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  1. Why would anyone be afraid of an overbanked turn? *joke*
  2. OK, it works now. Thanks. This coaster is pretty good. The layout is spectacular. There's a lot of airtime and great pacing. You did good work on the "underground" tunnels, and the snake tunnel is really cool. But: There are some G spikes. A few spots have too many negative G's, and a couple of turns have laterals that are too high. One turn actually spikes around 3 lateral G's, though it's only for a split second. But that's still too much at all. I don't think you should have tires in the station. Few wooden coasters do. Your turns after the station before the lift hill are banked, which seems unnecessary. There's not enough speed there to need that amount of banking, if any. The top of your lift hill is strange. The track turns slightly to the right before turning left into the first drop. Was that an error? It seems out of place. When you E-stop a train in the block brakes halfway through the ride, the first couple of cars are heading down the drop. They should be level to make evacuation easier. The first half of the ride is good. Good tunnels, good airtime. Though one of the spots is sort of weird. The downward slope before the turn into the block brake is hard to describe, but it doesn't feel right. It appears to bank slightly to the left (C-roll on?) before dropping and banking to the right. This is easier to spot in the back seat. The return run is good up to a point. The hill after the S-turn is pretty dull. It's just a gradual upslope and a gradual downslope taken slowly and with no airtime. That's followed by another S-turn into a drop into the last tunnel. That drop had so much potential, but it didn't take advantage. I felt it should have been steeper so there was airtime in it, but there's no air at all. It's just a drop into a tunnel. The finale's good until the run under the lift hill. I feel like it should have ended after the second big turn. The airtime/lateral turn followed by the ground-hugging turn and quick turn to the left is a great way to end it. But then it's forgotten because it meanders around, under a bridge (why is this there?) and into the brakes. Then after the brakes you have that 20-degree-banked turn. Why are you banking every turn? The brakes slow it down enough that it doesn't need banking. Your custom support work is pretty nice, but it's like you gave up on some places. You've got lateral supports in most spots, but a few of your high-banked turns have no extra supports. Why did you put supports in the right turn before the block brakes but none in the left turn immediately after? I think you should have had some lateral supports in the big turn through the tunnel. Why do you have the big steel-coaster supports in your lift hill? I notice that you place them in spots where the supports meet, but they just look out of place. But it is a good coaster. The airtime's good when it's not too much, and the layout, for the most part, is really good. I can tell that Voyage inspired this. Good work.
  3. Could you post this as an nlpack? Right now it's just the track. None of the 3-D scenery made it in, so it's just a terrain coaster with no tunnels. I don't want to review it without getting the full experience first.
  4. I think the criticism about the brakes is that they're not straight. You've got a couple sections where there's a lateral curve with the magnetic brakes. They have to be straight or else the brake fins will scrape the side of the brakes. That's what your coaster does. You also have a few turns that are taken too quickly for the PTC trains. Check out the wheels in some quick transitions. They go through the part of the car above them. The transitions are better suited for Millennium Flyer trains. You also need custom supports. None of your lateral turns have any extra support. People above already mentioned the G spikes. Your second lift hill is 15 mph. That's crazy for a wooden coaster. Unless it's El Toro with its elevator lift, but you don't give the impression that it is. Keep working on it. The layout's pretty good, but it just needs work in lots of other areas.
  5. It's not a park simulator. It's a roller coaster simulator. It's probably still going to be one track per file.
  6. Anyone else notice the white stripe on the track? I wonder if they'll have different styles of paint schemes.
  7. I am going to rate these coasters too, if you don't mind. The Savage I hope you don't take offense to this, gci2011. Have you ever been to Cedar Point? This contest is called "Cedar Point's New Woodie," not "Build a wooden coaster in the foothills of the Appalachians." You've got lots of terrain and hills, thousands of pine trees and a river running through the middle of the ride. What fantasy Cedar Point is that? As for your ride, it should not have placed in the contest, because it disqualified. It fails the E-stop test because you have that weird hidden block brake halfway through the ride. E-stop a train in the first brakes. The train on the tracks will smash into it, hurting a lot of people. Just because transport segments are allowed doesn't mean you should use them. There are few woodies that use them, and GCIs certainly don't. Angle your track downward so gravity moves them through the brakes and station. You had at least three moments of negative G's that were too intense, and there were several times when the lateral G's were either too intense or nearing too intense. The track is not smooth. There are many instances of pumping, and the bottom of the big drop under the lift hill is misshapen. The ride started off pretty exciting, but I found it dull after a while. It was just a lot of turns and hills with airtime that goes into the red. You also have several tree hits. Your lift hill's not straight. Supports needed some customization, not just all prefab. Rating: 2/10 technical, 4/10 creativity (you got really creative with making up Cedar Point), 4/10 thrill. 10/30. (Disqualified) Meteor This coaster starts off with a pretty good first drop, two boring, tall turns and ends up messy. The first drop was big and steep with plenty of airtime. The bottom of the first drop jolts to the right. The two turning hills after that are dull and banked too much (especially the second one) for the speed. The drop off the second turn feels odd. It's hard to say exactly how, but it felt like the transition from banked to unbanked was awkward. Then the rest of the ride is not too great. It's just a many high-banked turns, odd banking, odd transitions (left to right to left again, right to level to right). It's uncomfortable. The shifting from left to right can be done well, which is how GCI does it. Yours doesn't do it well. It's an art. Yours is just an excuse to change banking and turns. The transitions also are rough. Try using con roll. It helps. Support work was nothing impressive. No custom supports here either. Your station fly-through really needs more supports. Look at it. There are no supports on the station side. The track cannot hold up, even with the (prefab) lateral supports on the other side. You also needed lateral supports in some of your low turns. The turns under the above structure were OK, but your turns in the open really needed more support. It passes E-stop test. Oh, your color scheme is atrocious. Maroon? On a wooden coaster? Rating: 3/10 technical, 5/10 creativity, 5/10 thrill. 13/30. Wild This is the best coaster of the bunch. The pacing is all right, the layout's pretty fun. But (yes, there's always a but), you disqualified. The coaster fails the E-stop test. The block brake is not long enough or strong enough to stop a train, and the next block brake (the trim brakes on the bunny hop, which shouldn't be there), will cause the train to roll back and eventually stop in those brakes. Meanwhile, the other train will be released from the lift hill and crash into the stopped train. You should have designed the rest of the ride well enough so you didn't need to trim any speed in the brakes. You should have made your brake run longer so the train would stop. Then you would have more track to work with, and you could have made that bunny hop longer and remove the brakes. By making the bunny hop longer, the airtime wouldn't be so intense, which is why I imagine you put those awful "trims" (turn block segment off) in there. The big swooping turn after the camelback looks nice, but it's too tall. The train slows down to 12 mph there. The little turn between the camelbacks has lateral G's that are way too much if you ride in the back seat. The drop off the block brake has too many negative G's if you ride in the back seat. Your lift hill isn't straight. Your ride has plenty of bumping and strange transitions into and out of the banking. I didn't even check if the banking was too much for the PTCs (PTCs can't handle quick banking because the wheels go through the car). I also found that turn after the block brake really odd. It's got a lot of control points, but the rest of the ride doesn't. Did you save that element from a track someone else used? It's too highly banked for the speed at which the train goes through it. It's also the smoothest part of the ride. Rating: 2/10 technical, 6/10 creativity, 6/10 thrill. 14/30. (Disqualified)
  8. ^ That's what I was going to say. Your transition into the brakes is weird, too many trains, and magnetic brakes can't stop a train. Also, take the brakes out of your station. Tires will suffice. They can stop trains too. Why did you have one segment of three-tube track over the station? That was weird. Actually, most of the ride should have been three- or two-tube track. The ride's not big enough to need four tube.
  9. How do you want us to judge it? Your use of Newton or the actual ride itself? Because I've got some comments on the ride itself.
  10. It's a pretty good ride for a small park. Really quick, some airtime in places, good first drop. My only real criticism is your odd blocking. You've got some impossible blocks like the magnetic brakes. Magnetic brakes cannot act as a block because they can't fully stop a train. You need a friction brake or, in the case of Intamins, a drive tire to stop the train. You've got that weird magnetic block brake before the lift hill, and that fails because if you dispatch a train once that block's clear, you can get two trains on the lift hill at the same time. You have a tiny block brake before the main brakes, and the only reason that doesn't fail E-stop and have a collision is because your lift hill starts so slowly. You've also got those pull-away magnetic brakes in the station, and those aren't needed. Tires can stop and start the train.
  11. I have no idea what happened to the ride. It looked like some of the seats just started rocking. What happened?
  12. "Irreversible." It's got the most horrifying fight scene I've ever seen and the craziest rape scene. Just don't watch it.
  13. I think you're taking the joke of some coasters having a square wheel too seriously.
  14. Even better: That video's of ME riding it!
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