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  1. Of all the enthusiast groups I know of, coaster enthusiasts seem to be the rudest. Such a shame...
  2. The magnetic field intensity of an electromagnet is dependent on the number of times the wire is wrapped around the core (turns) and the current, meaning you can either use a huge number of turns and a relatively low current or a huge current and relatively low number of turns to create a powerful magnetic field. In the case of the ultra-slim LSM's, they use very high current with a low number of turns. This is also why they usually require a flywheel generator-- it would be hard for the grid to provide the high current required to power them.
  3. I'll be jumping out of a plane tomorrow, weather permitting.
  4. I always got the impression that OTSRs can safely hold a greater variety of body types than lapbars alone. Maybe I'm mistaken, though.
  5. Yep. I was the 3rd assistant scoutmaster for troop 446.
  6. What is your college major, or if you're still in college, what do you plan on majoring in? Please pick the category that your major best falls under. If you didn't go to college or haven't graduated from high school yet, please select one of the last two options. Thanks! If you feel your major isn't represented, please post it and I'll try to add it in. I literally copied from a list I found on the web, so it's probably incomplete. As for me, I just started at Penn State and plan to major in either mechanical or aerospace engineering.
  7. 2006: Backlot Stunt Coaster (King's Dominion) 2007: Maverick 2008: Fahrenheit That's all...
  8. That's exactly the reason for the height recommendation. If you're tall enough, Row 3 can actually come back and bonk you in the knees.
  9. There are drive tires in the station (I think there might also be one just before it), but the brake run is all gravity.
  10. As of today the vast majority of the queue handrails and the exit ramp, which is mostly prefabricated, have been installed. They were also constantly running the coaster all evening.
  11. They may not be doing a pull through. Not all coasters need one. BTW, who's the dude in the TPR hoodie I saw at the Racer tonight?
  12. Praying to God I pass the site controller test.
  13. Actually, I haven't encountered any confused guests...yet. I'm sure it will happen eventually, though.
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