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  1. the bright colours leave Dragon Khan visible, great decision!
  2. A typical discussion before even riding it - just a waste!
  3. I was on the one in Karolinelund and gotta say it was great ... very short brake run!
  4. Not sure whether I would want my food to go upside down and stuff .... I guess I'm just old fashion!
  5. Thanks for posting your pics! Your opinion about the park would have been nice as many people don't like this park. I however always had a wonderful time there!
  6. I can only rate european ones: 1: Katun 2: Nemesis 3: Batman la fuga 4: Black Mamba 5: Nemesis Inferno
  7. In the Q of Saw (can't remember the exact words but it was something like this): A: "I once was in a german theme park and rode this coaster built by a german company which name I can't remember and it was not safe at all, that's why you would never find a german ride in the UK" B: "Fortunatelly not, I wouldn't trust or go on one in a million years ..." As I said ... that was in the queue of the Saw the ride!
  8. I rode this during my first visit to the park when it was "Six Flags Belgium." Me too and it was pretty much the worst of it's kind (of those I have ridden)! It was still kinda upsetting to see it being torn down that brutally.
  9. Busch Garden's names are amazing! Also: Expedition Everest Oblivion Dragon Khan Winjas Rock n Roller Coaster
  10. I find staff there very pleasant and nice! I don't find coasters there that painful and have had no problems regarding to the operations I suppose either I was lucky at all of my 5 visits there or you guys have been rather unlucky. The only thing that freaks me out there are the hotels with their rediculous prices and rubbish standards.
  11. That was me 5 years ago at Chessington's Hocus Pocus hall, I guess, it's time for a new one lol
  12. what you doing at a busy day then after you've paid for the ticket? Sit on a park bench?
  13. Longest: Poseidon - Europa Park: 3.5 hours Colossos - Heidepark: 2.5 hours Worst: G Force - Drayton Manor: 90min for crap! Saw - 90min on my own. Goudurix - Parc Asterix: 70min again for crap! And the worst ever....... Bob - Efteling.... 90min at 10pm after a 12 hour park and a back injury, in JANURARY (-10 degrees) where the zip of my jacket was broke. With the pain in my back and the temperature it was by mile the worst theme park experience I've ever had!
  14. The Big One - Blackpool X No way out - Thorpe Park Anaconda - Walygator Park Sequoia Adventure - Gardaland Boomerangs SLC's and one coaster that people either love or hate: Space Mountain Mission 2
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