it, leaving it underground and out of the way.
  7. I suppose its possible, but with WindSeeker out there right now, I don't know if they really need an observation tower immediately. Besides, I haven't heard of any being installed recently - they do still make them, right?
  8. Whelp, audios to the season, and to the All-Star Game here in Columbus. Greedy owners...
  9. This just in - the owners are all dopes, and being led around by the King of Dopes, Gary Bettman.
  10. ^And given the fact that the windows have become so discolored over the years, I'm sure they're some sort of synthetic polymer. They'd also have to be break resistant to be installed on a ride that tall.
  11. ^I love how the winner in nearly every "matchup" is simply whichever ride is taller, faster, and/or newer. Doesn't seem like a very well-researched article (though he at least get some credit for knowing the manufacturers by name).
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