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  1. Actually the best deal going on right now is online through the park: https://www.carowinds.com/tickets/ $29.99 for 8/9 through 9/1.
  2. I wouldn't read too much into the park's hints although they do have a new PR manager since Windseeker opened. For Windseeker, they kept dropping hints about the Wright Brothers so we were all at least a little hopeful it would have a different name/paint scheme than the rest of the Windseekers... you see how that worked out... Don at KI is also a coaster enthusiast so he played with enthusiasts somewhat. I'm quite certain that any teasers coming from Carowinds are solely aimed at the GP. I do think from the leaked blueprints that this could turn out to be a really good coaster.
  3. That's for sure! I can't believe how detailed this is. It's looking great!
  4. I'm crazy and we do things like this as some of the other TPR members know. Looking at your map, something like this would take me a few months to plan out to make sure it all went as smoothly as possible (I'm a 'planner' or OCD as my wife calls it). If you haven't, you should plan out each leg and stop to make sure you're hitting what you want to when they are scheduled to be open. Based on that and what you want to see, you may be hard pressed to do all of that within five weeks although it is quite possible. Since we travel self contained, we don't stay at motels. We do, however, us
  5. Woo Hoo! The big multi month audit is nearly over! I'm getting some of my life back!!
  6. Looks great! I hope that Universal continues to step up their game in the future.
  7. Those certainly are great photos as others have mentioned. I enjoyed browsing through them.
  8. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Cedar Point is looking better than the last time I was there in 2011.
  9. As a newer member, I never realized there were trip reports the park index. It's hard enough to keep up with how active the forums are so I didn't poke around there. Now that I just looked around, the Park Index looks like a great place to be able to easily find them for someone researching a trip (like I will use them in the future now that I know they are there. ) [disclaimer: my job and family have been keeping me very busy so I've had to step back on my coaster/theme park enthusiast activities which includes time on TPR. ] Too bad the TRs weren't some kind of 'self containe
  10. It's looking good! I like those colors. It seems like it's going up quickly...although all coaster construction seems like it goes up quickly after the site work is ready.
  11. It would be great to see Six Flags continue to focus their resources on improving their existing parks instead of spreading them out with more overseas ventures.
  12. Hey guys (and gals). I haven't been around much in a while because I've been slammed with work and some other things that have taken priority over my online activities. I wanted to take a quick break and provide an update on my home park, though, from when we stopped by on Sunday, 4/6. Harmony Hall is an imposing structure that takes over the field in front of Intimidator. It is quite a sight from the station. Hope they don't bump a support Looks like they plan on having it open sometime in June... Moving on, Ripcord looks much better in the main part of the park. Even
  13. Wow, that looks like a great family coaster! Very creative.
  14. Woo Hoo! I finally got 30 donuts in my mystery box.
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