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  1. ^I'd use xfire for it anyways, I like those screenshots better. Thanks for the input.
  2. If I shouldve posted this in ask alvey then sorry. Anyways, so I was reading on the RCT2 box that it works up to XP, I was wondering whether or not it was compatible with Vista (in this case Vista Home Premium.) I would like to know before I go out and buy it, then return it for not working. Thanks, Kalepi
  3. Wierd PM's for the win. So here's the original post. And the PM From: nrdyboiiOffline To: Kalepi_KoneiOnline Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 12:56 pm Subject: Terminator Salvation Trains Quote message How did you see the front end of the Trains. ------------ Does this guy work for SFMM or something, or was he just mis-interpreting my post?
  4. This is a pathetic guessing game, a key can go to ANYTHING, and your imagination could make ANYTHING amazing, we need more hints then just, ITS A KEY TO SOMETHING AMAZING! And how about a key to a woman. That'd be pretty amazing.
  5. Too management your park sucks. ... just kidding. It's amazing! And I can't wait to see more! And man I really need to buy RCT2 again, but I cant find it ANYWHERE.
  6. ^ I really REALLY hope thats not the initial launch, and that there still tweaking it. Oh and now that I re-read the description, it sounds alot like Dr. Dooms Fearfall at IoA, and I LOVE that ride, but the theming kinda makes or breaks it.
  7. Inside the Citrus Tower here in Clermont theres a rack with almost every Florida attraction you can think of. If anyone wants an Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Walt Disney World Wet N Wild or any other attractions in Florida, message me and I'll see about getting you some. And by the way, there brochures but most of them have maps inside, and the disney ones are THICK!
  8. They are both surfer terms. Hang Five means to hang five of your toes over the nose of the board. Obviously Hang ten means all ten toes over the nose of the board. Oh thanks for explaining. Anyways, this thing looks AMAZING! And I can't wait to see the giant bucket splash, it looks REALLY amazing. And I like how you tucked away the slide for later, but one question, if you have it, why not just install it? Unless you want to attract more people next season with a BRAND NEW SLIDE!
  9. I was kinda hoping the very front train car would have a metallic Terminator face on it. Oh well, and as for the trains, I don't think they'd look any better on the track because metal doesn't really go well with wood.
  10. ^Is it a key to start heavy machinery, i.e. rollercoaster/workers truck?
  11. ^ Thats just about the worst thing you can do, if the virus is more "controlled" then let it die down and don't re-open the public places just yet, that will just cause more contamination.
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