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  1. the bright colours leave Dragon Khan visible, great decision!
  2. A typical discussion before even riding it - just a waste!
  3. I was on the one in Karolinelund and gotta say it was great ... very short brake run!
  4. Not sure whether I would want my food to go upside down and stuff .... I guess I'm just old fashion!
  5. Thanks for posting your pics! Your opinion about the park would have been nice as many people don't like this park. I however always had a wonderful time there!
  6. I can only rate european ones: 1: Katun 2: Nemesis 3: Batman la fuga 4: Black Mamba 5: Nemesis Inferno
  7. In the Q of Saw (can't remember the exact words but it was something like this): A: "I once was in a german theme park and rode this coaster built by a german company which name I can't remember and it was not safe at all, that's why you would never find a german ride in the UK" B: "Fortunatelly not, I wouldn't trust or go on one in a million years ..." As I said ... that was in the queue of the Saw the ride!
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