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  1. Apologies, I didn't realise posting a link to an external source was not posting a "Full" update...
  2. Alton Towers have posted another update on their facebook page, I have to say it looks amazing! Mess of Steel!! Click the Link for more Alton Towers Facebook
  3. Load the Scanner in the game and hold it over the following image
  4. To add to the reasons to move to Sweden....I want that apartment!
  5. I'd be looking at another of Swedens "Parks" to expand sooner than Liseberg
  6. From what I have heard, there is still a lot of groundwork going on, but at least we have a new angle on the major inversion element!
  7. This TR has made me realise how much I need a visit to New York in my life!!!
  8. Thanks, spot on, didn't know there was a playland in Vancouver Shame I'm visiting the other end of the country!
  9. Hi All, I was watching a National Tourism video of Canada on Youtube, and if you pause the video at approx 46 seconds, you are on a Wooden Coaster, with what appears to be a Sky Coaster, a Vekoma/Arrow Coaster and a Huss Top Spin. Where is this? I tried looking up photos of Canadas Wonderland and La Ronde, am not aware of any other parks other than The Small park in Halifax and Edmonton (which this obviously isn't). Thanks for your help... EDIT - would help if i included the youtube link wouldn't it!
  10. The plans were very much approved, the neighbors to the park got the plans cancelled afterwards. ?? If something is approved, how can it then be cancelled afterwards by the neighbours? Surely this is what the planning approval stage is for?
  11. Just to add, I cannot help you with the transportation issue, however the ECC Were there this past weekend and due to the snow Troy was not operating, and the snow is looking like it might be staying for a while......
  12. The concept art was for a neighbouring car park, the plans were never approved, I do believe they have given up on trying to build on that plot of land. So no inverter anytime soon....
  13. I saw Starlight twice when it was at the Apollo Victoria in London, the stage setup seemed a lot larger at the London venue than the Germany one, also, since closing in London Starlight has been touring, refuse to see it in touring state as the "races" are pre recorded on large video screens, ruins the original idea of the show!
  14. Sharks are one of my favourite animals on this planet, I was very lucky in 2008 whilst in South Africa to spend a day on a boat cage diving with Great Whites, it was incredible (if a little bit cold as it was late October!) If you ever get the chance, you have to do it, it is amazing!
  15. Mack - With Project Helix at Liseberg coming in 2014, we have noticed a few changes to the announced layout, are these sort of changes requested by the park or are you suggesting newer ideas as you think about them?
  16. Quoted for truth Maybe the zoo could start to change the sue happy nature of a large proportion of Americans, turn around and just tell the mother to face facts, she was acting irresponsibly and with no possible thought for her child's life, she deserves jail time, not money.
  17. What drugs are they taking in the rmc offices, and can we all have some of them please... Serious question time :- what do they think of the purists who say they are not building wooden coasters, and can they see their style of wooden coaster taking over the more Traditional structures...
  18. I am genuinely surprised no one has mentioned this one... The original full name of Submission at Alton Towers, who knew they were right all along... Submission: Hang In There
  19. Hi all, did a little day trip to Alton Towers on Tuesday and took some footage (photos also, but will do them another day) take a look and let me know what you think.
  20. Now this is the kind of announcement we were promised when we were there last June, amazing, best announcement for this side of the pond ever!!!
  21. That's the Global Winter Wonderland event (http://www.globalwonderland.org/) that gets held in the CGA parking lot that debuted last year, has nothing to do with CGA, just another company renting the space out. Thanks
  22. Does anyone know what the random assortment of kiddie flat rides in the car park behind CGA is? By noticeable in the 3D mapping, almost looks like a small Ghetto Fair, just behind the amphitheatre?
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