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  1. Perhaps I am in the minority, but does anyone else think it's silly to be offering advice to a 14 year old about how to get a job? You will have your WHOLE life to work! Why rush being a student? In some countries, education is something non-existent so you shouldn't take it for granted. I am 21 and work part time as a full time student, but I need to because private universities are RIDICULOUSLY expensive for international transfer students. You live in the UK, where education is virtually free... take advantage of that!
  2. I am really liking UK singer Duffy. Think Amy Winehouse without the drugs. Absolutely wonderful voice, style, and spirit. I think her debut album Rockferry topped the charts in the States! Anyone know of her? She's amazing.
  3. You are 14! Isn't school way more important than earning some pocket money?
  4. Control Freak (Sander van Doorn Remix) - Armin van Buuren
  5. I really detest MTV. Was watching the VMA's (which I BARELY sat through) with my roommates tonight and came across these shows during the commercials... "I want to be Paris Hilton's BFF" "Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" "My Super Sweet 16" "The Hills" WTF is that and who would watch such trash? How insulting to viewers for MTV to think that people think this is actual entertainment. MTV is just awful now... I mean, just AWFUL. It isn't even about the music anymore and hasn't been for the last decade. The only thing I would even consider watching on that channel would be the "My
  6. My English professor back in Germany. He was 31 and gorgeous. He reminded me of the plumber guy on Desperate Housewives...
  7. ^The words "of a" are missing in the middle of the title of that movie. These _____ Movie's are just a bunch of crassly placed subliminal advertisement: "OMG!!!!111ONE!11! Hannah Montana is dead" - some dumb chick "Goodbye my fans! Keep Rockin'! And don't forget to buy my two new CD's in stores now!" with irrelevant pop culture references and unfunny racial stereotypes. How could these moronic writers possibly think what they are writing is funny? I mean, from the trailer alone... they reuse the same "getting hit/crushed by something big" joke 3 times! I felt my IQ was loweri
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