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  1. For California, I think the 3 Raging Waters parks, Castle Park Riverside and Scandia in Ontario would interest Six Flags. Three large water parks, one small amusement park, and one large FEC.
  2. Nope, considering that everything rollercoaster and theme park related is on Youtube these days. Plus, I can't remember the last time I bought a DVD/Blue Ray or even used a DVD/Blue Ray player. Everything movie/tv show related is on my PLEX server. Now if you offered it as a digital download, maybe, but even then it would be a tough sell because of Youtube.
  3. Slightly offtopic but on the video I hear something like "please remain seated" my question is why do some parks (by what i've gathered, north-american parks) have these announcements for any rides where you physically can't do anything besides be seated like on this? Like I understand such an announcement on like a mack powered coaster or teacups or a boat ride or something? Lawyers. USA is a very litigious country. Knotts and other parks are just coving their asses from stupid people looking for a payday.
  4. I wear cargo shorts all the time when I go to theme parks. Cargo shorts + on the pockets ensure I dont lose anything while riding the rides.
  5. Universal just expanded Take 5 so that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If you listen to one of the recent Inside Universal Podcasts, they interviewed former Universal Studios Hollywood executive Mike Sington and he dropped a huge hint to where Diagon Alley is going. If you take him at his word, the Studio Tour load and unload and surrounding backstage areas is where Diagon Alley will be built, with the Studio Tour moving back to the Lower Lot. It was also Mike Sington who confirmed on twitter that Supercharged would be built a good 5-6 months before Universal officially confirmed it. So he has a history of being lose lipped.
  6. I'm guessing that Cedar Fair includes Knotts Market Place and the Hotel into their attendance figures for the Knotts property. There is no way that the Theme Park and Water Park combined drew 5.5 million people.
  7. Few things about this All Season FlashPass: -Your pass is blocked out on: October 8, 15, 22, 29 (Fright Fest) -Only valid at Magic Mountain -Not valid at Full Throttle, Ninja, Superman, Drop of Doom, and Twisted Colossus. - And only 50% of your wait is reduced. Sorry, but for the "sale" price of $500 or regular price of $800, it is not worth it with that many restrictions. If I'm going to give Six Flags that much money for a pass, it better have ALL rides available to me and NO blockout dates.
  8. For those wondering were this attraction will be located, It will be located in the Upper-Lot on Bakers Street (London area). The entrance will be right next to the newly opened Starbucks and across from Universal Plaza. The attraction entrance will pretty much be in the same location as the old House of Horrors exit.
  9. You should get to the park at least 1 hour prior to opening. Make sure you get a FastPass for HyperSpace Mountain as soon as possible, they do "sell out" early. If you visit DCA make sure you get a FastPass first thing in the morning for Racers then head straight to Toy Story Mania. Toy Story will always have a wait at least 30 min or more after the first hour the park is open. If you want to do the Fantasyland dark rides, either ride them early in the morning or just prior to park closing. Have fun.
  10. The original idea for Disneyland's Indiana Jones. The original plans called for Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise, Disneyland Railroad, and Indiana Jones Mine Cart Coaster to be placed inside an indoor "land" with all four attractions interacting with each other. Looks sooo freaking cool, too bad it wasn't built.
  11. Gate A has replaced the castle tour. It's my understanding that the castle tour in Orlando was originally intended to be for Universal Express.
  12. I was able to attend the first soft opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood yesterday! The land is fantastic! highly detailed and immersive. The only negative on the entire land is the amount of outside intrusion on the land. Universal did not fully theme the Forbidden Journey Show building and it is very visible in many areas of the land. Also parts of Citywalk can be easily seen as well. The Forbidden Journey was OUTSTANDING! BY FAR the best dark ride in SoCal, nothing comes close! The use of 3D screens, physical sets, and animatronics made this the most impressive and immersive ride I have ever experienced! By the end of the day, I had gotten 7 rides on it thanks to the awesome single rider line which was a walk-on most of the day! Cannot wait to go back and ride this! Flight of the Hippogriff was a fun little family coaster by Mack Rides! Overall great day, cannot wait to go back! Congrats to Universal Studios Hollywood on nearly 5 years of planning and construction. This land is a game changer for this park. The park will never be the same again! The PotterWatch crowd. Most people, myself included, were here since park opening at 9am! The golden ticket! The land finally opened at 3pm! first thing I did is went straight to the Forbidden Journey! Note: Forbidden Journey has a Single Rider Line as well as a Gate A (Universal Express) Line! Once you are seated with restraints down and locked, a Team Member will hand you your 3D glasses. The 3D Glasses are exactly the same as the ones used on Despicable Me and Transformers. WARNING! this ride IS NOT friendly to larger guests! I saw a lot of people taking the walk of shame. Make sure you use the test seat if in doubt! Hogwarts from Flight of The Hippogriff queue Some of the visual intrusions into the land: Exposed show building. Olivanders queue! Olivanders "Pre Show". Unlike Orlando, Hollywood has two wand fitting rooms! The wand show is exactly the same as Orlando. My First Butterbeer! I thought it was good, but a bit over rated. Not something that I need every visit. Just once every few years for me. Butterbeer is .35 each tax included. 21 more for frozen and .99 + tax in a plastic stein. No Annual Pass discounts. NEW CREDIT! Flight of the Hippogriff! Flight of the Hippogriff is a Mack (not Vekoma) family coaster. I thought it was a fun little ride that gave a better ride than the Vekoma Rollerskaters! Exactly what this park needed. A family coaster with a low hight requirement! I think it was 38-48 inches to ride with a companion and 48 inches to ride alone. Time for some night time shots! Flying Ford in the extended queue for Forbidden Journey I didn't spend too much time in the shops as I was busy getting my fill of rides on FJ. Next time. Honey Dukes
  13. Right now: -Universal Studios Hollywood No Blackout Annual Pass -Disneyland Premium Annual Pass -Six Flags Magic Mountain Gold Membership.
  14. They skipped the first full year that CarsLand was open, so 2013. They offered this same ticket to locals last year for $139 and in 2012 for $129.
  15. Sorry, but I don't buy that Xcelerators capacity is not affected by only running one train vs two. If that were true, Xcelerator would not have run two trains on a regular basis for the better part of a decade. I have experienced Xcelerator many, many times when it was running two trains and the line always moved much quicker with two trains. The whole theory that one vs two trains seems more like Knotts fanboy excuses for piss poor park operations.
  16. I was at the park yesterday, boy do I miss two train operations on Xcelerator. I have never waited in a line that moved so painfully slow in my life. Xcelerator was averaging 3-4 min dispatches. The park was busy yesterday and of the rides that could run more than two trains, Pony Express and Xcelerator were only running one train and both had massive lines. Haven't been a Season Pass holder to this park since 2013 due to a decline in park operations and guest service, sad to see absolutely no improvements. I'm glad I visited on a comp ticket, I would have been pissed if I actually had to pay to visit this park.
  17. Universal Studios Hollywood just became the first major park in North America to implement dynamic pricing on single day tickets. https://store.universalstudioshollywood.com/PurchaseTickets.aspx Right now it's limited to purchases online. At the gate price is $95. 1-Day tickets range from $80 to $90 if you select a date you intend on visiting. $95 for a 1-day ticket valid for any date through 12/31/2016. A ticket for grand opening of the Wizarding World is $90; $199 with a Front of Line Pass.
  18. I was at the park yesterday and got a FastPass for Space Mountain at 10am for a return time of 5:10pm -6:10pm. Got in the FP line at 5:10pm and it took 40mins to get on the ride. When I got in line for my FP the posted standby wait was 130 mins.
  19. In order of frequency. 1. Twitter 2. YouTube 3. Instagram 4. Facebook.
  20. 1. Nope. 6. Not very important as there is not enough content out there to make purchasing one a good investment. The day that 4K becomes the standard for sports broadcasts is the day I will buy one. 7. 4K, that is going to be the future standard of television broadcasts/media.
  21. The amount of pain this ride subjects to the groin area is ridiculous. I just don't understand the appeal of this ride. It would be a really fun ride if you were sitting down rather than standing.
  22. I love Haunted Mansion Holiday! I know I'm probably in the minority, but I wish it was permanent! I think it is much better than the regular Haunted Mansion.
  23. ^Manta at Sea World San Diego runs 4 trains on a regular bases during the summer.
  24. Xcelerator was never painted pink. It was coral red when it opened and over the years the sun taken its toll and has turned the ride pink.
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