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  1. Thankksss! Enjoy the next update.. ------------------------------------------------------------------ It's Opening Day!! Hey, Timothy again.. the big day is finally here! So, I've taken some time to wander round the park and get some shots for you, everyone seemed to be having a great time and I even managed to sneak in a few rides myself. I think we managed about 1,000 guests during the day, which to is a great achievement! The word obviously got round that we were opening. I also bring with me some Park details for you to browse through, just incase you planned on visiting! Season Dates - March 23rd 2015 to November 3rd 2015 Opening Times - Weekdays: 10:30 till 5:00 Weekends: 10:30-6:30 Park Events - To be announced very soon! Now.. onto some exciting pictures!! First customers through the gates! I bet they can't wait to see what we have on offer. This view looks mighty different with all the guests wandering round and enjoying our attractions! Looking down the North Midway.. This was just as the park opened hence so few guests wandering round! Many had already started queuing for rides however. Favourite shot of the day! I am in complete awe.. B&M sure know how to produce a coaster!! Took a little ride on the Big Wheel.. Nice to get a better shot of Tension! Speaking to a few guests I can remember quotes such as 'What a coaster.. can't wait to see what the park brings next!', and 'The staff members at this park are fantastic, customer service at it's best!' -- Looks like the park is having a great opening day! Revolution proved to be the hit of the day, people are loving the thrills! Bumper Cars are always good fun, the queue was never empty :o Constant queue for Tension, I am over the moon that people are really enjoying the park - but unfortunately by this point it was closing time.. I headed back to the entrance to collect some things I left in the ticket office.. but on the way out I noticed some work going on... Hmmm What do you think of it? If you could add anything to the park what would it be? Thanks for reading guys, hope to see you in the park soon! Signing Off, Timothy Rule Park Manager
  2. Hello and welcome to Pine Valley Adventure, a brand new amusement park ran by Halls Amusements bringing thrills for all ages. My name is Timothy and I'm the manager of the park, overlooking day to day goings on and always trying to provide our guests with the best experience possible. Opening Day is one week away now and we can't wait to let our guests in to explore! However, you guys here at SGW are getting a first look at the park and we are asking for any feedback you can give before the big day, after all, we need the park looking 110% for the general public. Let's show you around.. Here's the entrance to the park. The stairs leading up to the main park, just after the entrance and toilets. First, a look to the left down the main midway that takes you to the second half of the park. But first we are going to head north and see what's around in this area. Fire In The Hole is an S&S Double Shot tower, the queue is enclosed in the building on the left, as is the ride itself, shooting up and out of the roof and high into the sky.. let's see if we can get a sneaky peek into the control room without the park inspector noticing. I love the view from control rooms.. maybe we should get out before I'm caught Carrying on round the corner we have a little eatery where you can purchase drinks and some light fast food. Just opposite the eatery there is a gift shop where you can purchase items such as t-shirts, toys, and some little sweets. To the right of the souvenir shop we have the helter skelter for the little ones. Now is it just me that thinks this shot looks great? After completing the circuit of the first half of the park we come back to the entrance of the Big Wheel. Now, back onto the main midway we have the second major thrill! Revolution! I'll get you guys a better look when we walk round the corner.. this is just the entrance to the queue which sits behind the ride. Storage lockers to keep all your valuables safe while riding the rides. Coming to the end of the midway now, here are the Bumper Cars that we housed up to make it look neater, we weren't overly sold on the fairground style of the ride. On the right of the Bumper Cars is another little outdoor seating area with a little shack in the corner selling small treats and hot chocolate to sit and snack on while enjoying the atmosphere of the park. I love the little string lights around the place. You can also get a better view of Revolution! Now.. coming back on ourselves a little bit I wanted to leave the best till last.. Here we have the entrance to our signature icon of the park! Tension! Housed in the pines you can't really get a good look at the layou.. But I can tell you some statistics - Launched Sit Down B&M Coaster Launch Speed - 55mph Top Height - 110ft Inversions - 3 Ride Time - 1 Minute Trains - 3 Trains (4 Rows of 4) Here's a shot from the control box in the station. And I'll leave you finally with a shot of the train.. awaiting riders on opening day! We've been thoroughly testing Tension and all of the other rides in preparation for Opening Day! We hope you can join us Thanks for reading guys and I really hope you can give all of us here at Pine Valley Adventure some feedback and fine tuning notes for the park.. we want you to all be involved in the future of the park! Signing off, Timothy Rule Manager
  3. Interesting find on the B&M Wikipedia page, the Gardaland 2015 Coaster is supposedly going to be called 'Point of No Return' or so it states on the list of coasters! Thoughts?
  4. I'd like to show you all my little side project heavily inspired by Cheetah Hunt at BGT. I have always taken an interest in this coaster and I decided to have a go at recreating it, i've spent the last week doing what i've got done and although there is a little support work left to do, the layout is finished and some themeing elements have begun to be put in place. This coaster has 4 launches as oppose to the 3 on the real coaster, the fourth launch is at the bottom of the drop off the tower. There is also an added helix right at the end of the coaster before the brake run. I've got some photos to share.. First launch and turnaround into the second launch Looking down the second launch from the maintenance walkway Looking up the tower from the second launch Another look at the tower and you can see the third launch at the bottom of the drop The second half of the layout, along with fourth and final launch A different angle And finally an overview, its not very good quality i know, but its gives you a comparison from the real layout
  5. I really like this park! You've made a great start and I can see you've got a lot of room left for expansion However, with your Arrow looping coaster, or it may be a Vekoma? Im not too great with my coaster manufacturers.. But i'm pretty sure that they don't normally have more than 2 corkscrews? Don't take my word for it, but a possible suggestion would be to remove the third corkscrew and maybe add a small helix? Other than that, Great Start!
  6. I'm bringing to you a new park I've been constructing for 2 days now, I'm going to focus on building the park first before I bring in a storyline for the park. I've got a fair amount of construction done and I'd like to share some photos in order to grab some feedback for further developments. Without further ado.. Although it's not huge and amazing, this is a small(ish) park and this is the signature coaster.. for now The coasters entrance, TimBurr is the coasters name It only has one train, which is a Millenium Flyer which was brought from GCI The entrance to JungKarts An overview of JungKarts and Tree Swinger Tree Swinger The entrance to Shot 'N Drop Shot 'N Drop overview The next ride is installed.. Now awaiting the themeing Signing Off,
  7. I really like this coaster, The layout is nice and has a good range elements! Just a couple of Ideas: 1) Maybe add some footers? 2) Have you considered a MCBR? It would increase Capacity and Throughput would it not? 3)I think it would look nicer if you removed some of the glass covering over the queue, Perhaps have small sections covered? Other than that it's a good start!
  8. New park coming soon!! I Hope you'll like what you see Shot0015.bmp Not quite finished, But this is 'Dev' Short for.. who can guess? Shot0016.bmp Stormrunner Clone! This will be in Asia and the village will be in the central of the coaster, Hitshui!
  9. Since the opening of Verbolten, I got a high interest in the whole coaster and decided I wanted to recreate the coaster in Rct3.. so that's what I did! Now it's only a start and there is so much to do, and although I am from the UK I will still try my hardest to get the best recreation I can! The only thing that's actually finished is the layout and bridge, aswell as the structure for the show building! Now, at the moment I'm using the Ep Add on ML04 track with the Matterhorn Blitz cars.. I wondered if anyone would be so kind as to use the cars from the 'Crazy Taxi' CTR found on this link http://troca-rct3.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/ctr_12.html and then put them on the ML04 Track? Would be a great help and would make this more realistic! Thanks everyone, Please comment and let me know what you think
  10. Thanks! Anything specific you like? Would love to know your exact thoughts! Ah just the feedback I needed! Thanks for replying! Wow that makes me feel just that more special thanks! I'm really trying my best with this park and putting so much effort into it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE Just a small update from me really, there is a lot of construction going on down at the park! I got some snaps but I'm posting from my phone on site at the park! I'll have to upload them when I'm back.. But I have a good feeling about what's happening! Looks like a big investment for the park
  11. Can I just ask if anyone is still interested in this thread? I have so many ideas for this park and I'm just awaiting crucial feedback in order to put the park to it's full potential! Thanks
  12. SEASON ONE (2012) Hey guys! My names Timmy Pointer and I got the chance to get down to Gostel Adventure Park today for its grand opening. Although there was no 'Opening Ceremony' there were however very small queue times and great reliability! The longest queue I remember was 20 minutes and that was for Kingdom Crawler... Surprising ay? Well, I managed to get some photos to share with you all but not as many as I planned simply because I took advantage of the small queues and rode all the rides to my hearts content! Lets get on with a little Photo TR As you enter the Alpine Village you can hear the ROAR from Pine Crawler the parks signature coaster! Breathe taking views I tell you! Love the shot of this in-line twist! I was later told that this was the first train of the day, Lucky riders! This view really gives you an idea of how close to the ground you are! The separate Unloading and Loading stations really helped the throughput of this ride, the ride was a walk on for pretty much the whole day! I thought I'd take a look at the Fantasy Kingdom. On my way this guy seemed shocked.. Not sure what for though? Maybe a Headache? This ride was a big hit among the thrill seekers! I didn't ride though as I'm not a fan of these kind of rides. This is the only photo I got in the Kingdom, It's just showing the 20 minute queue for the Junior Boomerang. I took a wander into the Western side of the park, Jumping Jack had a queue of about 5 minutes, seemed quite popular throughout the day. Last photo of the day! A train of happy riders on Stallion! Now what I didn't mention was that I managed to sneak in a little overhead flight in my friends chopper! Here are a couple of overview shots from around 4 o'clock in the park! Bear in mind the park shut at 5 today. Some people seen leaving the park, Although some still enjoying rides on Pine Crawler! A little look at the Alpine Village, this was by far the most popular area of the park today! Fantasy Kingdom began to get quieter as the day went on, although a small queue can still be seen for Kingdom Crawler. The Western side of the park seemed fairly quiet too.. The park also had this photo on sale, well it was on the back of a postcard, the park looks spectacular at night! Lets hope we get to see this in person soon! Well thank you fellow friends for taking the time to read my little report from the day! I'm going to persuade my parents to bring me back to the park within the next week or so. If there is anything you would like me to grab photos of leave me a comment and I'll catch what I can! Thanks guys
  13. FEEDBACK Thanks! I'll have to have a look at what scenery I've got in my folders.. There's A LOT! But It's something I will definitely take into consideration. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, I'm back with another 'Helicopter' Update! I'm anticipating a visit to the park by next Monday! But I did manage to grab a few photos showing the latest construction happening at Gostel Adventure Park.. I can now officially tell you.. It's big news! Alpine Village is now 100% Complete!! Bringing total construction to around 80%. Shall we get on with the photos? The entrance area is 50% complete.. Just some finishing touches to be added, as well as foliage. Just an overview of the Western side of the park! Alpine Village 100% Complete!! A new thrill ride has been added (Bottom Left) Kingdom Katapult is sure to suit the needs of young thrill seekers! A few other small touches have been made in this are too Well thanks for reading this construction update! (Please leave any feedback or 'constructive' criticism) Many Thanks,
  14. I love this simplicity of this park! It's quite spectacular actually and I'm a big fan of your updates! My bets on a Vekoma SLC
  15. Thorpe park are holding no 'Preview Days' or 'Annual Pass Days' This year and they open for the 2012 season on the 15th March. The family day may in fact be happening at Chessington but i'm not entirely sure. But hope what i've said helps anyone.
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