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My green light bulb!


My halogen light bulb!


There was a random "art cube" in Newcastle. So I took a photo of it










Personally my favourite photo.


I want to get better at photography, so at the moment I am experimenting and taking lots of photos of different things.



Feel free to add me on Flickr and view my photostream.

Chris Crowder




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you wouldn't happen to have a high res version of the water droplets for download would you....would love that as my wallpaper

not on me at the moment but yes I have a large version. Give me a couple days and Ill send it to ya. email?

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Everyone's photos are so good!

Included some of mine from my travels. Just taken with a Sony 7.2 million megapixel Cybershot.

None of these have been photoshopped. I must do this topic again. So many pictures to post


The Grand Canyon


Sedona, Arizona (I think!)


A road in Arizona


St Lucia


A water lilly


Australia: Whitehaven Beach

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Just a few


Some berries that used to be outside my office window.


Lioness at the Cleveland Zoo


The Mic for the Ghost Labs brochures


Some random kid while I was working a photo shoot for Dillard's






This bird was a jerk


Across the river at WDW

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Just some random photos I have taken from the past few years using a Fuji Finepix s7000.


Corner of Stuart St. and Charles St. S. in Boston. I took this one from the edge of the balcony in my hotel room.


Clock in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris France.


Rock formations in the Black Hills of South Dakota.


Small geyser erupting in Yellowstone.

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I have one of those really expensive Canon cameras that the professionals use at Disney to take your family portrait (well its my aunt's and I borrowed it) and we went on this amazing balloon ride I really need to send those photos in, but there are about 1000 of them so I cant really choose, might just have to spam it and post em all! (just kidding)

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Here are a few pictures that I took.


fire in the sky


The Mark Twain


Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins at The Filmore in SF


super cool jelly fish at Aquarium of The Pacific


The best floats in the parade!


Los Angeles at dusk from the Getty museum


Dia De Los Muertos altar at Hollywood Forever Cemetary


random girl @ Hollywood Forever Cemetary for the annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration


post stormy skies behind my house


me and the man at the beach


Tesla Coil at Coachella 2007


flower ball thing at Disneyland

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Well, I went for a trip to the local zoo the other day and took a few new photos, I have edited the first one, wanted a black and white background to highlight the Parrot, the other is as i took it, I am busy looking through the rest of the pictures I took, when i find some other good ones I will pop them up here.






Any comments??


Andrew "Finally getting to grips with my new camera" Shakespeare


edited to add more photos

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^^I like that parrot picture. I think you could make it sooo much better though. If you add some contrast and saturation to the parrot, and put a little color back in the background, I am sure it will look really awesome. The B&W background is a bit too much in my opinion. The point is to have a dull background so the parrot stands out more...


But that's just my opinion.

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Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Three of them are made on holiday in France, I'm really in love with that country...


A cold winter morning at home...


Sacré Coeur (Paris) - I just love the contrasts of the white, blue and black!


Upskirt Eiffel Tower ;)


Climbing the steep streets of Carcassonne (France)

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