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  1. Why is there a Tesco in China? It's taking over the world, seriously. ---------------- Now playing: [spunge] - Some Suck, Some Rock via FoxyTunes
  2. I don't own an iPod, so I assume you mean MP3 player, that would be about 270. On Winamp, I have 2880 songs. Or 7days, 21:49:36 hours. Or 18.61GB. ---------------- Now playing: Radiohead - Subterranean Homesick Alien via FoxyTunes
  3. "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you..." ---------------- Now playing: Radiohead - Electioneering via FoxyTunes
  4. That food looks gawwwwwjussssss And no I'm not fat. Looking forward to following the trip, see what wacky stuff they have in China, I'd love to visit asia. ---------------- Now playing: Radiohead - Karma Police via FoxyTunes
  5. The others are right, you have to be 16 to be employed formally. There are ways around it, though, for example, you could ask familky members, friends, aunts uncles etc if they can give you an 'unskilled' job. What I mean by this is, if anybody you know owns a business, they might be able to employ you doing something which dosn't require any special skills, for example stacking shelves, sweeping, office dogsbody. Apart from that unfortunatly there isn't much in the way of work for under 16s. A paper round might be a good idea. This site will hopefully give you some help and ideas about certain things which you will have to decide on in the near future. Good luck with your GCSE course in the next two years! http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/EducationAndLearning/14To19/index.htm ---------------- Now playing: Biffy Clyro - Now I'm Everyone via FoxyTunes
  6. I love how it looks as if it's going to topple over. I know it shouldn't but it looks really cool. Sometimes a long straight drop is more intimidating than a steep twisty one. Like your waiting to hit the splash at the bottom. ---------------- Now playing: Justice - Phantom via FoxyTunes
  7. The name seems a bit innuendo. It should be called 'Panty Draw Prowler'. Much more catchy.
  8. Lmao I love sea side 'parks' like this. Height of British culture I would be too scared of the operator to ask to get on, you have guts! ^ They have those signs EVERYWHERE!
  9. Mine was Corkscrew at Alton Towers :O There are rumours that they might be taking it down! http://www.towersalmanac.com/index.php?show_story=349
  10. Great photo TR! Thanks for helping the UK tourism industry Someone a few pages back asked if anybody had any tips for saving money. My tip is if you want to save money, don't go to London, it's by far the most expensive place in the UK. Personally I'm not a fan of London, the times I've been there I've been left with clogged airways from the pollution, and it's a very dirty city. I don't think it represents the UK to the best it can be. I'd recommend anybody who is going to visit the UK, to visit the North as well, if you have to visit London. It's much nicer, people are much friendlier, it's cheaper, the food is better, it's cleaner. Basically it beats the south hands down, but the south gets more publicity because of all the rich businessmen live in London. Etc etc. Oh yeah almost forgot, random statement, my brother used to be one of the Queens guards, in the bearskin hats and whatever. I really enjoyed reading this though, you've shown London in a good light, and made me want to visit Paris again. Did you know that the Eiffel tower is the most disappointing tourist attraction in Europe? I enjoyed it when I went there, but I was 3, go figure So yeah, thanks for putting the effort into this, because it's made it very enjoyable
  11. I couldn't walk after Nemesis. My legs were shaking too much And Rita, Kumali (a smooth SLC) Well most coasters, I dont go on them that often so they give me a rush
  12. I forgot to add before, that I saw Kate Nash at 3volution festival in Newcastle, towards the end of May, and she was terrible then. I'm not a fan of her music, but I agree that her songs are good, and she is good on recordings, but she sounded washed out and tired live, and it wasn't just the acoustics. Everybody I spoke to, including friends who are big fans of her agreed that she wasn't as good as she could have been live. I also saw Does it offend you, yeah?, Crystal Castles and CSS who were all AMAZING that day, so it wasn't just a crap festival
  13. Wow that looked like you had fun I wish I could have gone to Glasto, I would have liked to see KoL and Massive Attack. KoL looked really good on the TV, but I know that's totally different to being there live. Do you know if Massive Attacks set was only 35mins? If so I would have thought that it was longer. Looking forward to the other updates!
  14. I'm not celebrating, for obvious reasons, but about 10 mins from where I live, and near my school is George Washington's original house, in Washington. They usually have party's and stuff. Just thought I'd share that.
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