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  1. Sweet, camel toe paintings... I've attached a few photos of our day at Bay Area Bash, although most of mine are also of animals and my family, so probably not as interesting as others. Enjoy! Ugly creature... and Taz too. Sexiness personified... well, HER anyways. Don't worry, I won't eat you little girls... I'll save you for the TIGERS! If Bertie the Bus picks up two passengers and drops off three... Broken Erection: The Ride A little more to the right... that's it...
  2. WOW... that's all I can say about the event yesterday. My first "official" TPR event too and my family and I had an absolute BLAST. I was and continue to be impressed with the profesional and efficient way that everything was handled yesterday, from registration to the ERT later in the evening. The Tony Hawk water challenge was a serious highlight, and even though I don't find the thought of my daughter being consumed by a large, 2,500-pound killing machine, the more I think about how each tiger in the meet-and-greet seemed VERY interested in her the more I have to laugh... nervously laugh, but laugh nonetheless. Even my wife and step-daughter, who are notorious for not liking theme parks very much enjoyed themselves. My wife even took a ride on Medusa in the morning, but that didn't seem to go very well with her vertigo. Needless to say, no more rollercoasters for her until she gets that under control. My daughter got her first theme park ride under her belt on Bertie the Bus, even if she was so tired she didn't really care much about it. I can't wait until I can take her on her first coaster or better yet, her first ride at Disneyland. Anyways, thanks to Robb, Elissa and everyone at SFDK and many, MANY thanks to Gregg (Sir Clinksalot) for hanging out with us and for giving me a ride home after ERT. It was great to see you and your son again. Hopefully this won't be my last TPR event. Thanks again!
  3. ^^^ Ahh, memories. If only the park still had that much space around it to build...
  4. I agree with Robb... I grew up going to the Great America here in California when it was Marriott's and while I loved our Tidal Wave, I always thought Montezooma's was better. Having ridden the one that used to be at Great America in Illinois, I can say that one sucks too. By the way, awesome photos though. I should dig through my old photos to see if I can spot any Great America and old Magic Mountain shots from back in the day.
  5. Not the first to close, and unfortunately not the last. This is too bad, but hopefully that GCI gets relocated somewhere. I hear CGA would love to have a GCI...
  6. Let's see: California Washington State Nevada Arizona New Mexico Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Georgia Florida South Carolina North Carolina Tennessee Missouri Indiana Illinois Ohio Pennsylvania New York Maryland Delaware New Jersey Kentucky Minnesota Wisconsin South Dakota Colorado Montana Idaho Utah Wyoming I believe that's it. 34 in total... but still have yet to set foot in another country. Well, save for the red states, of course...
  7. I promise this is the last one I do... unless I think of another one. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN INVERSIONS! Ahh-ahh-ha-ha-ahh...
  8. Another lame-ass attempt from me: He wants to ride Christian Bale instead...
  9. Someone with Photoshop will do a much better job with this idea, I think, but here's for starters: Gay Zorro on El Toro! OLE!
  10. ^ Will it be called Raw 2: Electric Boogaloo? Ok, that wasn't funny. I thoroughly enjoyed Raw volume 1, so I'm looking forward to volume 2. I've always been one of those "coaster footage" geeks, except I don't sit there and act like I'm on the ride... Really... I don't... ok, maybe I did just once, for fun...
  11. That's all well and good, but nothing beats walking into a random McDonald's in the middle of Podunk, someplace in the Midwest and and getting recognized by the pimply-faced kid behind the counter... (a few people here I'm sure know who I'm referring to) To me, that's the moment you know you've hit the big time. Justin -- who still thinks that was one of the most awesome moments that trip...
  12. Really, that's kind of what I figured but I wanted to check. My coworker wanted to take her kids to DK to do the Halloween events. Seems like maybe I should tell her to take her kids to CGA instead. I'm still trying to convince my wife to let me take the family to DK so I can get my THBS credit. It's all about baby steps, baby steps...
  13. ^ So in your opinion, is the Haunt at CGA worth going to? How does it stack up against what DK has or what Knott's does? Obviously Knott's has been doing it a lot longer, but I'd be curious to know from anyone that's been to CGA's version. Later, Justin
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