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  1. I wish Blue Bayou would invest in some shade structures or something. All of these water slides are fantastic, but it's not fun walking around a blistering hot water park without any shade.
  2. I randomly met Al Roker from the Today Show as he was walking out of the Today Show building at the Rockefeller Center the week before Easter..I'm kicking myself for not looking at the camera! URGH! Before meeting Al, I was in a mob of people surrounding Nicki Minaj as she left the Today Show building. I got right up against her car! She's SO SHORT!! I didn't meet her, but I could have touched her if I wanted to be attacked by the police and guards nearby!
  3. I saw Lion King on Broadway and it was AMAZING!!!
  4. I'd love to save up to get a Nikon D800. I've seen reviews where the D800 actually outperforms the 5D Mark III in terms of high ISO. I still have a lot of money to save up lol.
  5. Dude, this is my home park! I need to get out there soon because I haven't been to BB/DL in a few years. I'm still waiting for them to build that campground.
  6. Here's another article from a local news station: www.wdrb.com/story/17003266/koch-family-approved-to-take-over-kentucky-kingdom
  7. The morons at the Westboro Baptist Church are planning a protest at Steve Jobs' funeral. www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-20117154-504083.html It's funny that they think they'll actually find his funeral.
  8. I'm glad you got a Mac! I got one for Christmas, and I don't regret getting it!
  9. ^What kind of staff infected you? Wait staff? Nursing staff? It's staph infection.
  10. ^When I had Sprint, I wanted an Instinct SO bad. Every Christmas I would ask for it, but I never got it. They aren't popular phones around here; I can only think of three people that I've seen with Instincts.
  11. Did anyone catch Six Flags New Orleans in the preview for tonight's episode of "Sons of Guns" on Discovery Channel? From the millisecond I saw, it looked like they were by Jester. I'll be sure to record it tonight. It comes on at 9 PM EST, by the way.
  12. I've had absolutely no second thoughts about going back to a PC..What a waste of time! I hope not! A computer with Windows 7 is way to crappy for Bags O' Crap.
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