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  1. I hope they have a room where the Yeti doesn't move and is only lit with a strobe.
  2. They both will launch in 2020 and they both seem to be the exact same ride based on the renderings.... [attachment=0]Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 3.07.28 PM.png[/attachment] So I'm not really sure which one will be "first" nor do I think it even matters. No I don't think it matters either. But it was a surprise to find out there was another coaster. Also I love that the Chinese ship is clearly a clone (smaller) of the Oasis class.
  3. I saw this story and the coaster looks cool. But while searching for more information I discovered this will be the second roller coaster on a cruise ship. A Chinese ship under construction for launch in 2020 will be first: I think I'll skip this ship though. 9500 passengers!
  4. It appears that Universal is on the forefront of a new trend: customized cotton candy. You can pick various flavors (like vanilla, berry, and birthday cake) and then have them throw in some mix-ins (sprinkles, marshmallows, rock candy or needs). You can even have a spiral lollipop as the stick! When finished the cloud of candy is about the size of a small child. It was super popular. Universal dedicated a whole store for it in Suess Landing and it was packed with people. I also saw lots of families posting selfies with their finished creations. It also appears to be the new thing across Orlando. A friend of mine who works at a different hotel/resort says they just started selling them this week too.
  5. GotG construction. It's going to be hard to hide that building.
  6. The indictment last week didn't charge Henry so there is an unreleased one for his charges. That said it's probably manslaughter too.
  7. Based on the indictment I am very surprised that they only charged the operations manager and not the designers.
  8. It's the itty bitty kitty committee! The two Sumatran tiger cubs are now out on exhibit and guests are finally able to see them in person. Below are some of my photos but you can also see . Just know if you go to see them that currently they are only out in the mornings to about noon. They get tired pretty quickly and need to rest so if you go later in the day you will not get to see them. But when they are out they are active! They love to run, play, and climb trees (much to mom's annoyance).
  9. It's after Thanksgiving so that means it is time for the 2017 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays! The Gardens are nice and Food & Wine is fine but I think this the EPCOT Festival that is most festive! In addition to the Christmas trees and decorations there are musicians, food booths, storytellers, fireworks, and of course the famous Candlelight Processional. Today let's take a look at the Storytellers. These short (5-10 min) shows around the World Showcase introduce guests to holiday traditions and customs at the various countries. Walking around the world (with a hot spiced wine) watching these shows will get you into the spirit of the holidays. Epcot gets special holiday displays The EPCOT tree features greetings in many languages The "Joyful" group sings gospel music at the Future World stage. In Mexico the new margarita stand has opened and seems very popular A bit of a color has appeared over the street. I really like it. It's a little detail that makes this small part of the street a little more interesting. A closer look shows that the flags are scenes from Disney/Pixar's Coco. There are now two competing mariachi bands for two competing holidays. El Mariachi Coco de Santa Cecilia plays music from Coco which celebrates the Day of the Dead. Meanwhile the regular Mariachis play traditional Mexican music with a Christmas flavor. Learn the story of the poinsettia gift at this performance Over in Norway we meet Sigrid who explains the local Christmas traditions. But she is interrupted by a mischievous gnome she cannot see called Julenissen. With the help of the guests we help her believe in Julenissen, just in time for Christmas. This is my favorite of the holiday shows and I highly recommend you check it out. In China two acrobats perform the lion dance for good luck in the new year A non-holiday detour in Germany... they've added some more trains to the model layout. It's not 100% authentic though... the Golden Pass is in Switzerland! No Nutcracker show in Germany this year but you can get custom ornaments Inside the American Adventure there are gingerbread monuments. You can also enjoy Christmas carols as sung by the Voices of Liberty. This is another highly recommended show. In Japan you will learn about Daruma dolls and how the Japanese celebrate the new year. Celebrate Hanukkah with "Mostly Kosher" and their Klezmer music. In Morocco the band and a belly dancer entertain guests This is advertised as a holiday how in the guide map but there isn't very much more than the normal show Speaking of which, you should know that most of the regular Epcot entertainment is still ongoing during the holiday festival. Good news for us since there is even more to see. Not so much for this poor guy who keeps getting in precarious situations. Giant ornaments in Paris The Arc de Triomphe too Even Belle is dressed for Christmas in France! And a good thing she did because Pere Noel is just a few feet away explaining the holiday traditions of rural France In the United Kingdom Father Christmas will tell you about various traditions from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. He will also guide everyone in singing some UK Christmas carols. A lucky young volunteer can help him and will get a small magic gift to take home. This is another show that you shouldn't miss. In Italy we have La Befana the gift giving witch who visits children on the eve of the Epiphany. Finally it wouldn't be Christmas at EPCOT without mentioning the Candlelight Processional. This show dates all the way back to Disneyland and Walt himself. At EPCOT the show goes on 3 times a night every night with local high school choirs, a Disney orchestra, and a celebrity narrator. Good night from EPCOT. Thanks for reading!
  10. Festival of the Lion King continues to be one of the best shows at Walt Disney World. From humble beginnings as a quick fix filler for the park's opening it is now a constant crowd pleaser with over a dozen performances every day (that all fill to capacity). I just can't wait to be King The tumble monkeys Stick the landing It's clear from your vacant expressions The lights are not all on upstairs But we're talking kings and successions Even you can't be caught unawares So prepare for a chance of a lifetime Be prepared for sensational news A shining new era Is tiptoeing nearer And where do we feature? Just listen to teacher I know it sounds sordid But you'll be rewarded When at last I am given my dues And injustice deliciously squared Be prepared! Can you feel the love tonight? Just watching this part makes me dizzy In the circle of life It's the wheel of fortune It's the leap of faith It's the band of hope Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the circle, the circle of life
  11. I have new aerial photos from October 21 Star Wars: http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/star-wars-land/gallery/22oct2017-star-wars-galaxy's-edge-construction-from-the-air.htm Toy Story: http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/toy-story-land/gallery/22oct2017-toy-story-land-construction-aerial-views.htm And here are a few DHS shots from my last trip into the park: The original doesn't have Mickey The photo shop is now almost exclusively Magic Bands and Pins Careful Indy... I hate to say I told you so. Flip tricks Jump! Some fire is always fun Stunts More boom The entire Chinese Theater plaza is still open so you can take pictures and see the handprints The new Baseline Tap Room has this cool streetcar mural on the wall outside It's 3D! Lucky Photo #13 seems a good place to stop. Happy Halloween!
  12. Sounds like Universal is planning some creepy Big Brother/Minority Report style facial tracking http://themeparkuniversity.com/universal/universal-orlandos-secret-face-recognition-program-revealed/
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