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  1. ONE OF?!?! There's more than one group? Not trying to suck up but I've been on this site nearly three years. I've posted, started topics, engaged in arguments, made silly posts and generally had fun. I'm not banned. I attribute the fact that I'm not a douche monkey and generally when I post, I'm productive and/or respectful. It's NOT that hard. LOL
  2. I get the 'hops' but...'hot dish'? Is this BBQ? Or Buffet? Or.....? Just curious, thanks. If you live anywhere but the Midwest, it's called a casserole. Yeah, I got excited there for a moment. We're going to Minnesota next month, and I always like to try a local delicacy, like Chicago hot dogs or Cincinnati chili. But when I googled "hot dish," yeah, just a casserole made with canned soup and canned vegetables.... But while on this subject, when I'm in Minnesota, is there a local food that's great? We'll be most of the time in the Twin Cities, but we're taking a side trip to Duluth. On your trip to Duluth, try Hugo's Pizza. If you like sub sandwiches, this place can't be beat!
  3. There is no such thing as a dumb question. That's why we ask questions. All I wanted was a little advice, don't make such a big deal about it. Ask questions. That's what this place is for. That jerk isn't a moderator. I don't think you did anything wrong.
  4. Oh no you didn't!!!! On TPR? You're gonna call another youtube channel the best rollercoaster channel in the TPR forums? That's ballsy!
  5. Probably not, I don't think a dark ride could fit in the Galaxy Theatre building unless it was a very short ride. If/when they get a dark ride, I think they should remove The Wave for it. REMOVE the Wave? What kind of Monster are you?
  6. I don't think the announcement was decided as quickly as people think. I believe this year's addition was meant to be a quiet one in preparation for larger ones coming. The back gate and another sizeable water park expansion will certainly be coming for 2017. It's a perfect addition to kick off a large capital investment in the property. 2018 a major coaster and capping it off with a dark ride and perhaps another water park addition in 2019 and 2020. Just my opinion.
  7. Wade Shows is one of the premier shows in the country. I believe most of your captions were either lies or strong exaggerations. I hate how many theme park enthusiasts feel that traveling carnivals are so inferior to parks. They are completely seperate concepts. You should have given your wristbands to somebody who would have enjoyed them instead of going yourself and nit picking.
  8. Rob Decker is the Vice President of planning and design for CedarFair.
  9. I don't know if we like to complain but we do because the park has not received a new roller coaster or thirll ride (i.e. Power Tower; Xtreme Swings) in over 8 years. I also don't know if that gives us the right to complain but that is the longest time period since the park opened that it has not added something along those lines. Then you see an independent park like HW invest in Thunderbird at $22 million in the middle of nowhere Indiana and well......we complain like it or not. If VF fans got 2/3 of that for an investment into a new thrill ride at VF the complaining on this forum would mostly disappear I think. You ranked the CF parks in the following order in relation to Valleyfair investment: CP, CW, KI, Carowinds and Knotts. Then you have VF followed by DP, KD, WOF, CGA and MiA. That puts the park right in the middle which is average, I don't personally think average is 'looking really well' as you stated. Not bad but then again not good either, just average. I don't consider that a 'growth park' strategy as the CF board has indicated but we will see what happens in the next 3-5 years before I pass final judgement. The 'complaining' is not about the last 2 years, it is more about the last 5-8 years compared to other CF parks and what they have added. If you look at more than the last 2 years is when VF ranks very low and that is what is causing the 'complaining'. If VF added something like I-305 at KD which you list below VF for the last 2 years you would hear no complaining at all for a decade....maybe 2 decades at VF because we don't expect that kind of investment. It has been 8 years since the last new major thrill ride with no new announcements in sight. I think this is the reason we are 'complaining'. The park is due for something like this and until it gets a big thrilling attraction or coaster I would expect more of the same 'complaining'. Then again you may be right, after the park gets a new big attraction we might complain about getting another flat, dark ride or water park addition. That would be a nice problem to have. Time will tell. Yes it's been eight years since a thrill ride/coaster. But we forget the four new coasters in 11 years with a smattering of large thrill rides in there that was 1996-2007. The parent company aquired some underdeveloped parks and brought them upto snuff, first. With a new CEO at the helm, we've received two solid additions to the park two years in a row. Why does everyone feel like this park is so mistreated? Everyone that's riding the "we'll never get a new coaster and valleyfair is the red headed step child of CF." train, take a chill pill. This park is on the right track for expansion and a big coaster. Just be patient. As far as growth park initiative, they've expanded the water park, presumably to handle larger crowds. They've completely created a new area to add to guest capacity. Both of these fall in line with us getting something big sooner rather than later!
  10. I know you've been excited for this trip all winter. I hope you have a great time.
  11. I don't see anything that's definitely an inversion. Could just be transitions.
  12. As enthusiasts, we all look forward to parks announcing new roller coasters. What announcement was your favorite? For me, the clear winner was Banshee. Between the comb invites and the ode to SOB in the announcement video, it was above the rest for me. Especially when you throw in the "Bat" teases. What's yours?
  13. The forces will be strong with this coaster. I have a feeling. Get it?
  14. Is that some type of sick joke?! Relax dude, valleyfair isn't his home park. I don't know Michigans Adventure's water slides, so he doesn't need to know much about valleyfair either. I'd cut him some slack. As for me, I am going to go on the slides. Im actually kind of nervous for these but I'm making myself go on them because usually ( the same thing happened when i rode dragster) it's not as bad as it seems. Hey kiddo, I was just making a joke. Sheeeesh!
  15. I see they've zoomed in on the station. I wonder if for any specific reason.
  16. They still have to take off the brace. Crane rental isn't cheap. If the braces aren't going to be ready to come off for a few weeks, the crane can go and come back. That'd save thousands of dollars.
  17. Fun fact: In this image, behind Rob are the shelves containing plans for new attractions for all CF parks. Right above his shoulder is CP's cubby. Directly above that is MIA's. CW is next to that.
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