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  1. On this link you can see the one of the owners of Nigloland and his nephew testing Piraten and Lynet. As you can see they are in love for the Mega Lite!^^ http://www.m6replay.fr/#/emissions/zone-interdite/14400091 Hope you'll enjoy! (look at 47 minutes) This is a wonderful news! We (french coasters fans) really hope this is a beginning and that there's gonna built more awesome coasters (we are so late compared to our european neighbor!).
  2. Errr..... is that normal your youtube link shows us a video of Maverick?!
  3. I live at 5km of Belley and I asked for a job in WRA.... Yesterday a friend of mine, has been told that one of his friend died in the accident... It was really disturbing... It was really crazy to hear that at the news last week end!
  4. A member of Coastersworld.fr who work for Maurer, has seen on Drop Magazine that the launched coaster in Ferrari World (or whatever its name) is an Intamin ride. This ride has the same rails and supports style, so this is gonna be an Intamin too!^^
  5. They had to do it because this ride is not a normal coaster; it's supposed to be a F1 simulator, and during a F1 race there are accelerations, brakes, accelerations, brakes again...... If, in this ride their were only a big launch but no brakes, it would not be realistic. (I admit the horse shoes is not realistic, but I guess it was add to the ride to make more fun).
  6. You're right, but I've been explained that sometimes they make mistakes, like screamscape.... However, a member of Coasters World has sent a mail to Walygator, and they didn't say it was "only a rumor" (but they didn't say more about it lol).
  7. This is something we desperately hope!! France is a shame for Europe!
  8. If Orochi really goes to Walygator, do not expect nice colours for the track: they are used to love horrible colours for their rides. Moreover this park doesn't make a lot of money, so they'll probably find a sponsor (like EGF and BigFM) so it won't help to do something very artistic (their space shot is sponsored by the drink Dark Dog and they've put an horrible yellow thing around the tower). If you can, try to find pics on google to see a little more my thought^^[/u]
  9. A rumor says that Orochi would attract french parks' attention! It would be the all first B&M in France and the unique french inverted too! The rumor says Walygator would buy it for 4M€ but it alos says other parks are watching for a deal......
  10. I didn't read the article (it's too much long and my english level is not good enough to understand everything I think) but by what I know about Dubai, all the things I've seen on TV or magazines, I've understood one thing: we have to be really naive to believe Dubai is a perfect place without any negative side! Just seeing their incredible buildings, their future plans, when you know how much they spend money in pointless things, when you see how they transform their desert......... You can guess how their mentality is not as great as we like to think. These people have a horrible ego and it obvious that people who are not from their social level are considered as slaves, are disregarded...... To my view, there's only one wonderful thing there: their buildings, the modern architecture. I hate all the rest: their bloody way of thinking, their ego, their culture of the luxury, the way they believe they are the kings of the world.....
  11. I didn't know Tele2 would exist in Sweden, that's pretty funny to call a ride like this phone operator!
  12. I'm a great screamer! However, I do not like my scream, this is so horrible!! (you can listen it on my on ride video of abismo on youtube)
  13. "De" in Dutch isn't the same "De" in French. I don't know the whole story, but I think it must be something historical? Not that it's interesting, but it's good the know. La traduction de 'de' en Néerlandais et... en Français. De (Dutch) = 'Le' or 'La' (French) De (French) = 'Van' (Dutch) Voulaient -ils dire que le parc est souvent en panne?
  14. I don't know why, I can't help me to tell you that dream I had last week end. I dreamt that I was meeting Britney Spears, and she was attracted by me, I was talking with her, and she told me "you've a nice body!". I remember very well that even in the dream I felt nervous, but I still talked to her, and then, she said that she loves theme parks. Then she started to tell me which ones are her favorites.... When I woke up, I was disgusted to understand it wasn't true: a nice sexy girl, who loves parks and moreover who talked french (yes, she was speaking french in my dream! ), that's too much to be real! lol
  15. [sorry for this "out topic"] Hello Alix, aren't you from Coasters World?^^ I think I've already your pseudo somewhere... Anyway it's good to see another french on TPR lol [/sorry for this "out topic"] Your track seems kinda strange, but funny! Waiting for new screens
  16. Don't take care of what I said. It was a little joke that I'm sure it only made me laugh.
  17. Wow, what a surprising ride! I really loved it! It's well designed, very smooth, original and the setting is simple but wonderful! (I loved the colours you used^^)
  18. Some name I like particularly: Alpengeist (kinda agressive and evocative) Air (very pure) Hypersonic XLC (very agressive) Nemesis (nice^^) Rita: Queen of speed (I like Rita lol) I'm sure I've forgotten many others.....
  19. Well, I start on the first week of september, and I'll be in "terminale STI GMC" (STI GMC would mean in english science and technics of engineer mecanic engineering option C: metallic structure I know this is a quite long name for a diploma, but it's far away easier than the science section!). And 'cause I'm in terminal, on jun, I'll have to do my exams! (the famous french BAC for those who know what it is^^). This year already, I've done my french, history/geo tests (this diploma is cut in two years) and I succeed quite well with about 16/20 of average (and "good" mention). I hope I'll do same next year! (and I also hope you' understand what I tried to explain lol, it's not really easy to tell^^) By the way: good luck for people who learn French at school! It's very difficult, even for us lol (I prefer English and Spanish: it's more style^^)
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