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  1. ONE OF?!?! There's more than one group? Not trying to suck up but I've been on this site nearly three years. I've posted, started topics, engaged in arguments, made silly posts and generally had fun. I'm not banned. I attribute the fact that I'm not a douche monkey and generally when I post, I'm productive and/or respectful. It's NOT that hard. LOL
  2. I get the 'hops' but...'hot dish'? Is this BBQ? Or Buffet? Or.....? Just curious, thanks. If you live anywhere but the Midwest, it's called a casserole. Yeah, I got excited there for a moment. We're going to Minnesota next month, and I always like to try a local delicacy, like Chicago hot dogs or Cincinnati chili. But when I googled "hot dish," yeah, just a casserole made with canned soup and canned vegetables.... But while on this subject, when I'm in Minnesota, is there a local food that's great? We'll be most of the time in the Twin Cities, but we're taking a side trip to Dulut
  3. There is no such thing as a dumb question. That's why we ask questions. All I wanted was a little advice, don't make such a big deal about it. Ask questions. That's what this place is for. That jerk isn't a moderator. I don't think you did anything wrong.
  4. Oh no you didn't!!!! On TPR? You're gonna call another youtube channel the best rollercoaster channel in the TPR forums? That's ballsy!
  5. Probably not, I don't think a dark ride could fit in the Galaxy Theatre building unless it was a very short ride. If/when they get a dark ride, I think they should remove The Wave for it. REMOVE the Wave? What kind of Monster are you?
  6. I don't think the announcement was decided as quickly as people think. I believe this year's addition was meant to be a quiet one in preparation for larger ones coming. The back gate and another sizeable water park expansion will certainly be coming for 2017. It's a perfect addition to kick off a large capital investment in the property. 2018 a major coaster and capping it off with a dark ride and perhaps another water park addition in 2019 and 2020. Just my opinion.
  7. Wade Shows is one of the premier shows in the country. I believe most of your captions were either lies or strong exaggerations. I hate how many theme park enthusiasts feel that traveling carnivals are so inferior to parks. They are completely seperate concepts. You should have given your wristbands to somebody who would have enjoyed them instead of going yourself and nit picking.
  8. Rob Decker is the Vice President of planning and design for CedarFair.
  9. Can anybody else see a turning double up/down on the hill behind the construction. I've never been to the park but if that road was built solely for constructing, it'd be awesome to see that.
  10. I don't know if we like to complain but we do because the park has not received a new roller coaster or thirll ride (i.e. Power Tower; Xtreme Swings) in over 8 years. I also don't know if that gives us the right to complain but that is the longest time period since the park opened that it has not added something along those lines. Then you see an independent park like HW invest in Thunderbird at $22 million in the middle of nowhere Indiana and well......we complain like it or not. If VF fans got 2/3 of that for an investment into a new thrill ride at VF the complaining on this forum would m
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