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  1. I just read the same thing. I tend to wonder if this ride was transported or sat around salty sea air had part in the corrosion also.
  2. I am all in for a water coaster at HH. I honestly love to see them add on to their lazy river, extend it to go around outer sections of park and maybe some rapids or water falls added.
  3. Wendy's french fries dipped in their chocolate frosty eating raw potatoes when they are being cut up to cook my obsession with Minions lol
  4. I just honestly don't know what to make of this accident. I watched that video numerous times, stared at that close up picture of the break. I have replayed witness accounts over and over just trying to wrap my head around it. Crazy, this was my favorite fair ride. I would spend half my coupons riding it when we had our version at the State Fair of Texas. The version we had was named Xtreme. I know many are blaming the fair inspectors but I wonder if that section that snapped was even remotely in a the area they would look for fatigue. This whole accident is mind-blowing and it could have been any one of us. It is truly some Final Destination S***. Here is another picture close up of gondola, the actual break point. I haven't seen this one before: http://www.10tv.com/sites/10tv.com/files/field/image/ride-malfunction-2-ohio-state-fair-fire-ball%20%28002%29.jpg
  5. Runaway Mtn at SFoT is horrible. My lady bits on the top would get mashed pretty hard. I expect it now and brace.
  6. I have had dreams like this. What a horror. I pray for those all involved. I can vividly remember dreams like this and it shook me even after I woke up. I cant even begin to imagine seeing this in person.
  7. Four places we like to eat while there are Johnny Rockets, JB's Smokehouse, Macho Nacho and Go Fresh Café. All decent food. We love Panda Express but we have the dining plan and its not included. We were there Saturday and it was crazy busy with band kids. I have to give super props to the NTAG Team. They had the trains in and out quickly. The line was moving consistently. Titan was back up and running and they also had a great team getting those trains in and out. Riddlers Revenge was horrid. The wait time was about and hour and a half. I took one look at the line and said....nope. If you are there on a busy day I would make that a early day priority, along with Sky Screamer. They just load so slow.
  8. Yes the park is pretty new, (Rangers) however with the brutal summers we have it should have been built with a roof in first place. 105 to 110 in the summer with field temps higher. It will make a for a better fan experience and I imagine would bring in other players such as pitchers who don't want to pitch for the Rangers in the brutal heat. The old stadium is staying put, it will be used as venue for entertainment and such.
  9. Just curious...what reason is it that they will not let you ride in the back seat alone? This was on NTAG. My wife was a bit sick so she skipped NTAG when we were there Friday, she skipped over train to wait for me. They pulled someone out of the seat in front of me and put him with me.
  10. The Teacups or a Tilt-A-Whirl...I get nausea just thinking about them lol. As for coasters X2, the last time It rode at WCB I hit my head hard enough to give me a headache and lots of nausea. Its pretty to look at but I skip it now.
  11. I was there for a private event Thursday. Overall It was great. Employees very kind and on top of thier job. I did too experience the "no single riders" in the last row. We dodged a fair share of thunderstorms. Shockwave was the first one we rode post the first storm, we were the first ones on, I hopped in the back seat and was quickly made aware I couldn't lol. The longest wait we had was for NTAG. The line was not that long, we waited an hour or more. My GF who did not ride said she saw a train being dispatched every 15 minutes. They had two trains running, I think she exagerated a bit, I must have been to busy running my mouth to time the dispatch, but 15 minutes seems far fetched.I know once I made into the station a few times I saw at least three people on each side checking bars one right after the other. Either way I enjoyed NTAG, even with the seatbelts I got some great air. I did a detailed look at the trains. I still really do not understand how Rosy Esparza was unwedged from the seat and was literally upside down with her feet in the air before she was ejected, The trains and the seats fit like a glove, and I am not super small myself, and I fit just fine. I don't think we will ever fully know the truth. It was an fluke accident and an unfortunate one. I truly feel bad for the family, the ones who witnessed it and the operators that night.
  12. SMDH. Another instance in this spoiled America where the ones responsible dont seem to want to take responsibility for thier own actions. IMO I think this falls all on Six Flags. I don't believe Gerstlauer needs to be blamed at all. I see it like this, you buy a car, you maintain it. If you wreck it due to your negligent maintenance its your fault, not the automaker. Complacency is devestating.
  13. These rides from Kings Dominion: Haunted River Time Shaft Mt. Kilamajaro King Kobra Apple Turnover Sky Pilot SFMM: Log Jammer KBF: Perilous Plunge
  14. Very Excited about this!! I grew up with them. How about a remake of The Haunted River.. yeah, I know..dream on
  15. Thanks for sharing. I spent many a summers there when the park was like this. Lots of fond memories and some of my best times of my childhood spent there. I loved the Rebel Yells old station, so pretty. I can remember riding Time Shaft over and over, now I would be sick. I remember that crazy gum lined tunnel. Nothing like hot humid summers and sticky gum on the wall where you couldn't lean against it. Haunted River was make out central for us preteens. More like the tunnel of love. What else.. blue smurf ice cream, Sky Pilot, the singing mushrooms, the Safari Monorail, King Kobra, the big stuffed California Raisins that you could win, foot long bags of cotton candy, awesome fireworks shows, Diamond Falls, I could go on an on. Good times. I'd love to go back in time and spend one day there.
  16. There is a new article out on NTAG accident along with a police report. I have posted link to report below article. Warning: police report is a little graphic. ARLINGTON — The horrifying final moments of Rosy Esparza's life the day she was thrown from the Texas Giant roller coaster on July 19 is detailed from witness accounts in an Arlington police report. In the 92-page report, obtained by WFAA through The Dallas Morning News, witnesses described the moments before the train took off through the moment Esparza was thrown from the car and the ride came to an end at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. In July, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner determined the 52-year-old woman was killed when she fell 75 feet and struck a support beam. After an extensive search, her body was discovered by Officer J. Alvarez, who wrote that he spotted her from an observation deck. "Upon observing the body, I could see that the body had completely been severed almost in half and came to rest against a wooden beam on top of a metal building," Alvarez reported. The metal building was the top of the tunnel of a lower track, said investigator J. Fernandes in the report. According to the report, a unidentified Six Flags employee told police that when she or he checked Esparza's restraint, they felt it was "a little high, or not as tight as it should be." The employee said she or he went back to check indicator lights on the control panel that light up when the restraints are not secure and there were no signs of a problem. The employee said if there was a malfunction with the indicator, the system would halt the train from being able to leave the station. The employee told the officer there was a previous problem with the train, called the "red train," a few days before the accident. In that instance, maintenance was called out to fix sensors that were not working properly. On July 19, Esparza was sitting in the third row of the roller coaster and was ejected as the ride began its descent from the first large hill of the track, county spokeswoman Linda Faye Anderson said after the accident. According to the police report, the consensus of the witnesses was that Esparza came loose during the first descent of the ride. Cody Rush spoke with News 8 from his home in Tulsa. He was on the same train with a friend and said they were within arm’s reach of Esparza. He said she was laughing and smiling when the ride started, but things took a horrible turn after the first major descent. Esparza's daughter, Aracely Segovia, was seated behind her mother on the ride. In the report, Segovia said she heard yelling after the first descent. Then, when the train went over the second bump, witnesses said Esparza was thrown forward violently and may have hit her head. Segovia turned around on the second bump and saw her mother slumped over in the car. She described her mother as almost completely upside down with her head near the floor of the car and her feet almost straight up in the air. Finally, witnesses said, as the ride neared the third ascent, Esparza was thrown from the car. Segovia said she saw her mother being tossed out of the car. Joshua Fleak, 19, said he was sitting directly behind the victim and saw her ejected from the ride head-first. When Rush saw Esparza roll out of the car, he got scared. “We were holding on to each other and praying," he said. "That was the longest roller coaster ride of my life.” Several witnesses believed they heard a popping sound from Esparza's seat when the car came down on the descent. An experienced ride operator said when the red train went by, he or she remembered thinking the restraint wasn't all the way down on Esparza's thigh, but the ride operator said they figured it would be OK due to the woman's size and because the restraint was far down enough to register on the control panel. The same operator said there have been issues with the red train's control panel in the past, and that he or she had seen the trouble light on the Esparza's car three within the week before the accident. The operator also said once the train returned, he or she noticed the restraint was higher than when the train had been dispatched. Several weeks after the accident, Arlington police received a video from a teenager who had been riding in car three the week before Esparza was killed. The camera was in a storage pouch in front of the seat and showed two riders in the car. In the 16th second of the video, the report said police watching the footage heard a distinct "pop" sound and immediately after, the two riders are heard yelling for the operator to stop the ride. While the video did not show if the restraint had moved, the report claims after the riders called out in the video, a loudspeaker on a ride announces, "Car three unlocked, car three and four are now unlocked. Recheck car three, recheck car four." Esparza's family filed a lawsuit against Six Flags in September, the same week the ride reopened. The family's suit said after the mother's death, inspections showed that various parts of the security systems on the ride were experiencing inconsistencies and intermittent failures. It alleges that Six Flags admitted after the inspections "they replaced a 'limit switch' for a restraint in a seat in the very car in which Rosa [Esparza] was riding because Six Flags found the switch to be defective." The Esparza family's lawsuit, which accuses Six Flags of negligence, alleges that Six Flags has been reactive, not proactive in regard to safety systems and that caused Esparza's death. The Esparza family attorneys have requested a jury trial, and requested compensation of at least $1 million. Six Flags has claimed it did not have any liability because they didn't design or build the cars used on the coaster, and said the Texas Giant got a green light to resume operations in September from the Texas Department of Insurance after extensive testing. "The Texas Giant re-opened in September after external and internal experts determined the coaster was safe to ride and that the accident was not caused by any mechanical failure," said Six Flags Over Texas President Steve Martindale in a statement released Thursday. "We added incremental and overlapping safety measures to the ride including re-designed lap-bar restraint pads and seat belts. We also added a test seat at the ride-line entrance so guests can determine if they properly fit in the restraint system." "We continue to extend our deepest condolences to the Esparza family," Martindale said. "This was a tragic accident that deeply affected our employees, especially since safety is our highest priority and at the heart of everything we do." http://www.wfaa.com/news/interactive/Arlington-Police-Report-on-Six-Flags-and-the-Texas-Giant-231158261.html
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