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  1. Kings Island, these are average wait times on a summer weekday. During Haunt and on weekends the waits are exceptionally longer than these. Banshee: 30, 15, 20 Invertigo: 30, 45, 15 Drop Tower: 5, 30, 20 Delirium: 15, 35, 20 Bat: 0, 15, 0 Adventure Express: 0, 10, 5 Racer: 5, 20, 10 Flight of Fear: 10, 45, 30 Firehawk: 20, 60, 45 Windseeker: 5, 20, 25 Vortex: 5, 15, 20 Backlot: 10, 30, 25 Beast: 10, 45, 60 Diamondback: 20, 40, 30 Planet Snoopy: everything is long waits from open until around 7:00 p.m.
  2. Probably the Superman Ultimate Flight clones. Second runner up(s) would be Vortex at Carowinds.
  3. Rides that I have been on. Best: Mindbender SFOG: The forceful vertical loop into a tunnel then a quick turn. Prowler WoF: The triple down tho Voyage HW: This ride truly never loses its speed. Honestly there could be another 500 or so feet added to the layout and it would still come flying into the brake run. Beast: Duh, the only great part of the ride. Mystery Mine: This is actually my favorite ride ending. Cheetah Hunt BGT: The final launch into an airtime hill and a few twists. Worst: Adventure Express and Gatekeeper like everyone else has mentioned. Intimidator Carowinds
  4. I've yet to visit SFGAdv to ride El Toro and there are still hundreds of coasters I'm dying to ride. However out of the roughly 150 coasters I've ridden, my favorites are: Maverick, Vortex (KI,) Fahrenheit, Diamondback, Intimidator 305, and Raptor. I know, my list makes it seem like I've only been to Ohio (and Pennsylvania/Virginia) but for some reason these instantly popped into my head right when I saw the title of the thread. I think most people would agree with me that Maverick, Fahrenheit, Diamondback, and I305 have great first drops, but Vortex in the second to last row is literally my s
  5. Yes! I actually love these little coasters. I've always wondered if it would be possible to change the 'Mini Coopers' to spinning cars. Can you imagine that triple helix while the cars are also spinning? Besides BLSC I also love wild mouse coasters and mine trains for some reason. EDIT: I also used to be obsessed with Son of Beast lol. That was for sure a guilty pleasure.
  6. I've only ridden about 140 coasters so I'm missing out on some amazing ones like El Toro and the RMC's. But for what I've ridden I would have to say: Maverick Diamondback Cornball Express Intimidator 305 Skyrush Millennium Force
  7. I always hear people basically worshiping the Batman clones. Don't get me wrong, they're good rides, but definitely not B&M's best work. I think that if they weren't at basically every SF park that I may have more respect for it, but because you can ride it at every other SF park it just seems so repetitive. Plus they're a little too intense for me to enjoy more than one ride in a row on. That being said, I still would rate it a solid 7 or 8 out of 10.
  8. 1. Afterburn 2. Patriot 3. Montu 4. Raptor 5. Great Bear I bet some people are surprised to see Patriot and Great Bear on this list. I loved Patriot because the layout flows so well and its just perfectly smooth. Plus that zero-gravity roll is my favorite of any invert. Great Bear has the best drop of any B&M Invert and I love the way the zero-gravity roll flows into the corkscrew. Banshee is definitely an honorable mention. The Batman coasters are fun, but they're a little too intense for me. However, I have yet to ride Talon, Alpengeist, Flight Deck, Silver Bullet, or either of t
  9. I didn't even think about the NTAG incident as a reason as to why SF hasn't worked with Gerstlauer lately. Obviously that may or may not be the actual reason (or they may still work with Gerstlauer in the future, just now now) but regardless, I could see some Eurofighters doing well at other Six Flags parks like I mentioned in my last post. And going back to Bizarro, I've never even been to SFGAdv so I really don't have much of a right to predict the ride's future but, once again I just think it would be a quick and less expensive way for Six Flags to profit it's St. Louis location with little
  10. SFSTL is a great park, but definitely missing a star attraction. A massive B&M hyper makes the most sense for obvious reasons, however Six Flags hasn't been spending $20M-25M on individual parks lately. Realistically, I could see Bizarro from SFGAdv coming soon. I've not been to SFGAdv yet, but I've always heard it is one of the most unpopular major attractions at the park, and if it was at SFSTL it would likely be THE most ridden coaster. Other than Bizarro, I could also see one of those S&S Batman/Total Mayhem coasters. Either one would be a good fit, but personally I would rather se
  11. It seems like we were in the park at the same time Friday night. My BF and I arrived around 8:50Pm and rode Skyrush three times (without getting up) before heading back to Laff Track to ride it for the second time of the season. We got off when the park was closed so we were probably in line with you! Glad you have a great trip! You are absolutely right about Sidewinder my BF refused to ride it even though I told him it has received new restraints since he rode it last. We had to have been in line at the same time! I've ridden a few other Boomerangs and none of them (even the ones witho
  12. For sure: Six Flags America: I live 30 minutes away but still have never been. Hersheypark: Just visited for the first time and I fell in love. Kentucky Kingdom: I'm from Indy so at some point I will be returning to visit family, since I'll be nearby I HAVE to visit KK since I haven't been since 2003. Likely: Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Never been, and its not far from me. Kings Dominion: Visited in 2010 but would love to revisit on the way to BGW. Six Flags Great Adventure: Once again I have never been and its really not far from me. Dorney Park: Never been, would probably try and
  13. I ended up making my first ever HP trip on Friday October 30th. Time was short as the park was only open from 5-10 and we got there an hour after opening, but we still got plenty of rides in! We (my bf and I) started the night with a ride on Skyrush in the front seat. So, Skyrush was a very solid ride but it didn't reach my expectations. Yeah its fast, twisty, and intense, but I didn't get the airtime I was expecting. Luckily, when we got back into the station we saw no one was in line except for a few rows. So we moved to the very back row for our second consecutive ride. The back seat on Sky
  14. I've never been to HP and planning on going this weekend. I would prefer to go tomorrow, but with it being a Saturday does anyone have an idea what the crowds are usually like on Saturdays in late October? If its expected to be crazy busy then I'm fine waiting until Sunday. Thanks!
  15. I'm thinking of going to Hersheypark for the first time either Saturday October 24th. or Sunday the 25th. but I'm unsure what day would be best. How busy does it usually get Saturdays and Sundays in October? Is there a Fastlane type program I could buy? Lastly, could anyone give me a "gameplan" (what order to ride everything, and what seats are best on each ride?) Thanks!
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