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  1. Does it have a reversing section? Pretty sure that by law every flume in Germany requires one...
  2. ^Keep in mind that Ring Werk is actually at the F1 circuit and not on the full course. They had some sort of race going on the weekend we were there so I didn't see a way to get in to the stands without a ticket. I agree though, I'd love to do a lap on the real North ring one day (unfortunately didn't work out this visit). They also require you to use a "Ring Card" to make purchases within the "park". We got lunch, put 10 Euros on the card, and had pay with the card. I think we both had like 1.50 Euro leftover that we couldn't use anywhere else, so that was sort of annoying. Overall though it was really cool inside, and you could tell they spent a lot of money on it. It was just sort of empty all around when we were there.
  3. You should see it up close, it's VERY Rube Goldberg!!!
  4. This is no good. I'm interested to see what story the details tell.
  5. I'm really really really looking forward to riding this now!!!
  6. I was aware that money can buy most anything. I was unaware that money could buy you a disabled person.
  7. It's the beginning of the season, don't expect the park to have all rides at 100% immediately. I was there yesterday and had no problems getting on everything. Even walked right on to Kingda Ka front row. Nitro was a bit rougher than it was last season though which was strange.
  8. They are both really cool looking. I think you guys (and everyone else) will enjoy them!
  9. Looks like they reused the bogeys from the Morgan trains too. They look cool.
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