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  1. So excited!!! Just bought my copy, it's downloading now. Cannot wait!!!
  2. Ahh I'm so excited for NoLimits 2!!! I can't wait, it looks incredible
  3. I saw Matt & Kim in Denver in November. They were awesome, way better than I could have expected!
  4. Oh man, I'm just now seeing that update and oh my god is this exciting!!!
  5. Wow, this looks awesome! It looks like you nailed the zero g roll, looks like perfect class B&M. I too would love a download!
  6. Looks good so far! I know your finished products are incredible, I'm looking forward to it
  7. ^ "Children Coaster" "Jet Coaster" "Wild Mouse" "Shuttle Loop"
  8. So true. The best part is that it's cross platform, you can play with your friends whether you have an Android or an iPhone! At school everybody with a smartphone is constantly playing each other on Draw Something. Also, Google is holding a big app sale on Android, with great apps like Dead Space, Cut the Rope, Modern Combat 3, Need for Speed and Sprinkle for just 49 cents. Go pick them up while you can!
  9. Holy crap, who is paying $550 for an older generation iPhone??? Did you jailbreak it and sell with a ton of music and apps/games or something? Apple products hold an amazing resale value years after their release date, it's pretty crazy, actually.
  10. It's odd, I've never even heard of this park until today. Nevertheless, it looks interesting and I look forward to seeing where it goes.
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