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  1. Worked for Six Flags. X>X2 was new trains, a repaint, and flamethrowers and on-board audio that doesn't work most of the time. It was consider a success given the very next season is when Six Flags started to convert many of their rides to IP based themes.
  2. Xcelerator was open all day yesterday. So if the accident at Dragster didn't force Xcelerator to close yesterday, there is no reason to believe it is closed now because of it. It's currently down right now, likely due to the heat. I just took a look at the live webcam and Xcelerator is testing.
  3. I hope Knotts buys the shuttle loop and uses it for parts to help keep Montezuma's Revenge running.
  4. Off the top of my head: Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Drachen Fire Big Bad Wolf Busch Gardens Tampa: Gwazi Python Islands of Adventure: Dueling Dragons Six Flags Magic Mountain: Flashback Psyclone Colossus Cedar Point: Disaster Transport Wild Cat Mean Streak Kings Dominion: Hypersonic XLC Volcano Hurler Other: Scandia Screamer Desperado at Buffalo Bills Casino?
  5. Unlike WCR, they don't need to demo an entire area of the park for this attraction. All the electrical, station, and queue is already in place, leftovers from Green Lantern. If they move forward with this, I see it going up extremely quick. Look how fast Jersey Devil is being built.
  6. The Los Angeles County fair has had a KMG Tango every year since 2003. Ray Cammack Shows provides the rides for the fair. Every time I've gone to the fair its always been open. Cool ride to watch operate, but easily one of the most painful flat rides I have ever ridden. I don't get why this ride operates with floorless stand-up gondolas. If this ride had traditional floorless sit down gondolas like most KMG rides, it would be one of the best flat rides around.
  7. I visited Friday as well. Due to weather, pretty sure it was going to be the Screamers last day if indeed Scandia dose not re-open. Note the warning about the back seat. This ride has CRAZY airtime in the back. Getting daytime off ride photos while the ride was running was quite difficult as the park was DEAD during the day and the ride required a full train to run. This hill right here is where the airtime in the back of the train becomes ejector seat and extremely violent. Crazy violent airtime in the back rows.
  8. Its moebius hence why the park is not touting this as their 20th and 21st coaster. You will get to experience both sides each time you ride, just like Twisted Colossus.
  9. Actually I'm told that the official live stream will actually be here: https://www.instagram.com/westcoastcustoms/ West Coast Customs is a custom car company...... Are they sponsoring this attraction? West Coast Customs is a auto chop/detailing shop. They were made famous by MTV "Pimp My Ride" show in the early to mid 2000's featuring the rapper Xzibit as the host.
  10. No truth to this. A 2019 Combo Gold Season Pass will cost $81.99 https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/store/flash-sale-zap
  11. Some pretty big changes to their Season Pass/Membership structure. - Only the Gold Plus Membership is available for monthly payments. - The Gold Plus Membership will "never go on sale". So no Flash Sales. I currently have a Gold Membership, I wonder is Six Flags taking away my early park entry? If so Im going to be really pissed.
  12. This is very good to know (if indeed currently true). And, Zach, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who will consider using public transit to get to parks. Knott's promotes $8 off a round trip with https://www.karmel.com/ I'm only using it as a one way (so no discount for me), so it's going to cost me $25 (including tip) to get from LAX to Knott's in a shared 9 passenger shuttle. Not bad, especially when an Uber estimate is starting at $50. No way I'd want to risk getting a taxi or ride share the morning of when the drive is an 1 hour +. You just call when you land, then send the shuttle around to pick you up, and you're on the way. Hopefully it'll be that easy - I'll report back next month Cool, sounds good. Maybe that's the replacement for Knott's shuttle, or for all I know, it might actually be the shuttle I was looking into a year and a half ago. I couldn't find any other information in google searches and forum searches, so I believe this is it! I didn't realize Xcelerator has been closed since October. Hoping we see some update soon but something tells me they're not rushing to get it up anytime before spring break. Also, Fast Lane Plus isn't available. Is the because the only FL + ride was Xcelerator? Knotts has never had have Fast Lane Plus.
  13. 100% agree with you. I wouldn't shed a tear if Scream were removed from the park. Scream, IMO, is the worst ride in the park. Rattles like crazy, slow, boring layout, and no interesting theming or landscaping. The only positive thing about Scream is that it looks cool from the parking lot.
  14. Arrow was on the verge of bankruptcy long before X. The decline started with the success of B&M and the failure of Drachen Fire. The problems with X was just the final nail in the coffin.
  15. "Stair" side of X2 is smoother than "ramp" side. Ever since X2 re-opened I've noticed that if you ride on ramp side in the last "half/half" into the breaks the seats have a very violent "jolt" that will bash the back of your head. It is extremely painful as it feels like someone is hitting you in the back of the head with a 2 by 4. Riding first thing in the morning, stair side, making the restraints as tight as possible, and riding towards the back inside seat will provide the smoothest possible ride.
  16. Mission Breakout switches to "After Dark" at 5pm. This is also the time they start distributing fastpasses/maxpasses for the "After Dark" version. And I concur, the "After Dark" version is a wild good time!!! Especially with the more intense theme music. It really fits the ride atmosphere well. Nope, they start Fastpass/Maxpass distribution for Monsters After Dark at 3pm.
  17. Nope. Thats a shame. This will be the first B&M coaster to go to the scrap yard- a true testament of the quality of B&M coasters.
  18. Knotts has outperformed Cedar Point every year attendance wise for the past decade. Nothing new.
  19. Maybe Knotts is getting a Polercoaster. It replaces the Sky Cabin with a more reliable observation deck attraction and gives the park a unique new roller coaster that has never been seen before. I think a smaller version of this would fit the area of Boomerang and Sky Cabin like a glove.
  20. Jurassic Park Team Members at Universal Studios Hollywood do not physically check the restraints either, they simply ask guests to push up on the lap-bar. Its the only ride outside of a Disney park that I can think of that a employee does not physically check the restraints. On a side note, Maliboomer when it was operating was one of the very few Disney attractions where a Cast Member would physically check your restraint and seatbelt.
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