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  1. I guess you could say that the Runwaway Minetrain has *sunglasses* run away Best first post ever
  2. Yeah, this happens to Colossus every so often. Likely temperature stresses maybe just pushed it a bit too far combined perhaps with an unusually weak bolt. It'll be open again in no time.
  3. Most launch coasters (definitely Intamin Rockets) will require your head to be resting on the head rest. For the obvious avoidance of whip lash. Huss Top Spins have a max height restriction as well. Check park websites before you go.
  4. Measure if in doubt? The aviation industry has the power to do it. If a pilot is concerned that the average weight distribution normally utilised won't work for a certain load of passengers, then he/she can order the entire load of passengers to be weighed. Training employees to recognise dangerous body shapes would probably be a good solution. A general question, why do so many manufacturers utilise a T bar design, rather than an inverted U design? Supplemented with a large seat horn, it would make rides a lot safer without reducing ridership.
  5. Until we know more, I think we have to try and avoid too much speculation. From an engineering point of view though, the chances of a modern hydraulic restraint failing are nill. As long as the correct type of restraint for this ride type was used, which I'm sure it was, then it should not be a problem. As others have said, a simple seat belt in the thigh region is probably the simplest way to avoid a similar incident. What is the shape of the Giant's seats like? Any dividers or seat horns?
  6. Look out for generalised Merlin vouchers when you get to the UK. They're normally everywhere, on things from crisps to cans.
  7. So the British Broadcasting Corporation informs me that the republican party is beginning to fire up for the next presidential election, and they seem fairly certain they are going to win. I understand in the states that Obama is quite unpopular, however in Europe he is widely considered to be one of the best US presidents yet. Policies such as 'Obamacare' have caused huge unnecessary division in the states, whereas in the UK the Brits are staring and wondering why on earth you wouldn't want Obamacare. It's no NHS, but it's certainly a step in the right direction from a European perspective. So is this a cultural division? Would President Obama be a good president...in Europe? Why is Obama so unpopular in the states?
  8. ^ No idea I'm afraid, but as TPDave said, you can guarantee that it wont be cheap.
  9. I am kind of a fan of it, it is so unique that it can't be missed. I just don't advise that you ride it, since most people don't enjoy it. Its nickname on TPR is X:\ WTF
  10. Just a question, is X:\ NO WAY OUT just a straight track that goes backwards at a fast speed or does it excite well? Ummm, X:\ NO WAY OUT is neither of those. X is like taking a few odd bits of track lying around, stringing them together, putting lots of brakes so the train stops constantly, backwards, in the dark. It is a must ride, because it is so hilariously bad, I just would not reccomend it to someone who wants to enjoy roller coasters lol. To give you an idea of how little money was spent on it, someone will correct me, but I think Saw cost around £13 million, whereas about 15 years ago, X only cost a few hundred thousand pounds. The idea was a good one, just poorly executed. The 'story' for the ride was that you were trapped in a computer virus. Yeah...
  11. I'd recommend Stealth. It's kind of a baptism of fire, but it is really smooth. I have never met anyone who disliked that ride after riding it. More importantly, I would discourage you from riding Colossus or X:\ NO WAY OUT first since Colossus is bumpy and can be nauseating and X:\ NO WAY OUT is just bad, boring and nauseating.
  12. ^ It also didn't help that their security was beyond pathetic and they leaked all of their usernames and passwords Their redesign was also abysmal. The main problem with it was it was slowwwwww. Quite how such a group of tech websites managed to muck something up so badly is incredible.
  13. 1. Do you think it even needs updating at all? Yes, as you said it's starting to look a little dated in the age of widescreen monitors. I don't think it was ever designed to deal with 27" iMac monitors and the like. Not so much a problem for me as Safari defaults to a square layout anyway. The sheer vast quantity of information could be a little intimidating for a newcomer as well. 2. What elements of the front page do you really LIKE, and would hate to see go away and/or change. I like the feel of the constant incoming updates, it makes it feel like the page is updated regularly. The random stuff box irritates me slightly. Also, match the links at the top in the same order as the links at the top of the forum. I sometimes just dart for the top and end up clicking the wrong link in either the forum or front page. 3. What elements do you feel are MISSING from the front page? Twitter/Facebook feed. A slider like in the Graphene Wordpress theme. An example can be found here. I feel it allows the page to 'pop' a little more, it makes it feel a little more alive. In fact, it might be worthwhile, just converting the front page to a Wordpress Blog, and then plugging the back end into PHPBB for the forum. 4. What other changes would you suggest? Colour coding for different types of news. i.e one colour for industry news, a colour for parks, a colour for rides, a colour for rumours, a colour for trip reports. It would allow people to identify the content they want to see more quickly. EDIT: After going through the entire thread it appears that there is a bit of an age divide going on. GENERALLY, and I mean generally, people over the age of 25 are saying stick with it, whilst those under 25 are saying change it. Just maybe something to factor in that young people probably want it to look more like the modern websites they encounter on the internet daily, ones that look happy on a laptop, iPhone or iPad. EDIT 2: Going back to the Graphene idea, with the website I linked to, you could quite easily modify the theme colours, slap the TPR logo on the top and it would look similar, whilst different to the current page, whilst achieving the purpose you wanted.
  14. ^ I have no problem with you advertising your own video, as long as you actually say that you are advertising your own video. Conflict of interest, that type of thing. Of course, my personal opinion stands for nothing since I'm not part of the moderating team.
  15. ^ Umm, not to be rude, but are you just advertising your own video?
  16. Yeah, I thought that was kind of pointed too. Also "the temperature is ...sky high" sounds like a bit of an Inferno perhaps? Something that's been "locked down", that sounds like a monster which has been tied down to me hmmm. Don't you need some 'Air' to help you breathe in the third one? Someone check the code names of Nemesis, Nemsis Inferno, Oblivion and Air please lol, or their serial codes.
  17. Hey, This is certainly not a simple question, simply due to the size of the parks. There are a vast number of attractions, and everyone of course will have preferences. I started writing a huge list, but then realised that it would just take faaaaaar too long. There are so many good attractions across all the parks. My personal top favourites though are: Big Thunder Mountain Space Mountain Mickey's Philarmagic Haunted Mansion Test Track Soarin! Tower of Terror Lights, motor, action or whatever it's called at the studios Backlot tour Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster Fantasmic Beauty and the beast show at the studios Expedition Everest Dinosaur Safari ride at Animal Kingdom Lion King show at Animal Kingdom River rapids at Animal Kingdom I think that's most of my favourite ones, but seriously the list is ridiculous. When you go to Disney, just go on everything. Chances are you'll like everything. Fast pass I don't know that much about so I'll let someone else comment on that. Hope you have a good time. Arriving early in the morning is definitely good, and leaving late is also good. Don't forget to see all the shows/parades/fireworks as well.
  18. X:\WTF I just don't understand why more people don't like it. It's a coaster that is so bad that it's good.
  19. ^ Encyclopedia Dramatica: AOL Literally the perfect description. I remember years ago, it was literally the worst sound a computer could make: "Welcome to AOL"
  20. Yeah, people who decide prematurely often end up changing what they believe their orientation to be later. I had a friend who came out as gay at 13 only to turn straight by 17. It is an unusual case, but it is pain that is best to avoid. Whilst I'm not encouraging people to hide in the closet, I'm just saying only come out when you are mature enough to actually understand yourself. I'm still somewhat unsure of my sexuality even today, but I'm fairly sure that I like girls and guys.
  21. Wow, the new index looks great. Although you appear to have sorted out your problem, it is still a lot slower for me in Firefox than Safari, I mean like quadruple the time. I don't have the Google toolbar installed either. I'm on a 60MB university connection, and it's fine, just a little more laggy than usual. To be honest, I always find Theme Park Review slightly laggier than other websites, I'm guessing that has to do with being based in the states, and not having a server in Europe.
  22. Many straight females in high school like Lady Gaga, so, you're far from alone. PS: btw, I'm at Bristol Uni
  23. Hey everyone, for those interested in Pixar, an interesting Behind the Scenes has been made. Quite interesting to see. Vimeo I would have embedded it, but it would seem TPR cannot embed Vimeo.
  24. Out of nearly 34,000 members, you will always ultimately have a few bad apples. From what I've seen, TPR moderation is generally quite strict, but not unfair. That is a very important difference, and one people need to appreciate. Sometimes a dose of reality is a good idea for some people.
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