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  1. ^Interesting that you would say that. Were either of these things necessary to say? Is this how adults act nowadays? Really? If you don't like the complaining, then ignore it. Done.
  2. Everyone here is treating people who believe in show (as the Imagineers themselves have always been VERY keen on protecting) as blithering idiots, which is no better. Here's an alternative: we can all be blithering idiots without crapping all over each other. Maturity! Peace on Earth! Crazy, I know!
  3. Wow this thread is brutal. I was under the impression that people are allowed to have different opinions in life, not that there's one right way to look at something and believing otherwise gets you absolutely berated. Aren't you all adults? Did nobody teach you how to respect someone else's opinion as a kid? Seriously, actual children are better at talking to each other than this - grow up and move on.
  4. Don't forget Canada's Wonderland, the exchange student. Everybody loves the exchange student.
  5. Going off your own point, this is a piece of concept art for a project that's more than three years from being realized - do you all really think this is some final, definite plan for the area and not an artist's representation to get the general public excited about what's to come?
  6. I don't think they're boxing it in, they're just adding sound walls along that entire side of the layout and then a tunnel or two. Think Gold Striker.
  7. It's an extremely expensive ride - IIRC, the original cost Disney something in the ballpark of $80 million to develop. I'm sure each clone costs much less than that now that all the R&D is done, but it's still an investment that 1) the Studios haven't earned, and probably won't until Disney is ready to massively renovate them and b) would've been crazy to add to Hong Kong's budget when they were already developing Mystic Manor and Grizzly.
  8. Seeing as you just gave me an example, I would definitely say that counts... That being said - like I said, I can't imagine it's that hard to update their wheel bogey design if Cedar Fair wants to pay them to do so.
  9. Still something I wouldn't be surprised to see happen! I'm sure the new trains they developed for Steel Dragon (a Morgan) can be updated relatively easily to match Arrow's specs - and if the track gauge is the same, even better.
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