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  1. That would make sense for inverted coasters (like the aforementioned GIBS), but why would a normal sitdown ride (like Bizarro) need it? Likely because taller people generally have longer arms, so they can stretch out to the sides more, thus the clearance envelope will have to be increased. I can easily see how that will be an issue on RoS for example because when you exit the first helix it appears to be a very tight fit. I'm only 5'10" and even I put my hands down a couple times during that crossover.
  2. ^^^Apparently we taste like pork, which honestly kinda makes sense given how pigs are similar enough to humans that we use them for medical experiments all the time. http://www.keepmywords.com/2011/04/12/i-shouldnt-have-found-that-your-lips-i-still-taste-in-my-head-the-story-of-armin-meiwes/
  3. ^Where'd you hear that? This is honestly the project that has had me most intrigued out of all the 2015 rides and I've been trying to follow this pretty closely.
  4. SFNE's is about 850 feet, while CP's is 1350 feet. As other comparisons, SFGADV's is 2030 feet, and BGT's is 3000 feet and BGW's is a triangular circuit of about 3000 feet all the way around. It did provide some really nice views of the rides in the back of the park, but the problem is that the capacity was horrendous at probably only six cars or so, when they in fact could have held literally up to ten times that amount of cars if they had the same spacing as the one at Knoebels (which is about 1200 feet one way, but 2400 the whole trip since there's no stop at the top of the mountain.) Also, LC's is 4250 ft long both ways as there isn't a stop at the top. So yeah, the ride is pretty tiny compared to the other ones.
  5. EDIT: I rarely upload photos here, so can someone tell me how to properly rotate photos on the website so that vertical photos are displayed correctly? They're the proper orientation on my hard drive, but not on TPR; it's rather annoying. I don't do full-fledged PTR's anymore because they're too much of a chore, but I still do a lot of photography. Every year I touch up my absolute favorite pictures (which usually ends up being 50 - 60) and I spend $150 - $200 in ink and high quality paper to print them all out so I can line my dorm with them, in order to remind me of why I'm putting myself through the nightmare that is college as a Mechanical Engineering major. So you won't have any ride ratings or cute captions, only photos. That being said, I'll make a bit of an exception to talk about the New York State Fair this year: It's held in Syracuse, NY every year. For the last 60 years, Strates Shows has been supplying the rides, and honestly they were not good and were in a pretty nasty condition. However, some big local news was that Wade Shows won a ten year contract instead, and honestly it's far better and probably one of the best carnivals I've seen in the US. (We all know that Germany still takes the prize, but over here in Yankee Land, it was actually really good.) This year it goes from 8/21/14 - 9/1/14, so those that are in the area still have four days left to go there. Most of the rides still ran rather short programs, but at least many of the rides were in a much better condition and were of higher quality than what usually has been there. The more notable rides were as follows: -ARM Vertigo (portable Starflyer.) -Tivoli Orbiter -ARM Rock Star -Zamperla Crazy Mouse -Moser Maverick -a massive fun slide that was six lanes wide and must have been 60 feet tall. -Chance Zipper -Larson Fireball -Huss Rainbow -a GORGEOUS Enterprise -the Pinfari RC-48 (Honestly it sucked, but at least it was very pretty.) -Technical Park Street Fighter -Technical Park Ejection Seat -Some sort of smaller KMG Speed type ride (about 90 feet tall; I couldn't figure out who the manufacturer is.) -The star of the show, a brand new Technical Park Pegasus 16. The major downsides to the ride selection were that there were four himalaya type rides (a couple were very nice looking, though) and the probably four or five fun houses had only half of their mechanisms working, but otherwise it was really good. As for wacky fair food, I had: -Donut Burger (a cheeseburger with a glazed donut as the bun.) -Fried Bubble Gum (Marshmallow dipped in a bubblegum-flavored batter and deep fried.) -the Twinx (a twix bar stuffed inside a twinky, wrapped in bacon, deep fried, and covered in hot fudge and powdered sugar.) -Calamari Roll (panko breaded calamari with shredded Parmesan in a lemon butter sauce and in a hot dog bun.) -Kangaroo Spiedies. (Spiedies is a regional dish in Central New York State where meat or poultry is chopped up into cubes, and sits overnight in a marinade made of canola oil, lemon juice, white wine vinegar and various spices, and is later grilled and either served on its own or sometimes in a sandwich bun. These guys went different and used Kangaroo meat, but honestly it wasn't anything too wild; it tasted almost exactly like beef but a touch more game-y.) Anyway, the photos are below, in no particular order. It looks like the website isn't properly flipping my vertically oriented photos, so I'm going to try to upload them separately as a reply to this thread to see if that works.
  6. In regards to B:TE, I would like to venture out and guess that it would actually be worth more as a banking asset than it would be for scrap steel, as now they can say for their loans that they own eight coasters, and it wouldn't matter whether one of the coasters is actually running or not.
  7. I was wondering if anyone's found them. I found one for the US and Canada here: http://www.carnivalmidways.com/ That being said, I want to know if there's a single database for Europe? (Or at the very least Germany.) It would make my planning for future Europe trips much easier to figure out so I can hit parks as well as the carnivals where my most sought after flats are. EDIT: There used to be a fantastic database called ridesdb.com that suited my needs perfectly, but sadly that site is no longer in operation.
  8. Ever thought she might just work hard and saved for 12 months to do this trip? I've been looking for work over the summer since 2012. I've applied to dozens of jobs around and I got nothing. Apparently no one wants to hire a college student.
  9. ^Yup, they have cubbies. No doors to them, though. After riding Skyrush three times today I finally figured it out: Train 2 has the softer restraints, and since they are more comfortable (less painful) than train 1's harder restraints, it is perceived as less intense. I got train 1 as one of the last rides of the night and it was just as friggin unbelievable as I remember. We can all rest easy now.
  10. I'm currently at HP and Skyrush does in fact feel a tad slower (not by much though.) I trust thatthey haven't changed anything, and I examined the ride as best I could and I couldn't see anything different. The only thing I can think of that would be causing this is that maintenance must have recently put in a bunch of new wheels at the same time and they have yet to be broken in, which obiously would only be temporary.
  11. Based on clues 3 and 4, something tells me I'm winning the guessing game (unless that Rolo Coaster thing I didn't see is anything valid.) In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the ride will be built in the plot of land that used to be Lightning Racer's extra switchback queue; it's about 3500 square feet of area, and will certainly be able to house a dark ride, particularly if it's a multi-level one.
  12. ^I'd probably just say a wing coaster given that they are the newest fad.
  13. They probably use either use global latitude/longitude coordinates or they make up their own local coordinate system for the build site to use more convenient numbers, survey the area, mark the right places and then carefully dig the holes and put in the reinforced concrete.
  14. I rarely speculate, but this is particularly intriguing. Here's my guess: Clue 1: "Where red, white and blue deck the halls, my full house will fall." - The ride's location will be in Midway America. Clue 2: "When I look into the future of Hersheypark, my crystal ball shows only dark." - Dark ride. There's a skull in the art on this page, so this leads me to believe it will be themed to a haunted house. "A new spin on an old classic." Combined with Clue 2, this leads me to believe that the theme will be of a classic haunted house dark ride (think Sylvan Beach's Laffland or Knoebels' Haunted Mansion) but with higher tech stunts, and the cars might rotate or spin. Again, the word "house" in the first clue lends me to believe that there will be a building encompassing the majority of the structure.
  15. ^I usually try to get to the park 15 - 30 minutes before opening to get a good parking spot and beat the crowds, and I try to get on Fahrenheit first given its low capacity. Then, I go all the way to Lightning Racer and make my way backwards through the park. Afterwards, I re-ride what I deem worthwhile.
  16. ^My guess is that the sirens/loud beeps that I hear very often for Japanese coasters are for that reason, though.
  17. Ride everything. Even Goliath and Mind Eraser. You never know what you will like, especially when enthusiasts typically give skewed responses. I've been on two Volares and I actually like them both.
  18. Haven't been to the park in seven years, what would be the best restaurant to eat at in the park?
  19. Get on Bizarro; it's just as safe as any other coaster. I'm not sure if you can bring your own water, but nearly every park in the US offers free tap water, and you can always drink from the fountains. Go on Flashback. I've been on about eight Boomerangs including Flashback, and I find none of them too painful to re-ride. Honestly, none of them are that bad, but it's just that many enthusiasts are incredibly elitist about what's good and what isn't. Seriously, just go on everything. Cyclone was rated about as good as Skyliner at Lakemont last year, and when I rode Skyliner, I was astounded at how good it was (the second half was a little languid, but the first half was seriously on par with Phoenix.) I haven't gone to the park since 2007, and since Cyclone has gotten quite a bit of retracking since then, I'm not one to judge on its current state.
  20. Now that I think about it, I remember that when we were there...they wouldn't let two of us ride so they stuck us in a car with two little girls that couldn't have been more than five or six years old. They may want to rethink that policy after this horrible incident. Granted, the majority would never think of doing something so sinister, but in today's society, you just never know anymore. My guess is is that this guy may have already knew the ride policy and used that as his intended cover. I'd wager that the level of such predatory behavior in humans has stayed pretty much stable, except the mass media tends to descend upon these stories like vultures and exploit them needlessly, feeding off of their sorrow like parasites.
  21. Quick clarification: When they say Cyclone is closing on the 20th, does that mean that the last day of operation is the 20th or the 19th?
  22. Haven't been here since 2007 and I'm finally going back in about a week and a half. What is the issue with Bizarro? Is it just you guys incessantly complaining about the restraints because they hug more of the midsection or has the ride actually slowed down in the past seven years?
  23. ^^Really? I've had pretty good experiences with getting to Fahrenheit first, then going all the way to the back of the park near Lightning Racer and going backwards.
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