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  1. When I am done with the coaster itself, I will see how many cross ties I have left and use them up, the same goes for the support connections. For heart lining the Roll, I would normally do it, but as I said before, the tower collapsed three times, and I'm not going to dare play with the launch tower again unless it is absolutely necessary. (I would not have a problem if the boosters were lighter). However, I heard spraying WD40 on the wheels will help the speed, is that true?
  2. ^Specifically where should I straighten it and how? Oh, to reply to that unrealistic statement, I like to make unusual elements, for that is my primary building style.
  3. ^ The entire structure is about 7 feet tall, give or take a few inches. (The Stalling Dive will be the tallest point on the ride).
  4. Well, I wasn't sure where to put this topic, but this sub forum seems most suitable. Anyways, I am currently making a K'nex Coaster called Gravity, and so far it has only one element - which I call the Stalling Dive. It goes from the floor to less than one inch from touching the ceiling of my basement: about 7 feet high. Seeing as I never made a K'nex coaster over 2 feet 8 inches tall that worked before, I am quite proud of this achievement. It took me five days to make the Stalling Dive, and since I had just enough of the right pieces, supporting this was hard, and it collapsed three times before I found out how to fix it. However, I'm quite happy that it finally works. This is Gravity so far. I'm pretty sure I never built anything this big before. As you see, there is lateral track, where the train currently is, and vertical track, where the boosters are to send it through the rest of the Stalling Dive. How does the train make it up there? Read on, and you will find out. The answer to the last caption's question: There is a piece of track that is lifted 90 degrees upward via K'nex Motor, kind of like a Vekoma Tilt Coaster, but in a different direction. However, to keep the track from going beyond 90 degrees, there is a "chain" that reaches its max length when the track reaches 90 degrees, stopping it very close to the desired position. Then I straighten it so it is aligned with the rest of the track more. Here it is in its "loading" position. Here is the "lifting track" in mid lift. Here is the lifting track in position. This would be a close up view of the lifting system. Another close up view of the lifting system. Here I am, looking in awe, up the 7 foot Stalling Dive. This is the interior of the support tower for the "Launch Tower". Here is another overview of Gravity. I don't know how that blue light got in there, but I think it is cool. Now we are looking inside the interior of the support tower for the "Drop Tower". The main purpose of this photo is mainly to show how big 7 feet can be. This is the upside down section of Gravity's Stalling Dive. I do not know how these flimsy pieces can hold up the Stalling Dive without it crashing down. Maybe it's just the base that it holds on to, but after having this fall down three times, I'm keeping it there, just in case. I do not have enough pieces to finish the rest of the course, so I'm going to buy some extra K'nex coaster sets within a week or so. I'll make a video of Gravity and upload it when I am finished with the building process.
  5. This year has been pretty good for what I usually do. Total coaster count: 61 New coasters this year: 9 New parks: (including fairs) 3 (Wheelock Rides, The Great Escape, Martin's Fantasy Island) Amount of coasters added to top 5 wood coaster list: 2 (Comet at The Great Escape is #1, Silver Comet is #3) Amount of coasters added to top 5 steel coaster list: none Total amount of parks including fairs, water parks, etc: 11 (Rapids Water park, Wheelock Rides, Dorney Park, Sylvan Beach, Seabreeze, Thunder Island, The Great Escape, Roseland Water park, New York State Fair, Martin's Fantasy Island, Six Flags Darien Lake, (Technically it was 12 because I went to Wheelock Rides at two different locations)) Canceled parks: 1 (Boomers, Dania) I did almost purchase the tickets, but Dania Beach Hurricane and Blender were both closed, so I saw no point in going in. I consider a park where I don't enter the gates a "Cancelled Park". Oh well, at least I'm going to try again next April. I named this year Monkeys and Coasters, because I went to Monkey Jungle during my Florida Trip.
  6. Well, after riding three standard Boomerangs, (Sidewinder, Six Flags Darien Lake's model, and The Great Escape's model) I can say that they are not horribly painful at all, even in the back seat - with the exception of Sidewinder because I only rode it once in the middle. Sure I notice the head banging, and it did hurt a little, but they are still acceptable for several consecutive rides, which I have done on the New York Boomerangs. After noticing how forceful they are, I started appreciating them more. I seem to gray out every time I go backwards through the loop. They are quite innovative designs, despite the fact that they have been around for a while now. Boomerangs are even quite photogenic, especially The Great Escape's Boomerang. With the surrounding mountains, dense packs of trees, and near by rides, makes some truly amazing photo opportunities.
  7. Thanks a lot for all the positive feedback so far, everyone. I don't think I made it clear that this is a real park, located in Central New York, just to let you know. I will continue working on this project, expect some more pictures to come up within a few days. I hope to get this done by November, if not, then December.
  8. This park will require Soaked, Wild, and several custom scenery packs. (I will include them in the download, and instructions, when it is finished) Well, I have been working on this recreation of Sylvan Beach on and off since July and so far it is nearing completion. Luckily, I went a while ago, so taking well over 100 pictures really helped me a lot. So far, I think I have about 60% to 75% of the park completed, and I have tried to make it as accurate as possible down to the smallest detail. Sadly, I made the mistake of not going into the buildings and taking pictures so most of the building interiors are bare, but mostly everything else should be pretty accurate. Here is Laffland, the park's Pretzel built Dark Ride. If I remember correctly, there are very few of these remaining. Here is the main Gift Shop. For some reason, I like the architecture of this particular building quite a lot. Here is a random in park sit down restaurant. This is the Bumper Boat arena. In real life, there are about 3 times as many Bumper Boats. Although I just now thought of a way to solve that problem, I'll fix it later, as I want to get around to posting these pictures first. Here is the park's only roller coaster, an SDC Galaxi, aptly named Galaxi. Here is another view of Galaxi. Once again, another overview of Galaxi. It was extremely challenging to recreate Galaxi with the large amounts of limitations Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 has, but with some custom scenery, I was able to make it pretty accurately. There are some mistakes, but that's pretty much because of the the game's limitations itself, so I think I did a pretty good job at recreating it. Here is a look at the intricate support work, which must have taken me at least six to ten hours, maybe even more. Here is the "northern midway" as I call it. In real life, there is no Kiddie Dinosaur ride there, it is really a Kiddie Whip, but Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 doesn't have a Kiddie Whip, so this is the closest thing to it. (I actually use the Kiddie Dinosaur Ride for many Kiddie rides, because most of the Kiddie rides here are rare ones that the game doesn't have) Here is the park's Eli Bridge Scrambler. Here is Bomber, an Eyerly Roll - O - Plane. In real life, the ride is placed at about 45 degrees or so from the rest of the midway, instead of 90, but that is another limitation problem with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. This is Tilt - A - Whirl. There are several color pattern differences between this and the real thing, but it is the best I can do with this program. This is probably one of the largest of the several midway game buildings scattered around the park. Obviously, this one is called "Treasureland". Here is the "Kiddieland" section of Sylvan Beach. The path in real life is a shade darker, but without it, the park looks run down. For those of you who have been there, you probably know that it is far from that.
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