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  1. What scares me the most about this is how violently that tower will shake from the vibrations of the coaster... I mean for the people taking an elevator up... Sure, calculated forces and whatnot... but it's still scary... I hope the ride's a good one!
  2. - Entitled people who think they're owed the world just because they drove X miles and spent Y dollars to get in, then are angry at TOTALLY NORMAL THINGS that happen! some rides just have long lines! It is what it is *shrug* - People who SCREAM and FREAK OUT when a quick-stop (or whatever it's called) happens. Lift stops briefly or slows down, a train pauses briefly at an MCB, what have you... lol... "THIS RIDES NOT SAFE DDD: "
  3. I don't know if a topic like this exists... but if a coaster's gonna suck, is it better for it to be forceless and boring or so forceful you actually might scream (Not because it's fun!) I'm sure there are rough-as-hell coasters that are not very forceful and I'm sure there are smooth (....ish?) coasters that can cruch your knees or (wo)manhood! Yikes... So.... too much? or none/not enough? Which one is the lesser of the two evils in your book?
  4. Great news! In my quest for a better, healthier, and not DEAD me... I started eating smarter and exercising more about a year ago. I'm down 60 LBS! Yes, I'm gonna keep going! 60 down, 100 more to go. ^__^ Yay. Keep it up!
  5. Well said! I know what it's like... it can be tough and grating, but it's not like we're being FORCED into waiting the lines... and if I had THESE passes when I was little, I'd love to catch a show while we wait for... say space mountain. When I was very young I was diagnosed as being on the spectrum... but I refused to let that take over my life and through many trials and errors (OOh, the errors) I overcame it. (With help) I was forced to come out of my shell from one job and forced to break all social barriers with another. It was tough but now I 'm no longer one of 'em! And it feels great.
  6. Here's an..... interesting.... article I found. Beware, lots of facepalms may ensue! It's called "Why we're not entitled".
  7. EXCELLENT. I'm SO glad this is happening. My father is disabled, and I'd have no problem if we were given even a virtual wait time! It's hilarious seeing all the whining done... Oh not here, but on other sites. My FAVORITE complaints are the "My child is special needs how could you DO this Disney!" One comment made me LOL because she said that "Disney shows no compassion for these types of kids". WELL.... Disney could just take the system away and make you SUCK IT UP... but they're at least doing SOMETHING. Of course, almost everyone who is whining are the ones who abused the system the most.
  8. Coastrider looks awesome. Leave it to the passholes to complain about SOMETHING though. So many people complain about the HR yet it's under 48". Be glad it's under 48". Your kid will grow into it. Plus more ride time for me
  9. Not bad! I'm guessing this might be a first coaster for you? I like to use auto supports myself, you have the option to erm... beef up supports so they're wider. Were the no catwalks or handrails intentional there? My only irk with this is that when EStop is activated the trains crash... those magnetic brakes are a neat idea though, but just a thought for ya, try using brake brakes then hiding the brake device so you get a similar effect.
  10. I love how you say what most of us are thinking! It's like you KNOW. Let's call the bad APers "Passholes".
  11. Not to sound like a jerk or anything, but be grateful they even HAVE a fastpass system! I mean, seriously now.... how hard is it to follow the rules? They COULD just make you wait in line after line after line... but instead they let you have a break: waiting in one line while your time comes up. It's YOUR responsibility to be there ON TIME. Plus, you have a WHOLE HOUR. If you can't make THAT time frame clearly you have issues. I'm glad they have the new rule and I personally wish they'd started enforcing it a long time ago!
  12. I hope this isn't totally random, but if anyone's gone on hat dance lately, are they still running only 3 out of 4 hats per "table"? Kinda sucks they did that and I wish they'd fix it soon.
  13. Theme parks. Without theming, a ride is just a "ride"... but with theming it becomes an attraction!
  14. Wow. Full Throttle's loop looks amazingly huge... but it also looks like it'll either pull 100 G's or barely make it...
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