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  1. Sharktums, I will be there but my payment might be on time. Paypal states 3-5 days. Once it comes in, it comes in. Tschüss!
  2. My current profile picture was taken in the Swiss Alps in 2019.  Lovely day!

  3. I was on the Midwest Tour in 2013. I witnessed some really bad behavior at that time. I do understand and agree with Robb's position on the tours he provides. I, myself, had an incident and am glad that I wasn't tossed off the tour. But everything worked out for the better. I hope I am chosen for a position! Growing up a little more can make a difference...more relaxing on attitude!
  4. The first two make me feel like hurling even though I could ride Wildfire smashed. But the third one wasn't so bad taken from an inverted position. But Robb, whatever will be will be.
  5. This picture just came to my attention. I thought many of you would like it!
  6. I really love the Youtube videos and the comment that come with them. An interesting thing about it would be that many of the good followers - great members - actually help to return them to their place, so to speak. That post about Millennium Force at Cedar Point was genius. But there were still people asking what park it was 8P Still love your "Whee" and "Twisty" and "We're on a lift hill. We're on a lift hill." Too much fun reading the comments on those statements. I should point out that I joined, the first time, after watching Hair Raiser at Ocean Park Hong Kong. This looked like a family I wanted to be with. So thanks for the entertainment!
  7. Don't have a way to use Twitter, not smartass phone. FB is better for my purposes as well as this site.
  8. What guy? It seems that "he" doesn't view the forum too much, otherwise he would have contacted me already. Ok, this guy was on during the night ERT. Sat right next to him, don't remember what he said his name was. You probably wouldn't know either unless you were there at that time. But thanks for posting the question.
  9. Thank you for the great time. What a ride! To the guy that was on Xcelerator during ERT, contact me.
  10. Here I am just sitting at Amber Waves waiting for the room to be ready. Anyone else around at 1 pm? Come see me.
  11. It is extremely polarizing. There is a vocal group that includes me that loves the ride and the more unbalanced the better, but there is an equally vocal group that just can't stand the whole ride and avoids it at all cost. It usually comes down to comfort..some people complain it is extremely painful, others like me don't find it the least bit uncomfortable. I imagine the line for GL would be relatively short for ERT because a lot of the TPR group has already ridden it and there's probably more people that would avoid it than love it like me. Perhaps if they were guaranteeing unbalanced rides a few other people might ride than otherwise would, but not significantly I'd guess. Great news for me. Ever since the opening day video I have really wanted to ride it. Now with all the others coming out (the 4th dimensional ones) how are they stacking up to this one? Are those uncomfortable as well? I didn't follow the hate on SLCs and found out for myself. But you have to ride everything at least once, except I am not a kiddie credit whore.
  12. I love the spinners though. We would make a good match since I am average weight.
  13. Unbalanced rides on ZacSpins are insane. Especially if you get two people on one side and no one on the other! You are in for a very very intense ride cycle if that happens, but I have heard that this is not possible at SFMM. Its possible, I've had it happen, but its not likely on this trip since GL isnt on the ERT menu this time around. I have heard that not many people like GL, is this true? If so, what would the line be like for an unbalanced ride?
  14. Robb, On the dress code for the parks, I understand about wearing a Six Flags shirt to Knotts. Can we wear a Six Flags Over Texas shirt to Magic Mountain or would that fall into the catagory of a different park? As for weather, "It Never Rains In Southern California."
  15. Looking for someone to take my picture for my first 100. (I need 15 more....strange huh?) Edit: I will make other plans. Maybe I can get a regular customer to be kind enough.
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