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  1. I just read the same thing. I tend to wonder if this ride was transported or sat around salty sea air had part in the corrosion also.
  2. I am all in for a water coaster at HH. I honestly love to see them add on to their lazy river, extend it to go around outer sections of park and maybe some rapids or water falls added.
  3. Wendy's french fries dipped in their chocolate frosty eating raw potatoes when they are being cut up to cook my obsession with Minions lol
  4. I just honestly don't know what to make of this accident. I watched that video numerous times, stared at that close up picture of the break. I have replayed witness accounts over and over just trying to wrap my head around it. Crazy, this was my favorite fair ride. I would spend half my coupons riding it when we had our version at the State Fair of Texas. The version we had was named Xtreme. I know many are blaming the fair inspectors but I wonder if that section that snapped was even remotely in a the area they would look for fatigue. This whole accident is mind-blowing and it could have been any one of us. It is truly some Final Destination S***. Here is another picture close up of gondola, the actual break point. I haven't seen this one before: http://www.10tv.com/sites/10tv.com/files/field/image/ride-malfunction-2-ohio-state-fair-fire-ball%20%28002%29.jpg
  5. Runaway Mtn at SFoT is horrible. My lady bits on the top would get mashed pretty hard. I expect it now and brace.
  6. I have had dreams like this. What a horror. I pray for those all involved. I can vividly remember dreams like this and it shook me even after I woke up. I cant even begin to imagine seeing this in person.
  7. Four places we like to eat while there are Johnny Rockets, JB's Smokehouse, Macho Nacho and Go Fresh Café. All decent food. We love Panda Express but we have the dining plan and its not included. We were there Saturday and it was crazy busy with band kids. I have to give super props to the NTAG Team. They had the trains in and out quickly. The line was moving consistently. Titan was back up and running and they also had a great team getting those trains in and out. Riddlers Revenge was horrid. The wait time was about and hour and a half. I took one look at the line and said....nope. If you are there on a busy day I would make that a early day priority, along with Sky Screamer. They just load so slow.
  8. Yes the park is pretty new, (Rangers) however with the brutal summers we have it should have been built with a roof in first place. 105 to 110 in the summer with field temps higher. It will make a for a better fan experience and I imagine would bring in other players such as pitchers who don't want to pitch for the Rangers in the brutal heat. The old stadium is staying put, it will be used as venue for entertainment and such.
  9. Just curious...what reason is it that they will not let you ride in the back seat alone? This was on NTAG. My wife was a bit sick so she skipped NTAG when we were there Friday, she skipped over train to wait for me. They pulled someone out of the seat in front of me and put him with me.
  10. The Teacups or a Tilt-A-Whirl...I get nausea just thinking about them lol. As for coasters X2, the last time It rode at WCB I hit my head hard enough to give me a headache and lots of nausea. Its pretty to look at but I skip it now.
  11. I was there for a private event Thursday. Overall It was great. Employees very kind and on top of thier job. I did too experience the "no single riders" in the last row. We dodged a fair share of thunderstorms. Shockwave was the first one we rode post the first storm, we were the first ones on, I hopped in the back seat and was quickly made aware I couldn't lol. The longest wait we had was for NTAG. The line was not that long, we waited an hour or more. My GF who did not ride said she saw a train being dispatched every 15 minutes. They had two trains running, I think she exagerated a bit, I must have been to busy running my mouth to time the dispatch, but 15 minutes seems far fetched.I know once I made into the station a few times I saw at least three people on each side checking bars one right after the other. Either way I enjoyed NTAG, even with the seatbelts I got some great air. I did a detailed look at the trains. I still really do not understand how Rosy Esparza was unwedged from the seat and was literally upside down with her feet in the air before she was ejected, The trains and the seats fit like a glove, and I am not super small myself, and I fit just fine. I don't think we will ever fully know the truth. It was an fluke accident and an unfortunate one. I truly feel bad for the family, the ones who witnessed it and the operators that night.
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