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  1. I uploaded 2 videos! A show with Squad and Walibi: The Mad House "Het Paleis van de Geest":
  2. I think there will be effects, because the complete coaster will be indoor! Source: http://www.walibifans.be/nl/2011/04/18/
  3. I don't know, I have never been to Alton Towers... But I don't think so, all I've seen from HEX is awesome. I think HEX is better.
  4. I really like WB! Challenge of Tutankhamon, Weerwolf and Flash Back are my favorite attractions there, and the music from the two bands (SkunX and WAB) is great! BTW, everyone gets a free CD with 2 of their songs! I also loved the theming in the Lucky Luke area! *.* I think I will visit the park again in 2012. Turbine will reopen 2012 I really, really liked all Vekomas in this park! Weerwolf is great, Vampire is good (a smooth SLC!) and the theming from Calamity Mine is also very good! The Madhouse "Het Paleis van de Geest" is one of the best I've ever rode (Only Villa Volta is better)!
  5. Hi guys! Yesterday I visited Walibi Belgium for the first time. It was my first Walibi park. Here are my pictures! Parade! \o/ This Darkride is awesome! six flags YAY! \o/ DAMN YOU! I love this Woodie! *.* Good work Vekoma! Squad vs. Walibi! Fight! I hope you liked my photos!
  6. Thanks! I hope you'll post some Black Mamba and Winja Pictures in your thread!
  7. Troy looks so great! *.* I live 40 minutes away from Toverland and I've never been there. I think I will go there 2012 when they open Odysseus!
  8. Hi everyone! I went to Phantasialand on 05/15/11 for the first time after 12 years, and of course many things changed. Good rides have been demolished (or burned down) and great rides have been added, but I love both Phantasialands - the "old" and the "new" (BTW, one day before my visit someone died on Black Mamba) Here are my pictures: Mystery Castle I LOVE IT! *.* The park was really empty! The park is sooo beautiful! °.° Feng Ju Palace - The worst Mad House I've ever rode! Theming Colorado Adventure - The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride | AWESOME! Vekoma did a really good Job here! New this year: "TIKAL" Also new this year: "Wellenflug" Wild- & Stonewash Creek Black Mamba - Sorry, but I don't have more photos... Next up: Berlin Race for Atlantis Wirtl's Taubenturm Wakobato is beautiful - but boring! See? It's beautiful! And again: Mystery Castle! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked my TR!
  9. Artworks: And the map: Source: http://airtimers.com/die-geschichte-des-cda-parks-sindibad-by-walibi/ I love the artworks! Looks like it will be a great park! *.*
  10. Source: WalibiFans.be English: In 2013, the 5th Walibi Park opens in Morocco. The new Walibi Park will be in in Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco. Compagnie des Alpes and 4 other investors invest 225 million euros in the new park. "Walibi Marokko" will be a real resort and provides next to the park, a hotel, museum and zoo. The park will be 70 hectares big.
  11. Great TR! I really have to visit Holiday Park...
  12. No problem! Thank you for adding my TR to the front page! Thanks! Yes, "Dark Raver" is also the name of a DJ, but the Song from Dark Raver is made by "Rotersand".
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