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  1. The Alpine Village area has turned out great so far, that Wing Rider is great. I really like this so far!
  2. Looks like a great start here, and it's nice to see that you're making use of the in-game scenery objects. I too agree that some smaller rides would be a welcomed addition, I look forward to seeing how things turn out here.
  3. I'll take a look, thankyou very much jamjar.
  4. Simple layout but it looks good. This is shaping up quite nicely, good job.
  5. Not alot to comment on at the moment but the landscaping looks good. It'll be interesting to see how you build on this.
  6. That's the biggest 'V-neck' I've ever seen. But your hair looks great.
  7. Gladly. Triggernel can you specify a few things for me? What size wallpaper, like... Screen resoultion and by old fashioned fonts. Like, western style or what?
  8. That last picture reminds me of Spinball Wizzer. It's a looking really good, nice job.
  9. Oh, Hi there It's been a while and I'd gladly team up. I have nothing else better to do, ha!
  10. It looks nice, I like it. The last picture is my favourite. However, I would reccommend more custom supports.
  11. Very happy to see that Avenged Sevenfold have continued recording. R.I.P. Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan. Such a shame to lose a drummer of his standards, it really is.
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