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  1. Nope. It's definitely not just you. I'm in the middle of making an itinerary and cost estimation of a possible 2022 Scandinavia trip, and I'm getting the same results. It's been happening the last few days for myself as well.
  2. Got any additional footage of Kobe Portopialand floating around?
  3. ^^Possibly. It looks like there might be a brake rotor attached to each seat spindle, but the videos so far don't show the back of the train for long enough for me to see if there's a caliper and where it would be.
  4. ^Nah, it's freely rotating. The flipping is "initiated by the track" in the exact same way as it is on regular spinning coasters, suspended coasters and Zac Spins; the changing radius and orientation of the track moves the center of gravity of and imposes centripetal and gravitational forces on the cars such that it causes the seats to rotate.
  5. Falcon's Flight very much seems to be an Intamin Blitz coaster of sorts. Assuming the 32 km/hr second lift speed of Falcon's Flight is accurate, I made a quick vertical drop in NL2 with a 4 car Intamin Rocket Coaster train because the physics in the program is quite accurate, and I marked the point along the drop at which the train reached 250 km/hr in order to see what kind of a drop will produce such speeds. That would mean that this monster's max height is somewhere around the 830 foot range. The top view shot of the master plan didn't show the whole layout of the park nor did it hav
  6. Bad news: The 2021 multi-coaster expansion was just denied permission to be constructed by the local municipality on the grounds for noise pollution. Seriously, what's with the British Isles and their noise pollution zoning laws? It seems like half of the major projects in those countries keep getting axed for that reason. https://www.thejournal.ie/tayto-park-rollercoaster-refused-4719190-Jul2019/?amp=1
  7. I'm currently at the park, and cranes are now on site for Primordial. One of those cranes is massive. Logic would state that for any construction project, you should use the smallest possible crane to do the job due to their expense to rent. The big crane is a Kobelco CK2500 II (the model name is plastered on the crane itself.) The thing has a max height of 300 feet according to Kobelco' s catalog, while the next largest model is 250 feet tall. Therefore I have come to the conclusion that this new ride is gonna be a 250 - 300 foot tall behemoth.
  8. You know, if you're just going to bitch and complain about the poll I'm more than happy to disqualify your ballot and throw it away. I apologize for any misinterpretation. It was just that the last time I listed that long list of errors, the response appeared to implicitly come to the conclusion (which I came to agree with) that they were the result of something weird going on just with my phone in particular, and not necessarily the coding of the poll itself. I'm aware that this is a complex program, I just wanted to highlight that "Error 1" may in fact be an issue with the coding of t
  9. ^I see this wasn't just me, then. (I won't be surprised if the accuracy of the polls is appreciably reduced because of this.) The solution I found out was to sort them first in a note-writing or word processing app/program, and then I used the spreadsheet version of the poll where I changed the numbers for all the coasters to match the notepad list in one uninterrupted session and then saved at the very end.
  10. Here's a lengthy bug report for you guys, in decreasing order of frustration. (Operating System: Android. Browser: Google Chrome) Error 1: If I either refresh the tab the ranking page is open in, or leave the ranking page in the same tab and go back to it, most of the bottom 20% move to random positions elsewhere in the list, and a large number of the coasters overall will have their number randomized; I even got a -2 rank displayed for Pepsi Orange Streak last time. This has happened many times and is especially frustrating because I have gone on something like 260 rankable coasters
  11. While a Lincoln Park Comet clone may be 20 - 50% longer than (and thus probably roughly that much more expensive than) a Stricker's Tornado clone, Comet was only 10 feet taller than Tornado. And additionally, it's been my impression that kids have increased their thrill level threshold compared to decades past. For example, Jack Rabbit at Seabreeze, which although it is 10 feet taller than even the Lincoln Park Comet, it definitely appears to be a family ride for the area as I've seen many a six year old get in line. Heck, some inverting coasters (e.g. Sooperdooperlooper) are considered fam
  12. It is because of maintenance. Here's a letter that the Morey family posted on their website: https://www.moreyspiers.com/flitzerletter TLDR: They know how it's a signature ride, and they REALLY don't want to remove it. However, the ride is almost 50 years old (it was really built in 1969, they bought it used in 1983), Zierer no longer provides replacement parts for Flitzers, recent inspections showed that the structural fatigue is bad enough that they simply can't continue trying to maintain the ride safely, and New Jersey's laws make it infeasible to rebuild the ride.
  13. But the park will just run into the same maintenance situations by getting the same type of ride. It's not just the equipment replacement, because all ridescneed to replace parts, though that plays a very big part. The bigger (or should I say more unique) issue is actually the insane electricity bills that they have to pay because of all the power it takes to physically move all that water for such a long time.
  14. ^What did you (or anyone else for that matter) think about the roughness? Was it during the rolling portion, the valleys/stations? The tops of the inversions? All over? What did you think about the restraints themselves?
  15. ^But if you want the park to get to work on repairing the tens of millions of dollars' worth of neglect that has been accumulating over the last two decades in hopefully a relatively quick manner, then so be it I say.
  16. ^It's a prototype. Prototypes almost always have problems. In the amusement industry nowadays, nobody wants the first ride, but everybody wants the second.
  17. Source????? Maybe with the free ticket promotion for concert ticket holders it inflated their numbers... but I find this **REALLY** hard to believe that they had anything even that close to 1999 numbers. Wikipedia, actually, and I was also (pleasantly) surprised myself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darien_Lake I mean, there's not necessarily a guarantee that it's correct, but the site as a whole does have an accuracy greater than Encyclopedia Britannica.
  18. ^^This is because they have an insane amount of work to do to repair all of the infrastructural neglect. There are easily tens of millions that they have to spend to get everything back up to snuff, and they always keep finding more and more problems. On top of this, the attendance tanked from around 1.8 million back when RoS opened to about 950,000 in 2006. The park has been in recovery mode for the past eleven years after being sold, and they only got back up to 1.5 million people in 2017. They just don't yet have the people coming in and have too much stuff crumbling behind the scenes t
  19. The cool thing about The RCT trilogy is that they really did their homework. Every single ride they usedis was either physically made or registered as a patent. This one in particular is US Patent 6,269,750B1.
  20. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but it always seemed to me that the websites that are reporting the three new coasters for 2020 might have misinterpreted what the park released: My thought was that they are bidding on three different coasters, and will choose which one of the three will actually be built when they get the final proposals. Looking at the park on Google Earth, the only significant plot of land the park appears to have to place coasters of those sizes would be the field between Formula and Mayan at the back of the park, which would fit only one of those rides based on the dimensi
  21. I would have preferred if there was a third "They're okay" option in the poll. I think it would be worth taking these photos occasionally (for example, that Wildfire one you posted IMO is fantastic) -- especially if you already have the equipment paid for and use it for other more frequent purposes (i.e. the 360 videos) but I wouldn't put a gigantic focus on them. Like all special effects, it certainly has its place, but should be used relatively sparingly.
  22. ^Which equals going from average launch accelerations of 2.74 G's to 3.27 G's. O__________________________________________O
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