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  1. Ole was originally pining for a Spring 2010 release, but due to his ill health and other matters of life, things get pushed back, He's also the only programmer working on the software, which means that he's solely in charge of implementing new features, new trains & all the small physics features you see. What people don't seem to understand is just how complicated certain aspects of this application are. He's no longer going for a simple game that enthusiasts will use. He's developing the worlds most graphically and physically accurate roller coaster simulation. Details such as the rotation of the wheel bogey's on the trains, the multiple texture levels on the track, and the increased detail on all the trains are what will set this software apart. Programming things like the rotation of the bogey's and creating these high detail landscapes and scenes don't come easily. You're talking about hundreds of thousands of lines of code to create what you see. Not only this, but there are other things that he's considering. Such as those who have slightly lower end pc's. Optimising the software to be used by as many people as possible isn't easy. I know, I'm a programmer. Then there's the train development and modelling, which is currently done by Kevin & Tom. Tom does the modelling for all the trains, track components (brakes, transport wheels, etc.) and Kevin does all the high detail textures that you see in the program. It's not an easy task for such a small team to create. He's basically creating one of the worlds most powerful roller coaster applications, it doesn't happen over night. Patience is a virtue. I for one wish Ole all the best with the project and hope that he realises just how much we appreciate all of his hard work.
  2. Another company? I'm sorry, but that's totally irrelevant. This is a first for B&M and for all we know this could have been in development for years. You can't say that B&M make mistakes, because quite simply, they never have. Look at Intamin. Mavericks roll was a cock up, big time and so many more of they're rides are silly and pointless. Furius Baco (They're Wingrider) is also stupid. It's extremely rough and the layout is pointless and boring. This ride offers 3 inversions, including 2 that are unlike anything B&M have ever done before and yet you're saying they're playing it safe? What a load of rubbish. If they were playing it safe, the ride wouldn't even go upside down. They've obviously done a lot of computer simulations to gather all the data they need to make this product work first time. After all, if they cocked this up, then it's the companies reputation that suffers. You go to any large park and they'd say to you they want B&M coasters. I wonder why...
  3. That's an incredible concept and extremely realistic! Great job!
  4. In all honesty, I think it's a mediocre ride, but I feel that it's being slightly under rated here. Sure it's been over hyped and the restrictions may seem a little odd, but what you have to take into account is the fact that the ride was developed to have that target height restriction. The restraint systems are designed for riders above that height as are the seats. If the ride had been given a lower initial target during planning then maybe this would have turned out differently. A huge bulk of the costs went into the planning issues, as far as I know, surveys and experts proving that the ride isn't located on an iron age fort and all the other issues that arose increased the cost, as well as the amount of research that has gone into it. That cost doesn't just cover the attraction, it covers everything, from planning to construction and in my eyes it's money well spent. What some people also seem to be forgetting is that this ride, from a technical stand point, is very impressive. This ride really is a free-fall drop, unlike what others believe, no hydraulics are used to control the drop, it's totally free falling and that, is something that really does take a lot of planning, research and analysis. To get something like that to work as efficiently as it does is brilliant. Overall, I feel the ride is being slightly under rated, and I can understand your point about the height requirements, but I think that it's justified, mainly because of the evacuation procedures and such, these restricts take that into account also.
  5. There's no point in modifying a track to please a minority. Your supports are looking good, how many steel beams you using for the crossovers?
  6. Guy's it's his first attempt. Let him get some practice and learn the interface first.
  7. You might want to de-pump that track and use more vertices.
  8. ^ He most likely used timewarping to get the transition the way he wanted it.
  9. He already said that he made this video before trims. I think he was being sarcastic. Spot on mate!
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