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  1. marine world 96 times pga 5 times scbb 4 times disneyland 1 time knotts 1 time
  2. its my first time at the event and i was wondering whos going i am going with my dad do you have to be a member a a club to go?
  3. have you forgoten about us? well anywayz can i have somthing like my life is a tim burton movie
  4. i just had a not so Brief Encounter with a toilet at a burger king!
  5. cherry coke with no ice but other then that i like my soda like me gothicish sweet and sour taste and filled with crap you cant spell
  6. this may not be that big of a confession but when i was putting in my birthday i accidently put 1990 when my birthday was in 91 so im really 14!
  7. What do you get when you go to the movie? For me Medium popcorn with REAL BUTTER! (i love century theatres) Buncha crunch Medium cherry coke with no ice (century medium = burger king large!) BUT if i am seeing a movie i wanna see alot like corpse bride nothing (it ruins the movie!) what do all you like?
  8. best steelie the demon best woody giant dipper i would have said roar but it was running like crap on the 29th
  9. 0 times thats how many times i have gone to that park!
  10. augest 1999 the boomerang roller coaster at sfmw valleyed between the two half corckscrews
  11. get a custum computer from http://www.xoticpc.com/ cheap yet good
  12. there was an explosion at the pg&e down the street the power went out for like 30 mins that was kinda scary half of the town was in the cold rainy dark
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