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  1. Possible Alton Towers rival? Cascade Park (circa 1979)
  2. Thanks - actually I was originally going to have the ride as a spinner until I realised one of the track elements would not be realistic for a spinner - then again this is not an ordinary bob either *hint* And it's Sonic Spinball now
  3. New screen of Town Flier's overbank and Gauntlet As always, comments appreciated - also could anyobody who has time try and make some logos for the Tournament and Town Flier rollercoasters?
  4. A new picture, showing the rides we know about already, but if you look closely you will see the Teacups, and Gauntlet Also congratulations to KPWoCkAxX , whose logo will be featured in upcoming updates. However we would appreciate logos for the Town Flier and Tournament rollercoasters ASAP Comments?
  5. I thought I might try out Adventure Nintendo again - do you think it's worth it? Ice Climbers area
  6. I am still working on the park, just things are going really slowly however, just to show that I havent abandoned this, and to thank you all for the brilliantly kind comments, you can have a (temporary) logo : The park is also holding a logo contest - there are 3 competitions , and we ask for entries for : The Tournament - use the main Tournament heading and the names Draco and Slyva , with the corresponding colours. Town Flier - this is the Gerstlaur bobsleigh, use anything that you think fits the theme. Olde England - This is the biggy - the main logo for the area . Good luck , and the best will be chose on 21st of February
  7. A look at the newly added flags on the lake area. For reference, the Tournament is on the right. Comments?
  8. This is still Manor Lake. I will build Founders Street ( the Main Street) another time
  9. Manor Lake is dead... sort of... the park file itself won't open for some unknown reason. However, I have decided to take ideas from each area and make them much bigger, manor lake becoming a somewhat "mega-park". The first publicity artwork for the area. The Courtyard . The 2 roboarms are "Joust" ( Black Knight or Red Knight ) A look over the lake towards "The Tournament" at dusk. Comments?
  10. These images are now in the CAD section of my DT coursework
  11. I made this in about 2 hours, so Its nothing brilliant . It was mainly an experiment with RCT3, but I also *think* I will be able to use it as CAD work for my GCSE Design coursework Anyway here it is: I will try to put this up for DL if I can work out which CS sets I actually used, and if there is enough demand for it Comments?
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