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  1. i do the same trip on my first visit US. driving is relaxing, so be careful if yor drive in the night after a long park day.. i slept in during the drive from hershey to cp. night and raining... only a second but , lucky, nothing happend. .. what i want to say is, plan 1,5 days for travelling to CP... than its relaxing and you see more from us...
  2. is it the same in cedar fair Parks?
  3. Is there a chance to go "normal" in the park (pay the tiket at the booth), and before leaving in the evening getting to the booth were you get seasonpasses. Did they credit the amount of the daytiket on the season pass? Or is there a chance to get an TPR Club account and get from someone/TPR Club help so i can order the Seasonpass through the internet? I dont understand why i can't order tikets/passes through the internet when you're living outside us... print&go ... Hey i have a printer too!!
  4. I know! But i wonder why it is so cheap! Or is there a version with visiting all SF Parks US wide and one with only the park where you buy it? And all of you who buys the pass in the park.. How much time must i plan for it? The last seasonpass i buy, was the pass for germans movie world. And on that day i stand 1 hour in an extra queue! And the whole procedure (Foto,sign,Printing the Plastic card) takes 30min extra... So that can be problematic if i want to buy a queuebot/flashpass... Unfortunately i can't order any pass/tickets online from outside USA. Why? I can understand that if its a seasonpass (shippingcosts overseas etc) but print&go tickets????
  5. oh, i'll post it here instead of a new .... is it correct hat the SF season pass is arround 90 Dollar? cheap , instead of the 180 bucks for cedar fair Parks
  6. Ok... I know i change that, but here (germany) you can visit parks Until november (where they closed for the rest of the year) everyday... And We have a population of 81 mill. And the usa 314 mill. So there must be more Customers than sckool kids... But... We must live with that... Oh kick my ass for my bad english...
  7. I get the chance (my girlfriend will pay the trip as apresent) to do a coaster trip THIS September! Its very short time to plan... Is it a good idea traelling over the atlantic to visit this Parks: Cedar Point kings island Holiday World Dollywood Kings dominion (bush garden or SFoG) Betrween 20. September to 1-2 october I know the most of the parks closes during the week (why?? Weather isnt so cold and bad). Is this a good idea or would all of you say "it would be better in early may where the parks open the hole week and its not ao crowded" Thank you for all your help!!
  8. Hey guys! Do you like German funfair but the Problem with the Oktoberfest is, there are only Rides where the owners hq is in munich. So you really miss some of the best flatrides! But for the coasters it the first place; all three Big major coasters are there: Olympia Looping,alpinabahn and the höllenblitz
  9. I know no one of us knows the exact first operating date of the new coasters. For the experts: do you think they will start the operating in mid may? MOD EDIT: This can be discussed in the SFGAdv and Quassy discussion threads.
  10. Have Coneys Island Opening Days, or is it open the hole year? I´m in New York mid May 2011, and first want to eat at Nathans and want to visit Coney Island / Lunar Park
  11. you forgot Loro Park isnt a clone of Sea World. Its the home of biggest parrot species protection programm in the world. They have the biggest ammount of Parrots there. Great Zoo but a little bit expensive....
  12. I rode it in the morning, before Park opened...
  13. I dont think SFGAdv. ist the best Park. Medusa und Nitro Yes. Dark Night is only a wild mouse. KingDa Ka... after I rode Boulder Dash, I have lost interrest at these strata Coasters. My first US holiday bring me to SFGadv. ,Hershey and CP. And on this trip (KingDa Ka was down for weeks) i think Dragster was the non plus ultra ever Coaster.... but now...I would prefer Boulder Dash (or the Voyage but I dont ride the Voyage jet). And El Torro isnt the good as I expected.. its overhyped (but thats my point of view)
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